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Keep it on the level with this flatbill logo trucker hat. Fully adjustable back.

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Shawn Foskey | 09. 24. 19
I own all these hats love them all ...
Austin | 05. 23. 19
Hat is a great color and made of great material. The bill is slightly longer than average but not too long to steer anyone away from it. The only reason this is a three star review is because the hat is a little deep. My head is slightly smaller than most but this is still a bucket of a hat. With that being said, I am still wearing it as it still fits well enough and looks great.
Patrick | 11. 14. 17
I have two of these, Forest and SITKA Black, and I wear one of them almost every day. It's the best fitting flatbill cap I've ever worn, and I get lots of compliments on the hats--people saying, "Nice Hat! What BRAND is that?" I'd probably get more of them, if they were available, e.g., in Open Country and/or Blaze Orange *hint.
Aaron | 07. 31. 17
The redesigned version that came out this year is amazing! The hat fits great and no longer fits like a bucket on your head. All the unnecessary hat depth that was in the previous design is now gone.
Vincenzo Laufer | 07. 14. 17
The new Lot of hats are not as deep as the old ones which made them great , u can see it in the stitching where the bill meets the cap , there's a 1/4 in difference , just doesn't fit the same :(
BC | 06. 28. 17
New 2017 batch fits completely different from last year. Just bought 2 in Black as soon as I saw they were back in stock (June 2017), neither one come close to fitting my head, yes my head is big, but that's why I liked the old version of hat so much. No other brand tried for, thought I found my go to hat. Guess I'm stuck wearing my two old blue ones from last year.
Taylor | 05. 25. 17
Just received my hat and it fits amazing. For you guys with large/giant heads like myself this is the hat for you. Impossible to find hats that fit and this one does. Now just need it in Optifade.
Justin Weir | 02. 28. 17
Received this hat as a Christmas gift and cannot wait for them to be restocked. Definitely my new favorite lid; fit and finish are top notch.
Derek | 02. 15. 17
This is one of those hats that makes me stop wearing all other hats. Fits perfectly and looks great. I have a larger head so it's difficult to find a hat that fits well.
Patrick | 12. 07. 16
Best hat ever. If I could find forest I would buy 3. Casual/Woods/Backup.
yupD | 10. 31. 16
Best hat I've ever owned. Now own it in forest, navy and black. Don't change a thing (except adding optifade options).
TK | 10. 31. 16
I love that this hat fits my larger head! Hard to find hats that fit me right so I jumped all over this and am very pleased with it. Please make this same sizing in your camo options without the mesh back. I'd love one in the waterfowl patterns since I am a waterfowl hunter and it is even harder to find a hat that fits right in camo!
JR | 09. 15. 16
I wouldn't call it a flat bill, more of a semi-flat, which I really like. The hat is comfortable and looks good. Beware, might look strange if you have a small head. For medium-large head size, it's awesome
Mike | 09. 13. 16
Great looking hat but it's huge! I have an average sized head and for it to fit right I have to pull it down over my ears. That just ain't happening. Please make a smaller size.
Luke | 06. 23. 16
Love this hat great for bigger head I wear a 7 3/4 ,awesome
Todd | 06. 13. 16
I received my hat and was disappointed on how poorly constructed/made this hat is. Not Worth $30
Dave T | 05. 15. 16
Solid cap - I have two. Fit is like a true flat peak hat. Come on Sitka it has to come in Marsh Optifade?
JF | 04. 20. 16
Love this hat. Fits my head perfectly which is hard to do with my 7 5/8 hat size. Would love to see an optifade version in the future but the birds dont seem to mind my Forest hat so far.
Garret | 03. 09. 16
Really like the cap, hope to see a lower crown option with a semi-flat brim next.
Ryan | 02. 05. 16
I have been waiting a while for this hat to be in stock and was disappointed with the very large fit. I had to return it. Make it in different sizes and I would buy it again
Nick Hagedorn | 01. 05. 16
Very good looking hat, just fits funny to me. would love to see it in optifade though!
Grant | 12. 13. 15
This is my favorite hat I have ever owned, and i am a huge hat guy. There are some complaints of the way it fits, but the bill is easily bent to your liking and the fit is excellent. This is my go to hat every day, whether I am in the field or not.
Tristan Hanson | 11. 24. 15
love this hat fits good
Kade | 11. 09. 15
Awesome hat!!! Would get a 4 star but it's not in optifade waterfowl! Please make
Shane | 11. 05. 15
I love this hat!!! Like previous reviews I have a big head and this hat fits perfect!
Craig | 11. 05. 15
This has got to be the sickest hat I own. First of all I ordered it two days ago. Secondly. It made its way to Me in two days. I don't even get mail that fast. Most of all. I've got a huge head and no hats fit right. There is room to spare with this lid!!!! Thanks Sitka for making a stellar hat!
Tyler M | 10. 11. 15
Best hat yet!! I do have a large dome... So all other hats look silly on me. Please make in waterfowl camo!!!!
James Lipinski | 09. 04. 15
I have a large head, and have never had a good hunting hat that fit.. This is what I have been looking for. Thank you sitka for making my season
BM | 08. 21. 15
As mentioned previously, looks great, fits poorly. I appreciate a deep hat, but the shape on this lid is sub par compared to other similar offerings. Crown is too tall and wide. Was hoping the fit would be similar to Patagonia.
Jack | 07. 13. 15
Great hat. I have a larger/taller head and it fits me well. I am not a huge fan of flatbills so I bent the brim on this hat and still fits and works great. Also, this hat does not have the big bubble shape where your forehead goes like other hats in this style. Made with quality like all of Sitkas gear.
LJ | 06. 13. 15
Well, it looks cool... But fits poorly.
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