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SITKA Trucker

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The classic trucker offered in all five OPTIFADE™ patterns, as well as Blaze Orange, features a mesh back for added breathability.

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24 Reviews
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Reviewed On 09/26/2019

Amazing hat!!! I wear a 7 3/8 new era hat, and just about every hunting/camo hat I've had doesn't fit. This hat fits great, the sweat band is comfy, and if sitka ever changes it I will be pissed!! There are plenty of hats for small heads!

Reviewed On 08/24/2019

great hat. perfect for big heads (im 7 5/8), finally got the sizing right.

Robert Murphy
Reviewed On 04/26/2019

Not much new to add here. It's a sharp hat and will be good for spring turkey season, but it is giant. I've got a big head (7 5/8), and it's still big on me. Even pulled down low to my ears, the crown still sits up really high. My hope is that it will relax a little with a few cycles through the washer machine.

Zack young
Reviewed On 02/20/2019

Great hat! Love this hat! It’s my favorite hat wear it every day, and has held up great and looks really good in the optifade.

landry wideman
Reviewed On 12/19/2018

best fitting hat i have owned. can wear it anywhere from the duck blind to a night out on the town. great fit

Reviewed On 11/14/2018

I love this hat. For those of us with bigger heads (mine is 7 5/8) it’s extremely hard to find hats that are deep enough not to look stupid on your head. I can see where some with smaller heads wouldn’t like this because I can wear it all way tightened down where I would normally wear a standard on the next to loosest notch, but for those with heads 7 1/2 or larger, this hat fits and looks great. Please don’t stop making this hat because of the complaints of those with smaller heads. For those of us with big noggins this is a diamond in the rough.

Trent K
Reviewed On 10/28/2018

Let me just start by saying that I’ve never once written a review on a product, but felt obligated to on this one. Do not buy online without trying the gear on, Sitka does a great job of making their gear fit a specific way. As far as the hat goes, this is the first piece of Sitka gear I’ve owned, and though I’m a huge fan of them and think they are ten steps ahead of the competition, be careful if thinking to add this to you collection. The material this is made out of us extremely nice and durable, but there is a catch that I can’t believe Sitka would let into production.. where the hat sits on your ears (the mesh) is like sand paper. I wear this hat every time I hunt because I’m a die hard, but it makes the area where my ears attach to my head very raw. Read the fit on their apparel (I own the Celsius jacket too and i went a size up and the arms are still tight on me) and try the gear on at a retailer.. the jacket is a 5 star! Hope this helps someone make a better decision than I did so you don’t click buy online! Good luck this season and Sitka is still second to none!

Reviewed On 10/25/2018

I honestly can’t believe I spent $30 on this hat. It feels so cheap. I do believe they have better quality hats at the dollar tree. I would rather have my money back so I can get a Drake hat. Absolutely rediculous.

Reviewed On 10/10/2018

Was bummed out when I received this hat. The snap back is funky, the black mesh on the hat is stiff and since it is a deep hat if you have a medium size head the edges rest in between your ears and head and it itches. If you made the subalpine color in a Richardson style hat I believe you would have something 5stars for sure.

Michael Campese
Reviewed On 07/09/2018

Hands down the best trucker hat I have ever owned. The hat fits my very Large head perfect. Another great Sitka Product

J Buhler
Reviewed On 04/09/2018

Cheapest made hat I’ve ever bought. Dollar store fit and quality. The seam in the band is in the front and causes a pressure point on my forehead. Surprising that Sitka would sell this product

Reviewed On 03/14/2018

My favorite hat of all time! Look, I've got a big head, and most hunting companies are on the low profile hat train right now and honestly, I can't wear a single low pro without feeling like a complete dork. So when I discovered the Sitka trucker hat in Waterfowl Timber, it was like I found the holy grail! Can't wait to get another one in Subalpine. and please, never remove this hat from the lineup! I'll keep buying them, I promise!

Billy Biggs
Reviewed On 12/25/2017

The hat came in too small of packaging box so it is dented in on the left side. Won’t pop out. But other than that I love it. Fits awesome looks great. Minus the dent??. I have a ton of sitka gear. Best out there.

Billy Biggs
Reviewed On 12/25/2017

The hat came in too small of packaging box so it is dented in on the left side. Won’t pop out. But other than that I love it. Fits awesome looks great. Minus the dent??. I have a ton of sitka gear. Best out there.

Reviewed On 12/04/2017

Great fitting hat lost mine. About to buy another. Love Sitka gear.

Reviewed On 09/27/2017

Completely agree with Jacob. This hat is extremely cheap material. Not impressed at all. Definitely does not live up to Sitka standards. I am sending mine in for a review I guess. I assumed they would stand behind there product and exchange it out.

Reviewed On 09/10/2017

I own at least 50 hats and this has to be the worst fitting hat I have ever had. I have to have it drastically smaller then any snap back I own. The bill is weirdly small for the rest of the hat. Not impressed considering this company prides itself on fit. I'd cut this hat from your line of products.

Reviewed On 08/03/2017

Best fitting hat I own. Wish all my hats fit like this one does.

Reviewed On 07/30/2017

New hats. Fit Amazing

Reviewed On 07/08/2017

They changed the fit of the flat bill hats and they're now perfect! The older hats were too deep and didn't fit my head. Sitka has done things right this time!

Reviewed On 06/22/2017

Bought this expecting same quality as the flatbill. Not impressed at all. Brim is definitely crooked and will not bend back straight for some reason I. do not recommend at all. It feels like a 5 dollar street vendor hat not a 30 dollar hat. Expect much better quality from Sitka especially when the flatbill was such a good hat

Reviewed On 06/02/2017

Jacob Etchelecu
Reviewed On 05/03/2017

They changed the design and fit on this hat, new fit is drastically smaller than the old trucker flatbill. Material feels extremely cheap as well, not impressed with this piece of gear. Really bummed they changed it from the awesome old design.

Jacob Etchelecu
Reviewed On 05/03/2017

If I could rate this zero stars I would, they changed the hats from the older design, fit is much smaller and material feels extremely cheap. Not impressed with this piece. Loved the look online, in the process of returning it right now. Wish it was like the old style.

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