Speeder Tee SS

Speeder Tee SS

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The Speeder Tee evokes the style a traveler may find perusing the apparel racks at an isolated Western truck stop. Like an oasis in the desert, truck stops beckon the weary road warrior and offer a refuel, a stretch of the legs, powdered donuts, cheap coffee and perhaps a new lid before tackling the next 100 miles of open road where your only fellow nomads may be a herd of pronghorn antelope fanning out across the sagebrush sea. The Speeder Tee is constructed of the most comfortable, 85% polyester/15% cotton jersey blend featuring wicking drirelease® technology.

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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

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  • Cargo Heather


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Kristen A. Schmitt | Photos: Niveus Productions - 07.01.2019

The Sage of Sagebrush

Cruising along the backroads of Montana, Lyle Hebel spots the outline of antelope, grazing deep within the sagebrush landscape. He’s about a mile away, but knows that getting close is a game of cat and mouse.