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Wader Storage Bag in Waterfowl Marsh

Wader Storage Bag


A unique solution to transporting our Delta waders, keeping the wet and muddy waders contained in the bag while providing a stable place to put waders on while in the field.

Reversible Pack Cover in Elevated II

Reversible Pack Cover


A reversible pack cover provides the ultimate in rain protection for your SITKA Gear whitetail pack with high-vis blaze on one side and GORE™ OPTIFADE™ concealment on the other.

Bomber Belt
Hunt Solids

Bomber Belt

$69.00 $41.40

The rugged Bomber Belt maintains altitude for your pants and heavy accessories.

Stealth Belt
Hunt Solids

Stealth Belt

$45.00 $27.00

Lightweight and low-profile, the Stealth Belt rides comfortably for miles under your backpack hip belt.

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