SITKA Suspenders

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An optional addition to the Mountain, Ascent, Timberline, ESW and Stratus pants, these suspenders will not only hold up your britches, they will also outlast every suspender in your closet.

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Features & Benefits

Bra Clip Fastening

The bra clip fastening attaches to the newly reinforced webbing loops on the Ascent and Mountain Pants for seamless integration.

Urethane Elastic With Rubber Gripper

This elastic will outlast every other suspender in your closet.

Cam Locks

Easy and secure adjustment in length.

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Cody Doig | 08. 30. 18
If I could post a pic of my back, I would. The suspenders are low profile, but they are made with a silicone or rubber material that sticks to whatever shirt is under the suspenders. Under the weight of my pack, the suspenders rubbed my back raw with each pack out last year, and again this year. I've given up and won't be using these any longer. The timberline pants, traverse hoodies, rain gear, mountain jacket, gloves, etc. are all incredible though...the suspenders are just brutal though.
Aaron | 08. 25. 17
They look and feel great, I really wanted to like them, except they're too short! If you're going to go to the trouble to make tall size pants, please make suspenders that are a little longer.
Wawa | 02. 11. 17
Look like they might be good, but are just too short if you are tall and/or big. I'm 6-2 and pretty husky and they'd need to be at least a few inches longer to work for me.
Michael | 11. 01. 16
I have a set of the older suspenders which weren't very reliable. If your making crouching or bend movements they will slide off the pant loops! The last thing a hunter wants is to fight his gear that is supposed to work properly. I was recently visiting a Cabelas store and saw that the product was re designed, the new design has the appearance that they wouldn't come off the pant loop, but I haven't tried them yet. Let me know so I don't waste any money! I didn't give them a high score because of the troubles I have had with the old ones. Thanks
Jason Diamond | 10. 03. 16
The first time I adjusted them they looked shredded. After one time, useless... I love all of my other Sitka Gear.
Brad R. | 11. 19. 15
I like suspenders, and these are the best I've ever owned. They fasten securely, yet are easy to remove. They're easy to put over your shoulders without twisting. I wonder if the reviewers who had trouble with the hooks were putting them in the right place.
Brandon Walker | 08. 10. 15
Wonderful suspenders. Some of the other reviews said they come loose and unhooked, but that was not the case with me. They have worked perfectly. I have used lots of suspenders and for hunting these are the best I have found.
Nate | 06. 15. 15
Great product. I am a big advocate of wearing suspenders no matter the situation. They keep you pants in position at all times. I really like the non slip material that is built into the suspenders it really helps keep everything in place
Mike | 05. 07. 14
The J hooks come loose from the belt loops on my 90% pants constantly. (Yes even in the specific spot on the loose for them). Happens with or without pack. Wasted half a day of turkey hunting trying to figure out how to keep them in place. In conclusion the problem is the hooks.
Nick | 11. 12. 13
The clips on these are horrible. The old design that latched was much better. I find that these new metal hooks find there way loose and come unhooked throughout the day.
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