Waterfowl : Timber
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Our go-to cap constructed of the same water resistant, breathable, stretch woven fabric as the Ascent Series.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Waterfowl Timber is optimized for engagement distances of 10 to 40 yards in the darker environments of flooded timber.

  • Weight: 3.20 oz.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

Wind Protection

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Matt | 11. 06. 18
This hat is comfortable and dries fast, but the size adjustment is velcro, which means it sticks to any hood you wear. Annoying and unnecessary. Sitka is great at technological gear and I love every other piece I have; they could have picked about any other way to adjust size. Instead, I have a piece of leukotape covering up the hooks on the Velcro.
Andy O | 10. 14. 18
Hands down the most comfortable, longest lasting, fastest drying ball cap I've ever owned. Dynamite!
Cameron M | 05. 11. 18
This hat is absolutely great. I had ordered several hats from the competition and they never fit right. This one fits like a glove and the material is very comfortable. I have a larger head and this fit very well. While it is a great fot for me, the versatility of the design would fit any size head extremely well.
Jeff Mason | 02. 20. 18
Fits extremely well. I have a big head, and this is perfect. Don't ever change it. I love the fabric also. In a competitive field, Sitka has yet another winner.
John Stoltzfus | 01. 17. 18
Great light weight hat!
JUSTIN | 01. 09. 18
My new favorite hat. Got one in camo first, then found out how comfortable and breathable they are. Then ordered another in Mud for daily wear. High quality item.
Ryan Lynch | 01. 07. 18
It’s a lightweight and comfortable ball cap. Nothing special but an affordable way to camo up your dome. Quick drying when you sweat through it or get it blown into the marsh on accident. Buy one in every pattern you wear because chances are you will have plenty of occasions to wear it.
Ray Clark | 07. 13. 17
A really great hat very light weight and comfortable! I have about 4 of them comfortable all day! Very quiet and water resistant! Love them
Ryan Self | 04. 19. 17
Absolutely perfect hat. Have 3 of them, all of which are a couple years old and still perfect.
Jon | 03. 20. 17
A versatile, three-season piece that fits great.
Rob | 01. 11. 17
THis is the most comfortable baseball cap I've ever worn. That 10% spandex makes a huge difference. Finally a hat that will keep the sun out of my eyes and stay comfy all day.
Corbin May | 12. 21. 16
Great hat! The stretch fit in this hat really keeps it on your head in windy conditions and doesn't bind into your head, very comfortable. The fabric is actually quite water resistant and the velcro is very secure. Love it.
Taylor P. | 10. 05. 16
My favorite hat, hands down. When put this bad boy on, I knew it was love at first wear. The way it caresses my head in its warm snug embrace brings me back to it daily. But seriously, this hat rocks so much I have two. One in Open Country for hunting, and another in Mud for daily wear. Its lightweight, comfortable, and durable. One thing I did notice, my Open Country feels slightly lighter weight than my Mud.
David I | 07. 12. 16
Comfortable ball cap. Hard to mess this one up!
Nicolai Dam Hansen | 05. 26. 16
I have purchased this cap a month ago and are using it for roedeer hunting here in Denmark. It is the best cap I have ever owned. Light, durable and fits perfectly. Again another perfect piece of gear from Sitka.
John R | 02. 19. 16
Great caps! I usually prefer beanies unless it is raining or the sun is in my eyes, but I like Sitka's caps over any others. They just seem more comfortable to me, and I have several. The only downfall is the Velcro adjustment on the back seems to catch all the hoody items like the Fanatic Hoody. Really get annoying after awhile.
Daryl | 11. 17. 15
I love my Sitka Caps, I have one in Optifade and one in Elevated Forest. Very comfortable, and do what caps are supposed to do. They protect my face from the suns harmful rays and keep my face shaded to reduce the glare that game sees.
Zach | 11. 07. 15
I'll start by saying I love my Dakota waterfowl gear. Best money can buy period. As far as this hat goes it's great Quality and comfortable but is made for people with large head. I Really wish stika would come out with true fitting hat. My preference would be if they made a hat like what franchise 47. Have sizes small medium large etc. Flexfit hats still don't fit great and sizes very so much. I would spent good money for a true fitted waterfowl hat. They Flexfit they came out with in my opinion is ugly and don't fit well. Just stick with the material used in this hat full Camo and make in 4 or 5 sizes. Hope to see in on the market Thanks
Robert | 10. 14. 15
This hat is not very flattering. Feels flimsy and brim is too big imho.
VTHunt | 10. 14. 15
Ruben Doroscan | 09. 30. 15
I love this hat. Great look and amazing feel.
Colin Crosby | 06. 24. 15
I've had this hat for about two weeks now in optifade open country, and like people have said...Yes, I'ts a hat, but a $30 dollar hat should look and fit better in my opinion. It just does not look so good on and makes me feel like a young kid playing baseball again. My head is a normal size i thought, but my friend put it on and he just laughed. It was like the KUIU hats almost in comparison which kuiu totally messed up on that one. It does feel comfortable on my forehead, and I love the camo, but just wished it fit me better. But again, It's just a hat and Sitka can't knock everything out of the park I guess :)
Nate | 06. 15. 15
Have had this hat for 2 seasons now and all I can say is DURABLE. great fitting hat
Jack | 06. 10. 15
I have tested this hats durability through rain and snowstorms in the field to 100 degree days on the water and have had zero issues for 2 years now. Best fitting, most durable hat I own.
Steven "Rooster" A. | 02. 21. 15
I mean, c'mon! It's a hat but HOLY MOLY what a comfortable lid to wear on the mountainside peeking for goats and horns!!
CJInscore | 12. 15. 14
Awesome, crazy comfortable hat! This is my go to hat for early archery, and blackpowder here in NC. Also, never leaves my head during spring turkey season either. The only con I would say is that when washed, the lining around the headband portion got all knotted up, which may shorten the life of the hat.
Patrick Mayden | 08. 25. 14
Without a doubt an awesome hat! Love it
Brandon Thome-Neitzel | 07. 11. 14
Everyone has that one lucky hat. The hat that has been with you every step of the way. The hat that you wear when checking trail cameras or while pulling back your bow on an old buck. For me this is that lucky hat. I've been wearing it for years, and it has brought me a lot of good luck while remaining comfortable all day long. The Sitka cap is extremely light and breathable making for a perfect combination. I've had the opportunity to test gear for GORE and this is the one hat that I take with on every hunt!
Mike | 06. 22. 14
Outstanding hat, provides great ventilation for warmer weather. The fit is second to none for one with a larger head.
Jay | 02. 26. 14
If you have a big head this hat would fit great but if you have a medium sized head then it isn't for you, pushes my ears down unless I tuck them under the hat, wore the hat once and that's it. Sitka needs to come out with a flexfit hat like everyone else.
Scott T | 10. 20. 13
I know it's "just a cap" but it really is a great cap. I have a huge head and this fits without any weird gaps anywhere. Very comfortable, very light and doesn't make me sweat.
Johnny O | 09. 11. 13
Excellent hat. Nice fit and design. Another plus is the DWR coating for water resistance.
Chris Judd | 08. 07. 13
I have a rather large head and one of my biggest frustrations is finding a great cap that sits too high on my head. I was extremely pleased to find this hat, put it on and it actually fit! The elasticity of the material makes this hat extremely comfortable to wear all day. An oft-overlooked feature of this hat is the pliability of the bill. On sunny days, bending the bill more to keep the sun out of my eyes was a huge help. Overcast and rainy days...flatten it out for increased visibility. On cold days, I keep this hat on and pull the Sitka Dakota beanie over the top for added warmth. Another fantastic product I had the opportunity to test for GORE!
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