Timber Pack

Timber Pack

Waterfowl : Timber
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A radical treehugger, the Timber Pack clings to bare trunks to keep your gear (even your gun) safely above the waterline. Unzipped, the large main compartment hangs open, exposing multiple zippered mesh pockets that keep you organized. The welded rubber bottom keeps your gear dry in the bottom of the boat, and the no-muck straps come clean of even the stickiest mud.

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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - http://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


  • Burly Tree Strap: The tree strap can be stowed away when carrying or deployed to suspend the pack in an easily accessible position above water.

  • Aluminum Gun Hook: Custom metal tooling hardware and gun hook allow easy removal of your shotgun.

  • Fowl Noose System: Eight removable nooses make quick work of your bag limit.

  • Water-Resistant Cell Phone Pocket

  • External Compression Straps

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13 Reviews
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S. Miller
Reviewed On 06/11/2019

This pack will continue to be my go-to backpack for waterfowl. Spacious inside allows for plenty of gear and padding provides comfort on the long hauls into the marsh. I like it so much that it even comes to work with me. Great product once again!

J Harris
Reviewed On 05/29/2019

The quality of this bag is way beyond most other brands. The straps are sturdy, as is the rest of the bag. The waterproof bottom keeps your stuff dry. I have used it hunting in flooded timber and boat blinds without any issues.

Reviewed On 02/22/2019

Best waterfowl pack I have found. I have been using this for over two years for walk in, layout, and a few flooded timber hunts and have been nothing short of impressed. It carries plenty for all day hunts, to include strapping on the waders for those long walk in hunts. The ability to have it in a layout boat and not be concerned about the bottom being soaked from sitting in standing water is awesome. This will be in my quiver for many years.

Daniel A.
Reviewed On 02/09/2019

This pack far exceeded my expectations to say the least. It kept my camera equipment and the rest of my gear completely dry hunting 40 days straight in Arkansas this past season. After several falls, I thought surely my gear is soaked. Nope. In my eyes, this product is worth its weight in gold. I will never go back to the traditional over the shoulder, leaky blind bag. Also, being a pack and allowing proper weight distribution with straps it allows you to carry more gear, and weight with less effort with your free hands. 10/10 product.

N Rhyne
Reviewed On 01/15/2019

I was very skeptical at first because it was far from what I have been used to in the Flooded Timber. 50 Days into a intense hunting season I can say this is a must have in the timber hunting packs. Great to always clip around a tree and not have to hang a hook somewhere. Strap this around tree and it will hold your gun and ducks all on one system. Also the duck strap hanger is well thought out in every aspect. Love to see this in field camp also as I take mine to the pit or blind also. STRONG!! how strong well let me tell you. I carried two limits of specks and ducks on my one pack hanging off the hooks and nothing failed. Quality is superb.

Steven M Dail
Reviewed On 01/08/2019

I rarely review products but figured guys would like to hear this. I went on a sea diver hunt yesterday off the coast of NC. The guide assured us even with winds at 20 knots we would be safe. Shortly after leaving the dock the boat started taking on water from waves. My Sitka Timber pack was buried under 5 guns and several other blind bags. Once we finally made it back to shore as the boat was sinking. My timber pack was under salt water. I knew everything it is was ruined. We got all the gear out and checked. Guns soaked, all ammo in other blind bags soaked. However everything in my Timber pack was bone dry. Timber pack saved Cell Phone, Car Keys, And 100’s of dollars worth of shells.

Kyle Blanchfield
Reviewed On 11/28/2018

Just took this bag to Alaska on a sea duck hunt. Kept my ammo dry and gear organized. Made a great back pack on the long flights as well. Love how the zippers are set up to get easy access to all sections of the bag. Now build this in marsh please!

John Hubicsak
Reviewed On 10/24/2018

The Sitka Team final got their hands on the correct buckle I requested and this amazing pack is back in the field at 100%!! Thanks

John Hubicsak
Reviewed On 06/19/2018

The strap plastic end buckle breaks if you pull it tight and in waist deep water that's a disaster. Great pack otherwise. I've been trying to get a replacement buckle from Sitka since February and they don't have them in stock....

Reviewed On 05/24/2018


Sean Hayes
Reviewed On 04/04/2018

Best bag for my style of hunting in the flooded rice fields. My shells and other gear stayed dry during the heavy rains this year. You can’t pass this one up. It has a nice fit and the room is perfect for all my gear.

Reviewed On 01/01/2018

Perfect blind bag.. Keep everything dry even in standing water. I was sick of my gloves and facemask in my backpack getting wet. That no longer happens with this pack. Very rugged and we'll made. The dead bird straps are handy and the back straps are comfortable.

Reviewed On 01/01/2017

Amazing backpack. I have gone through multiple packs and frustrated with wet gear or forgetting a tree hook. This does it all. Only thing I want more of are the accessory gun hooks for my gear. Everyone wants one once they see it in action.

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