Whitetail: Vegetated Terrain

Fanatic Glove 


Built from 4-way stretch-woven polyester, the fanatic glove offers a perfect balance of warmth and dexterity, specifically for use with the front hand muff built into Fanatic Series pieces. The half-finger design on the forefinger and thumb frees up your primary digits for release triggers and touchscreens.

Vegetated Terrain
Elevated Ambush
Warm , Mild, Cool
Elevated II
  • Size:

Cold Conditions

Elevated Ambush

When the rut gets deer on the move, the ability to stay comfortable and quiet in the stand can be the difference between success and tag soup. Constructed to combat cold November days, this system employs midweight base layers, body-mapped synthetic insulation and weather-resistant outerwear with specialized features and fits that maximize dexterity and minimize noise and scent.

  • ALL: Mens
  • Pursuit: Whitetail
  • Environment: Vegetated Terrain
  • Activity Level: Minimal
  • Scenario: Elevated Ambush
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Concealment: Optifade Elevated II

Features & Benefits

Leather Pull

Durable leather pull provides an easy on/off.

Durable Water Repellent Finish

The DWR finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

Half-Finger Design

Half-finger design on the forefinger and thumb enables greater accuracy and the ability to use a touch screen GPS or phone on the fly.

Product Comments
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Star Star Star Half Star
Chad Wright | 11. 21. 18
Fits great, warm and comfortable. However it would be the ultimate bowhunting glove and would have gotten 4 stars if it had a added material (sticky) to the palm and fingers for extra grip.
Star Star Star Star
Jared | 11. 18. 18
Best bow hunting gloves I’ve found! With years of trying different gloves, I’m definitely not parting with these! Warm, lightweight, and a wonderful fit for me in size medium. From antelope hunting in WY to whitetails in MN, from 50 degrees to 0, they keep your hands warm. On colder days, I wear these over the thumbhole sleeves of the Celsius Midi as an extra layer of warmth.
Samuel | 11. 16. 18
this glove is dangerous to have on when climbing up or down the stand, due to the lack of any type of grip on the palm side. It is extremely slick and almost anything you hold will slip out. Until some type of gripes added, this glove will be 1 Star. Once that issue is fixed it will be a 5 star.
Star Star Star Star
Andy Kz | 10. 04. 18
This glove is functional, durable (as are all Sitka products), and well-designed. These gloves don't provide much insulation, but they weren't designed for that purpose. They protect and camouflage my hands and provide clean access to my release. I wear these gloves throughout the entire season and use a pocket hand warmer or over glove when necessary. The polygiene works well for a day or two. I wash them after nearly every trip, unless in back country, and they have held up flawlessly over the last three seasons.
Star Star Half Star
Ben | 01. 16. 18
I found these gloves to provide little to none warmth, be extremely slick, and overpriced for what you get. First off, when the temperatures are cool, this is not the glove for you. I found them to work just fine up in the tree when paired with the fanatic coat because you can put your hands in the kangaroo pouch, just like the description says. When carrying your bow/gun to the stand the lack of warmth from these gloves really show, your hands will get cold being exposed to the cold air. Second, I found them to be slick. Listen, this can be a safety hazard when climbing up a tree. Take the gloves off before you climb. For an example, the gloves are so slick I can barely, with a major struggle pull my bow up with my gear rope. You cannot grip anything without the gloves slipping. Last, for the price of these gloves the performance is just not there. Outside of the durability, the fit, and look, I find it hard to find positives for this glove. If I had it to do over I would buy one of the gloves that are windproof and has a grip material in the palm and finger areas. Therefore, I love Sitka products, Sitka products are made to last, and the customer service is second to none. I have called Sitka and every time I get someone who seems to be a hunter who can answer my questions. I just can’t recommend this product to anyone. It’s also sad when you spend $40 on a pair of gloves that don’t perform.
Star Star Star Star
Austin | 01. 01. 18
One of my favorite pieces of gear that Sitka makes. My main requirement when it comes to hunting gloves is they keep my hands warm and i can still feel my everything i touch. I've tried numerous pairs of gloves, from hunting gloves to leather gloves to work gloves and could not find a single pair that met all my requirements.
Star Star Star
Jeremy D. | 11. 21. 17
The design of the glove itself is just what I look for in a archery glove. But polyester for the entirety of the glove was not the best decision in my opinion. As some have mentioned the grip is almost non existent, it would have been better to have leather palms similar to the hangar glove for general use. I don't mind it in when shooting but if you are climbing lock on stands or anything where you want a grip I have to take them off. I would not buy them again without a change to the palm material. They are still well made as everything Sitka makes but material choice does not match up with how I use them in a day to day application.
Star Star Star Half Star
Will | 10. 31. 17
Awesome glove fabulous price. The one problem that i had was the cut out for the fingers. I found that the grip on them wasn't the best when holding my bow. But overall a pretty good product.
Star Star Star Half Star
Mission | 08. 14. 17
I have quite a few of Sitka products, I count on them to deliver, all though pricey compared to others. Worth it. I prefer the fanatic gear with different base layers depending on my needs. I noticed a few reviews above mine refer to the lack of rubberized grip in the palms. I myself shop for gloves specifically without the added grip to eliminate any possible bow tourque, I prefer it to move freely in my hand and have yet to ever drop my bow. Preferences vary but it suits my world just fine.
Star Star Star Half Star
Dan Spano | 05. 02. 17
The fanatic gloves are a great piece for the early season or as a lite weight glove during the mid/late season utilizing a hand muff/kangaroo pouch. The quality is there as it is in all Sitka gear, but my only concern is the palm. A rubber/textured palm with this glove would be a grand slam!
Star Star Star Half Star
Kyle Cirincione | 02. 22. 17
I'm giving these a 3 1/2 rating. I do love these gloves the feel, warmth, and overall design. However I can't understand the no grip on the palms. Very slippery for everything especially bow grip. If they incorporate the grip in their design this would be a top notch product
Star Star Star Half Star
Casey | 01. 01. 17
Pretty awesome overall. Perfect for use with a handwarmer or the fanatic jacket pouch in late season. I cannot figure out why they did not put any rubber or leather on the palm or fingers at all though. Slippery when climbing steps to the stand, slippery to hold the bow, grunt tube, etc.
Star Star Star Star
Janice Sensi | 12. 25. 16
I foxhunt and always have a camera with me . These gloves are perfect for when I'm hunting mounted and when I'm on foot using the camera. Haven't dropped the camera since I've worn them.
Star Star Half Star
Mike Serman | 12. 04. 16
First off to be fair I ordered these gloves sight unseen from the website. I was disappointed to find the palms have NO grip pads. This seems like a complete design oversight given the fabric is very slippery when trying to grip something like a bow. I won't be using them for this reason. The fabric was thinner than I would have expected for a late season glove. Without the kangaroo pouch or some other hand warmer, these gloves will not keep your hands warm. I live in Northern Michigan and frequently sit in temps that fall into the teens and twenties, Also I found the cuff of the glove to be a little long and interfered with my release strap. Overall construction (stitching etc.) is very good and what you should expect with Sitka.
Star Star Star Star
Chris Nyhus | 11. 26. 16
Awesome glove, very practical and warm. Great fit, once again Sitka knocked it out of the park.
Star Star Star Star
Chris Stevens | 11. 19. 16
These gloves have been the best money I have spent on gloves, EVER! Some people say that gloves like these don't keep your hands warm. Well, they design pockets in clothing for a reason but definitely bring a warmer pair if you're scouting a lot. For bowhunters and shooters, you need those index finger and thumbholes. I am an avid bowhunter, and these perform at the "Sitka Standard" for all season in my opinion.
Star Star Star Half Star
John marleau | 10. 02. 16
I found these pretty good for early season but now with the temps in the single digits I find myself turning to other gloves as these are just not warm enough.
Star Star Star Star
Nick Kravitz | 09. 27. 16
These are my absolute favorite gloves for just about anything I'm doing - from Shooting bow to pushing the shutter.. I absolutely love the versatility and comfort that the Fanatic gloves give due to the Open thumb and index finger. I would consider this a MUST HAVE item.
Star Star Star Star
Jack | 08. 04. 16
My favorite of these gloves is the cut out finger for feeling the trigger or the release. Gloves fit very true to size and are comfortable as well as warm. Great for early season hunting but will also get you late into the season as well.
Star Star Star Star
David I | 07. 12. 16
My go to whitetail hunting glove. I usually go with out gloves until its a little cooler out. The open thumb and index is great for pulling the trigger on your release, using a phone in the stand, or manipulating calls. I like them in the late season because they aren't bulky and are made to be stuffed into a muff or your pockets.
Star Star Star Half Star
Brad R. | 04. 08. 16
Love the open index finger and thumb for feeling triggers, safeties and touchscreens. Surprisingly warm. Leather palms would make them perfect.
Star Star Star Star
Matt | 01. 22. 16
Purchased these gloves for mid to late season hunts. Overall I'm very satisfied with the fit and feel however I would recommend a few upgrades/changes. I would recommend a grip material in the palm, thumb and forfefinger, cant seem to maintain a good solid grip on my gun. Also the glove needs to have the windstopper material incorporated into it. Not a major issue, if my hands get too cold I usually slip these over the light Merino wool glove. I love these gloves and with a few minor upgrades they will be my year round choice.
Star Star Star Star
Clint | 01. 19. 16
I love the cut outs for the fingers. Really is nice for shooting a bow or gun and using your phone. Not real thick but comfortable to wear and would work for a lot of temps.
Star Star Star Half Star
Bob | 12. 23. 15
Great glove. Bought primarily for bow season with the Fanatic series lite jacket. Rubberized palms would make it a 5.
Star Star Star Half Star
Cody | 12. 04. 15
I like these gloves a lot as they can be used in a wide range of temps paired with the fanatic jacket. I wasn't that impressed when I first got them but after using them they have become my go too. I do think they are a little over priced for what they are but I'd buy another pair.
Star Star Star Half Star
Max | 11. 30. 15
Another great product from the Sitka team! I used this glove all season. It's a fantastic glove when using a spotting scope or binos. The only thing I would like to see added for next year is a little more grip for the palms and fingers. Similar to that is on the jet stream glove.
Star Star Star Star
Joshua | 11. 23. 15
Another perfect glove by Sitka! These fit my hands PERFECTLY. Great for the added dexterity with the index finger and thumb, keeps the rest of my hand warm. They're like the Traverse Glove with a bonus. Once I put them on, I don't want to take them off!
Star Star Star Star
Sean | 11. 16. 15
Finally a thin glove that works... Provides great warmth and incredible dexterity on those days down to around 45 degrees and when paired with the Fanatic hoodie's fold over hand cuffs on the colder days, it simply can't be beat.
Star Star Star Star
Jamie | 11. 11. 15
Can't agree with Mario more! These are the new go to glove. Not only does it still allow for feel with the bow. It is the same for the rifle. I have a pair of the stratus gloves as well and on the colder mornings substitute the left hand stratus. This give me the best of both worlds, keeping my left hand warm and giving me the feel I like with the right. These gloves are a 'have to have' piece of gear.
Star Star Star Star
Mario Vani | 07. 27. 15
This is exactly what every bow hunter needs. As the description states, keeping your index and thumb free are nice because as a bowhunter I enjoy feeling the release. As well its accommodating for those long sits while playing games on your phone. Its slightly insulated so come late season when temperatures drop it'll give you enough time to range, pull back and release before the cold strikes.
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