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The Traverse Cold Weather Hoody is critical for regulating your temperature. During periods of low exertion, the hoody is your insulating mid layer, and a high-loft Berber fleece backer traps body heat. When output increases and you strip to make it your outer layer.

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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine is designed for stalking and ambushing ungulates from ground level in tree-covered and vegetated terrain.

  • Weight: 27.17 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: High Gauge Knit Face, Polyester Spandex Blend.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

Moisture Wicking
Air Permeability

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your Sitka Gear.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Machine Wash Cold Delicate + Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean
- See Care Guide to better understand DWR and how to revitalize it.  

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John M | 03. 21. 19
I got the TCWH (Jacket) a few months ago. I recently have been post season scouting here in IL with temps at 30 in the morning to mid 40's by afternoon. Wearing a FL lite weight merino base, the TCWH is amazing and performed perfect. I was warm and dry after walking over 6 miles from 830am to 3pm. With the same FL base on my bottom half and the mountain pants, it was one of the most comfortable hikes I can remember. It's so comfortable that I want to wear it all the time. For reference I am 5' 10.5" and 210lbs and the XL fits perfect. In addtion I have the Mnt Jacket, and if I need a wind proof layer over the TCWH, I'll just put the Mnt jacket on and I am set.
Gus | 12. 30. 18
I wore this shed hunting in Northern Maine in late December. I had just one other layer underneath this jacket when it was 9 degrees Fahrenheit and I was warm the whole time. The hood helped out a lot with just a beanie underneath to cut out the wind. There is fleece lining inside the pockets and that kept my hands warm the whole time with glove liners. The way that this fit me made it so that when the hood was on and the jacket was zipped up the top of the zipper area went over my chin and kept my neck really warm also.
CJ England | 11. 29. 18
Great Jacket. Very Warm. Slides under outer layers with ease. I wore the core mid base layer, traverse hoodie, and fanatic jacket in below zero wind chill and was never cold. Stayed very comfortable. I also wear this as an everyday jacket. Great product.
Brad Dillon | 11. 06. 18
Love this jacket/hoodie! Very warm, comfortable, decent wind resistance for what it is, durable face fabric, fairly breathable with the side panels, etc. I wear this all the time. It is my main jacket around town and I have used it on a few late season hunts. The reason for it being 3 stars is the hood. Sitka usually has very nice fitting hoods. This hood is crap. The fit is terrible and it looks strange when up. Also, due to the built in face mask, the seams are located right against my ears which is extremely uncomfortable. The seams rub your ears every time you move your head. These facts render the hood useless for me at least. If this was fixed, it would see more field time and be a bomber 4 start jacket/hoodie. Im 5'7", stocky build at about 175 lbs. and the large fits great.
Jeremy | 11. 02. 18
Attention Wisconsin Hunters - awesome and highly recommend. Forget about that big bulky Cabelas sweatshirt or the one you bought last year while vacationing in Hayward... this mid layer is all you need. I wear this with the summit vest and I am very warm, down to 35’ with that good ol “feels like 25” weather report. The hood and face mask combination is great. Want more warmth, put the fanatic over this and you’re set for 6+ hrs in Wisconsin 15mph NW winds....guaranteed
James S | 02. 13. 18
Bought this piece for Timber hunting. Absolutely love the comfort and warmth. Performance is top notch. I wear this with a mid weight core underneath with a Dakota Vest on top. Warmth for days and the facemask keeps the birds at bay when I'm trying to stay hidden behind the trees. Perfect piece to add to your collection.
RBuchanan | 01. 12. 18
Utilized this hoody for 3 continous weeks this past Colorado Elk archery season . With just a performance tee next to skin was all I needed even in snow at 28 deg ,had Elk walking up within 30 ft . Subalpine is a great high country Elk camo all my camo is Sitka , Im now in the process of buying some for casual wear plus my wife likes it also .
JUSTIN | 01. 09. 18
got one in black to wear daily. Super comfy and the right amount of warmth. This will be great for extra insulation during hunting season too.
Derick | 01. 04. 18
Recently purchased and took this on a trip to Frazier CO over Christmas. I was surprised by the reviews vs. what I experienced. This is a lightweight breathable layer that has an athletic fit. Its not waterproof, not windproof, and to be honest, all by itself its not that warm. I've worn the last week or so in Denver walking into work (1 mile). the cold air cuts through the jacket and I can definitely feel the air on my hands while in in the pockets. I did wear this under a spyder shell while tubing with the kids and was comfortable, but your talking 800 dollars plus for this liner and the cold weather shell. I climbed denali in an OR system that was half that amount. This is hard to justify as a liner and really hard to justify the liner and cold weather jacket combo. I love hunting and the outdoors, but when I can find comparable gear at half the investment, sure makes it hard to not to not just put the money towards a new gun or bow
Mark Brendemuehl | 12. 09. 17
This was actually the first outwear piece of Sitka I picked up. Last winter i wore it predator hunting and even laying in snow drifts 30 minutes at a time, I didn't get wet or cold. The built in facemask is handy from a concealment point and it helps keep the breeze from biting your face.
MJS | 12. 08. 17
This is a staple in my outdoor gear no matter what season. As a mid layer or outer layer on cool but not cold days or for bumming around Camp it seems I’m always wearing this. Durable as well, I’ve put it through the ringer duck hunting, deer hunting, hiking and countless canoe trips in northern mn, it’s pretty much bullet proof.
Nate A | 11. 14. 17
This hoody is a great staple for bow season. The built in facemask is one of the best things ever put into a hunting piece of clothing. Keep it up Sitka! Extreme quality!
Jordan | 11. 03. 17
Wore this over a core med weight shirt this past week in Montana. It was 10 degrees this morning and I was more then happy with the warmth and performance of it. Although the zipper stick every time I put it on I’m happy with it and it does it’s duty. Also light enough I wore it through September chasing elk.
Kevin S | 10. 29. 17
Fantastic Jacket. I am 190 pounds and 5‘11“ and the large fits me perfectly. Everything is cut to my liking and has a slightly athletic fit. What’s the proper layering this jacket should be good down to the low to mid 30s. The hole in face mask her designed exceptionally well with a comfortable and close to scan fit. It is important to note that the fleece lining extends into the hood which provides extra warmth. I look forward to using it in my ground blind.
Darin H | 03. 10. 17
Up graded all of my hunting clothing with Sitka last season. By far best investment ever made! Products are amazing, I added this Hoody last so I could continue late season archery. Like all Sitka products this worked perfect As a final layer to my other pieces I was comfortable in the late evening when temps dropped. It was light enough to pack during the day too. Life long Sitka user can't wait to add the new line.
Ried Nelson | 02. 20. 17
This is my favorite piece of gear. Hunting in the mountains in Montana the weather changes fast and I always bring this hoodie whether it's early bow season or late rifle. I would give it five stars if I could.
Ryan G | 12. 10. 16
There idea of use for this is perfect and it works as designed. I live/Hunt northern BC and use it as a mid layer. beads off water and is warm yet vents well when hiking with your pack on. I use a merino base, transverse zip-t if needed and then this. I cap it off with a coldfront jacket for really clold, wet or windy days. this has kept me warm and comfortable hunting elk and moose down to -30C
ClaudeD | 11. 30. 16
Purchased this product for deer hunting season in Northern Ontario. Bought it to replace a mid layer piece in my gear. The hoodie performed as described and is really well designed. The integrated hood/balaclava are well thought out and kept the chills away especially during morning drives. Will be adding more Sitka gear soon to my hunting equipment.
Jbak | 11. 15. 16
Great jacket for cool weather hunts, as long as there is no wind. The hood is well built and fits perfectly over a cap. Face mask is a great feature to keep in heat. I am 6'4 and can usually wear large jackets comfortably. Bought XL in this jacket and the fit is great, sleeves could be slightly longer.
Ross | 10. 17. 16
This hoody is perfect! It fits amazing and traps the perfect amount of body heat when sitting in a blind or making a stand calling predators. The built in face cover puts it over the top in my opinion.
Taylor P. | 10. 05. 16
This hoodie is incredibly well built, with some amazing features. I particularly love the built in face cover/balaclava, and the low-profile hood that works perfectly with any ball-cap style hat. It is a very sturdy hoodie, and this was keeping me toasty warm in a particularly cold morning with wind. Also does surprisingly well in the wind, even without the Windstopper tech in it. I knocked off a half star only because I thought it could use thumb gaiters so you can get a solid body seal with gloves. Also, incredibly quiet material. I was able to get within 30 feet of some elk in my backyard without them noticing (or caring) about me.
Remington | 09. 28. 16
This product was great. It fit perfect, it was very water resistant, kept me warm, and its very light. Perfect for any activity in some chilly weather.
Cody Hesseltine | 08. 06. 16
Love this hoody. I got a solid color to wear around town in the fall and winter. Dwr finish repels water pretty well for short periods of time. I also wear it hunting in the blind all the time. It works great for that. For the weight it is warm
Alex | 04. 20. 16
I have always had problems with jackets not fitting me in the arms. I have long arms for my height. I am 5'9 190lbs stocky build and the large fits great. it also fits nicely under my jetstream jacket when needed.
Matt | 03. 03. 16
I purchased this hoody to replace a North Face shell jacket for knocking around casually. It is amazingly warm. I even used it to snow blow a few times. This hoody is so comfortable and well designed with quality and function in the forethought. I am seriously contemplating replacing an entire Scent Blocker camouflage wardrobe for Sitka Gear for hunting primarily in the North East.
Luke | 01. 19. 16
This new jacket is awesome but it's missing something all of the insulation line is missing, pit zippers. If you hike into areas to hunt you need a way to vent excess heat. If the pit zippers where added this would be my favorite jacket in the line up.
Shaun | 12. 14. 15
This is a piece of the line up I have been waiting for!!!!! The thick dense material provides an excellent barrier. The hood is designed very well and is held in place nicely with a neck gaiter. I was hunting deer late in Idaho and I had the traverse long sleeve shirt with traverse hoody under a cold front jacket. With the gaiter bridging the gap in the neck there wasn't anything the weather could throw at me I couldn't handle.
Matt | 11. 24. 15
I just got back from 3rd season elk trip in Colorado the temps ranged from 30 during the day down to 14 at night we also had snow for 3 days stayed warm the whole trip I used it with the jet stream vest to provide wind block its my favorite system
Joshua | 11. 23. 15
Just bought this in XL (I'm 6'4, 200) and the fit is perfect. It's snug enough to fit perfectly under my stormfront jacket, but not so much that it restricts movement. I wore this all day recently in 25-40 degree weather with only a core hoody underneath and was warm the whole time. It's my new favorite jacket. One word of caution.... I found that wind snuck in on the sides a bit. It's not as windproof as the Jetstream Jacket by any means, but it serves a different purpose for me. This will be a mid-layer for me on EVERY hunt.
Dan | 11. 20. 15
Bought this to use as my insulation layer in October in Canada... Bad idea. "Cold weather hoodie" is a very generous term, because at 0 Celsius, I couldn't look through my binoculars because I was shaking so bad. It's nice for hiking around, but not much else. Save your money for something else
John K | 11. 20. 15
I was super skeptical about buying this jacket. They had this jacket in stock at my local hunting store and I tried it on and looked it over several times before I bought it. I just didn't know where it would fit into my system. But eventually I bit the bullet and bought it. I am very glad I did. This piece actually replaces 2 baselayer pieces and my Jetstream (if its not super windy) This piece is very warm, has great breathability and great stretch. The hand pockets are lined with berber fleece which is great for chilly mornings when you need keep your hands warm and ready for a shot. I absolutely love the hood and facemask on this piece. The hood is lined with fleece and fits very snug on your head which locks in a ton of warmth. The facemasks fits perfect and tucks under your chin and down the collar and that really keeps it snug on your face. The only con I have is that the sleeve length is very long compared to the torso length. This does cause some bunching up of the piece when you throw a jacket over top. But other then that this jacket is amazing and I cant wait to put some more time in the field with this piece!
jason dickens | 09. 29. 15
Put this jacket to the test on a recent backpack trip in SW Colorado. I used the jacket for glassing and also wore it in my sleeping bag. The hoodie and face mask built into the jacket are very convenient and kept me very warm on the ridges when it was below freezing. The face mask was very handy while sleeping in the tent as it kept my face very warm, and allowed for a couple good nights of sleep. The jacket is on the heavy side compared to the down series but I considered it my "luxury" item and shed a few ounces elsewhere to make up for it. Overall it is a great piece gear that serves its purpose for layering on those long windy sits.
Zack S. | 09. 22. 15
Just returned from a Colorado elk hunt and this jacket provided me with the warmth needed for the mid-30's mornings and evenings coupled with the Core lightweight long sleeve. It was also very comfortable turned inside out and used as a pillow at night. This jacket will make the pack list for any hunt from September thru March.
Rich A | 09. 21. 15
I was a little reluctant at first because of the noisy fabrics. I'm used to wearing wool. With wool products I'm always fighting the heat. This year I invested in the Sitka line. This was the most comfortable season I've ever had. Temperatures range from 70° down to 32, with two days of rain and snow. I wish that I had went ahead and purchased the rain gear. I was very impressed. Killed my Elk at 25 yards with my bow and was very close to dear. GREAT Products.
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