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Mens: Waterfowl: Warm

Grinder Pant 

  • Scenario: Dry Field, Wetlands
  • Climate: Warm , Mild
  • Environment: Marsh/Field
$189.00 $132.30 - $189.00

Built for chasing fickle flight paths in the early season, the Grinder Pant gives you enough warmth for early morning missions and enough breathability to remain comfortable the rest of the day. But this pant pulls double duty. With its low-profile seams and glued hems, it's a buttery smooth insulation piece for layering under waders as temperatures drop and water levels rise.

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Features & Benefits

Diagonal Thigh Zip Pockets/Rear Zippered Pocket

The diagonal thigh zip pockets offer security for small essentials, easy access from the seated position and additional ventilation when necessary.

Articulated Patterning

The fit is athletic with tapered legs and a low-profile waist that won’t bunch or chafe under waders. An offset waist button further reduces bulk when layering.

Low-Profile Belt System

The low-profile belt system keeps the pant comfortably in place even when weighted down with shells.

Abrasion-Resistant Dedicated Knife Sleeve
Durable Water Repellent Finish

The DWR finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.


22.4 oz. // Large


DWR Finish


Polyester Stretch Weave

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear.
- See Care Guide To Better Understand DWR And How To Revitalize It.
- Machine Wash Cold +Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron 

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glenn | 03. 07. 18
The basic pants are very good. There are a coup[le of details I would change. The belts that comes with the pants are 1" wide. They needs to be 1/4" to 1/2" wider. It will fit the loops better and be more substantial. The belt also needs to snap into place on the pants. Keeps the belt from rotating around your waist. Also, the slant zipper on the thigh needs to go straight across the thigh. A lot of pocket is wasted.
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Mark | 12. 30. 17
I absolutely love these pants! So comfortable to wear while hunting or do chores around the house. I have worn these from the early goose season through the end of our duck season. Which by the way, the last day it was a high of 17 and we were breaking ice. I stayed nice and comfortable all season.
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MW | 11. 01. 17
These pants are amazing. Extremely water-resistant, and feel great. I bought these in Mud, and wear them for work as well and get a lot of compliments on them.
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Zach LaBorde | 10. 11. 17
By far the most comfortable pair of hunting pants I have owned with tons of practical uses. Great, rugged outer layer when its warm out and they are perfect for wearing under Pantanal bibs for extra warmth late season. My only regret is not owning more than one pair!
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Seth Ryan | 10. 02. 17
I have now worn these when its 80 degrees F and 45 degrees F and i am so happy with them! When its hot i leave the vents open to dump heat and i stay perfectly comfortable. I was rained on while bear hunting and when its stopped they dried right out while i sat there. I hunted waterfowl with them last weekend with some merino bottoms in the cool WI morning and i was perfectly comfortable as well. Totally agree you get what you pay for and why did i wait. The upfront cost is so worth it. Once you start with one piece you will quickly add more to your collection i can promise!
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Chris Wilson | 09. 06. 17
These pants are great, they're warm enough to wear on cool days but you can still wear them comfortably during dove or teal season.
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Caleb Smith | 01. 17. 17
Absolutely love these pants. I have worn them under my waders all season. The angled pockets at the leg are great for easy access while sitting or laying down. Before the season started I found myself lounging around the house in these they are so comfortable. Durability has been a non issue so far and I have worn and washed these pants all season.
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Blake F | 10. 19. 16
Outstanding. I bought these pants to replace the same 'ol denim hunting pants I've always used. I've now used these over a dozen times within a couple months, and I will be adding a few more pair to my system. The first thing that caught my attention was the range of motion these pants offered.
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Taylor P. | 10. 05. 16
The middle weight pair of my three (Ascent and Equinox), these pants are just what the doctor ordered. Light-weight, yet durable, these are perfect for work pants or for setting up Coyote stands in. An added base layer would make for these being perfect in colder temps as well. I wear these multiple times a week for work, incredibly comfortable with the stretch fit of them. Only Cons: The hem on the bottom left leg is coming undone after a particularly rough terrain scramble to a Yote stand, but nothing some needle and thread can't fix.
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Matt Draper | 09. 19. 16
My favorite pant by far. So comfy and durable. I don't just use them for hunting, used all the time. Just wish they had more colors, the gray or black would be awesome!
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Patrick Robinson | 09. 06. 16
I purchased this pair of pants for the sole purpose of early waterfowl season. Paired with the merino wool bottoms, this was all I needed to stay warm in the 50 degree temps. The function of this pant is very good and they are very comfortable! I love the grip in the waist band to keep tucked shirts in place! The pants are also ready to interface with the Sitka suspenders although the description doesn't say so. The slash pockets I wasn't so sure of at first, but I really do like them. The way the pockets carry items is preferable over the cargo pockets I grew up with. Lastly, I always like to throw out info for the tall guys in the crowd. I am 6'6" and weigh about 225. I ordered a 36 Tall and it fits comfortably. I typically wear a 34 waist but wanted a bit of extra room so ordered the 36. As it turns out, the 36 fits me like a 34...not bad though. From here on out I will always buy my Sitka pants (that come with a low profile belt system) in 38. The belt makes these pants super flexible, as you can take up a couple of inches of waist slack easily with the belt. As I ordered them though, they will still see many, many years of wear. And when they wear out, I will order another pair for sure! Also the tall was just long enough in the leg for me. I would have preferred another inch of length, but as they are, they do function and with boots I'll never know the difference.
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Zack M | 09. 02. 16
Absolutely the most comfortable pants I've ever put on in my life! Not only are they light weight, but they are comfortable and tougher than nails. Would recommend these pants to anyone.
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David Baden | 08. 23. 16
Extremely comfortable. I normally wear a 33-34 waist pants and/or shorts. I ordered a 34R in the Grinders and they fit great. Love the belt system as it helps squeeze that little extra material in to make a nice snug fit. Will be my go to for early season and under waders.
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Jack | 08. 04. 16
I highly recommend these pants for both hunting purposes as well as casual wear/outside working pants (dirt and mud colors). They're the perfect fit for early season waterfowling, but are ideal for layering underneath waders or bibs later in the year. For sizing reference, I am 6'1" and 180 pounds and the 34R fit me well.
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Rod | 01. 06. 16
These pants are awesome.I've worn them under waders in Argentina in 40 degree weather as well as Missouri's freezing duck hunting weather. Yesterday i Turkey hunted in them in Kansas's 14 degree weather with Transverse pants under them. Comfortable in every hunting situation.
Star Star Star Star
Ted Wells | 10. 09. 15
Must have for any waterfowl system. Very comfortable as a stand-alone piece in the early season. Excellent with Merino pants underneath as the temperature starts to drop. Layers great under the pantanal bib. I wear the "dirt" color for casual wear or for work. Can't beat the style and functionality in this pant!
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GoHuntBirds | 09. 08. 15
These are the most comfortable and user friendly pants I've ever worn field hunting. They don't bunch up while getting in and out of the blind and the vented pockets let heat out in those HOT days. They also wick moisture away rather than hold onto it. They really have exceeded my expectations (as does all Sitka Gear) and the few guys on our team that wear them have convinced the ones who don't to get some. We suggest you do to. Marc GoHuntBirds
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Matt McLeighotn | 06. 05. 15
I own a few sets of grinder pants, and they are perfect for early season Pronghorn hunts all the way to those late January Mallard hunts. The leg pockets are vented which makes it nice on a 90 degree can dump heat. But they are also spacious enough to layer under. I like to wear the Solid color when asking for permission or maybe while running to the airport to pick clients up... Looks a little more professional.
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Dusty Brown | 05. 01. 15
The most comfortable and user friendly pant I've ever worn... The pockets and the cut of the garment are superior to any other I've worn.
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Tom Forman | 01. 26. 15
These pants exceeded my expectations and more. I love the stretch fabric and the fact the Grinder Pant moves with you and does not fight your movements like other brands. Thank you Sitka for a great product!
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John Johnson | 11. 06. 14
Even though these are designed for waterfowl - they are perfect for Archery & Rifle season. I guide in central Oregon for deer & elk as well as Alberta & Saskatchewan & the pattern works great in the high desert & even in river bottoms. Slash pockets are a great idea - work way better than traditional cargo side pockets. If Sitka would just make this grinder pant in optifade & optifade forest - that would be great. Great product !!!
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Andrew Pals | 11. 05. 14
So happy when these came out! These are the perfect pants for early to mid season field hunts. Or even layering under your waders. Every single product I have ever bought from Sitka is total quality and these keep with the theme. Looking forward to wearing these for snow geese in the spring and doves in late summer for 2015. Thanks Sitka for always producing the best gear!
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GDalton | 09. 04. 14
These pants are new item but have already been ideal for our early seasons here in Virginia. They aren't marketed for dove hunting but they fit the bill perfectly for that, and for September Goose season. They are comfortable under waders too, so these are nice for the hunter who also likes to wet a line in the off-season. Stretchy, soft, durable and loaded with cool features (I love the low-profile pockets and non-slip waist band lining). These pants deliver MORE than what the marketing description promises. I test products for Gore and am picky about what I use. These pants made me happy so they will probably satisfy you too!
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Richard Caples | 08. 28. 14
What an awesome pair of pants. I can wear these in 90 degree Texas heat all day and stay comfortable and can't wait to wear these under my waders when the temperature drops. I think the best feature of these pants other than the comfortable material are the front slash pockets, so much better than cargo pockets. I ordered the 38 Tall being I am 6' tall and 240lbs. I will probably order the regular inseam next time. Awesome product highly recommended for any waterfowler.
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