Equinox Jacket
Equinox Jacket
Equinox Jacket
Equinox Jacket

Equinox Jacket

  • Whitetail : Elevated II
(19 Reviews)

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The lightweight, breathable Equinox Jacket keeps you comfortable and concealed in the early season. Its durable construction is designed to quietly tackle thick underbrush and unruly canopies, while the 4-way stretch fabric and tailored fit help the jacket move with you. Zippered hand and chest pockets and a rangefinder pocket with tie-off keep your essentials accessible.

Product ID: #50094

Sizing Guide

Jacket & Tops Sizing

Size Chest Sleeve
Small 36 - 38" 33"
Medium 39 - 41" 34"
Medium Tall 39 - 41" 36"
Large 42 - 45" 35"
Large Tall 42 - 45" 37"
X-Large 46 - 49" 36"
X-Large Tall 46 - 49" 38"
2XL 50 - 53" 37"
2XL Tall 50 - 53" 39"
3XL 54 - 57" 38"

Pant Sizing (Inches)

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 30" 31"
31 31" 31"
32 32" 31" 33"
33 33" 32" 34"
34 34" 32" 34"
35 35" 32" 34"
36 36" 33" 34.5"
37 37" 33" 34.5"
38 38" 33" 34.5"
40 40" 33"
42 42" 33"
44 44" 33"

Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
Small 28 - 30" 31"
Medium 31 - 33" 31" 33"
Large 34 - 37" 32" 34"
X-Large 38 - 41" 32" 34"
2XL 42 - 45" 32" 34"
3XL 46 - 49" 32" 34"

Equinox & Dakota Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 31" 31"
32 33" 31" 33"
34 35" 32" 34"
36 37" 32" 34"
38 39" 32" 34"
40 41" 32"
42 43" 32"
44 45" 32"

Glove Sizing

Size Palm Circ Length
Medium 8 - 8.5" 7.5 - 8"
Large 9 - 9.5" 8.5 - 9"
X-Large 9.5 - 10" 9 - 9.5"
2XL 10 - 10.5" 9.5 - 10"

Gaiter Sizing

Size Calf Circ Boot Size
M/L 17.5" US 6-10"
L/XL 18.5" US 10-14"

How to Take
Your Measurements


    Bend your elbow and put your hand on your hip. Measure from the center of the back of your neck, along the shoulder and down the elbow to the wrist bone.


    Take measurement under armpits, around fullest part of chest and shoulder blades.


    Measure around where you normally wear your pants, keeping the tape measure a bit loose or putting one finger between your body and the tape measure.

  • 4. INSEAM

    In a standing position,measure from your crotch to where you want your pants to end, breaking at the top of the shoe in the front and just above the heel in the back.

  • 5. GLOVES

    With hand partially closed, measure over the knuckles, around the hand, excluding the thumb.

Fit Guide

SITKA Gear engineers gear with a specific Fit and intended end use in mind. These functional designs provide the user with authentic garments for the right situation.

Fit Descriptions

We can communicate our Fit descriptions in 3 different ways. Keep in mind that each garment will allow for layering in accordance to the garments place in a system and described Fit

  • P/F
  • S/F
  • E/F

    Designed for minimal layering. Whether an early season piece or already insulated this garment fits to prevent inefficiencies in heat retention caused by dead space.


    Designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.


    Designed for maximum layering in the worst conditions. Cut roomier to accommodate additional layering underneath.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Elevated II is designed for whitetail hunters in an elevated position.

  • Fabric: Polyester Stretch-Woven.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

  • 4-Way Stretch: A highly breathable 4-way stretch fabric allows complete freedom of movement.

  • Safety Harness Pass-Through Port: The safety harness pass-through port allows you to wear a harness closer to your body and add or subtract layers without removing the harness as conditions change.

  • Range Finder Pocket: A dedicated rangefinder pocket enables quick and quiet distance readings.

  • Quiet Zipper Pulls: All zippers are constructed to minimize noise.

Wind Protection
Water Protection
Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

Product Comments

19 Reviews
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Jeremy Miller
Reviewed On 10/07/2019

This jacket has a tailored fit and is perfect for the early season or as a layer under the late season gear. I'm 6'0 200# and a size large is perfect. I can wear my core T shirt to the stand and throw this on when I'm up. Great for 60-75 degree weather

Reviewed On 03/19/2018

I am 6'3 210 lb and I have an athletic build. I tried on the large and it fit very snug so I went a size up and it was good in the chest but big in the waist so I had someone put in a pull cord like the stratus system.
This is a great jacket that breaths well and holds up in the woods. I bow hunt only and will be using this in the early season here in Arkansas. The only reason I didn't give this jacket a perfect score is because it is slightly noisy when brushed against things. It does a great job at blocking out slow wind and I don't sweat in 60 degree temps while walking to my stand in the hills. I would recommend this jacket to anyone.

Reviewed On 01/17/2018

Great jacket that's designed to fit just right. I'm 6-2, 220. (220 translates to a little bit more in the belly, not a weight lifter with a big chest). I ordered the Equinox jacket in large. It fits nicely so that it's close to the body without being too snug. I wear this under the Jetstream jacket to layer comfortably.

Note: I ordered the Equinox jacket in Large. I ordered the Jetstream jacket in XL. This allows me to be warm, comfortable and still have the proper movement for a shotgun or rifle.

Reviewed On 01/09/2018

Super light weight. I am just not loving it for the price. I can wear other less expensive camo in early October. whitetail season in the midwest. Only Sitka I have returned was this one and the Equinox pants. Good stuff but did not have a place in my system like the fanatic set does.

Eli Thompson
Reviewed On 12/20/2017

My favorite top piece I own yet! This jacket is extremely lightweight and packable. It's not insulated but it does provide a little warmth, especially when moving. But doesn't get you too hot if the temps are warm. Sounds like a great mountain hunting jacket! I've worn it in temps from 70 all the way down to the 20's if I layer well enough under it. I ordered a size up to be able to do that, and I recommend you do the same because even though it's a bigger size, the athletic fit makes it fit just right.

Reviewed On 11/19/2017

The Equinox plays a very important role for my early-season whitetail system. It's comfortable, light-weight, and perfectly cut. I pair the Equinox system with the Fanatic (for later in the season), with a variety of layers for the ideal gear throughout the entire season.

Team Foskey
Reviewed On 10/17/2017

Great Ga jacket keeps you cool and warm on those 50degree morning

Nick Kravitz
Reviewed On 03/01/2017

First and Foremost Comfort - absolutely one of the most comfortable early season jackets I have owned. With the 4 way stretch you are not limited to movement with this jacket.

The Range finder pocket is a gem in its own for ease of access.

I'm a sucker for the safety harness pass through because I like to stow my harness away under my gear.

honestly this should be one of your first Sitka Gear purchases coinciding with the pants to go with it.

They were my first two and if I wen't back I would buy them first all over again.

Ryan Wilmore
Reviewed On 12/13/2016

Justin Ballard
Reviewed On 10/04/2016

I wore the Equinox Jacket and Pant for an elk hunt early this September in Colorado. They both performed perfectly. I was shocked at how warm it kept me in the mornings yet in the afternoon kept me from sweating as we put on the miles chasing bugles. For an active hunt this combination kept me warm well into the low 30's then dry in the afternoons when the temps would climb into the high 70's. I also loved how tough the material was while bushwhacking through everything imaginable on the mountain.

Reviewed On 10/03/2016

I purchased the Equinox jacket and pants and absolutely love them. It is perfect for those chilly mornings to the warm afternoons. Light weight and quite!!

Reviewed On 09/05/2016

Perfect early season jacket! Comfort is unmatched in this thing with the leaves are still on the trees. Topped with a stratus vest for those crisp mornings, you'll be able to focus on what's going on around you instead of thinking about being too hot or too cold. Used in Florida, Indiana, and Ohio... can't go wrong with this jacket for early season no matter where you're hunting.

Reviewed On 12/15/2015

I'm not sure there could be a better jacket during the early season mornings in the stand. This is light weight and quiet, but still has the ability to keep a light wind and cold chill off of you with a core or insulation piece underneath. I wore the jacket and pants 20+ times this year and wasn't easy on them, and they've held up flawlessly. I am a Gore gear tester.

Team Foskey
Reviewed On 11/11/2015

I hunt Ga where it 40 in the morning & 80 in the afternoon. I love this jacket and pants..light weight & very mobile. I've enjoyed wearing this set of clothes hunting season..

Reviewed On 11/11/2015

I agree with all the reviews. This jacket is always with me! Design is top notch and durability is amazing. Got this jacket for this season and it works great in the early season but also into mis season. I have the stratus system and once the temps get mid 40s the stratus comes off and Equinox goes on. I would attempt to say this is my favorite piece of gear but to be brutally honest all my Sitka gear are daily favorites depending on the day and temp.

Reviewed On 10/24/2015

Great early season system! BUT THERE IS MORE:

Many have pointed out that the fleece lining of the Stratus and particularly the Fanatic attract burrs and that is true. The solution is to wear the Equinox on the hike in and out then use it as an insulating layer for the heavier systems. HERE's WHY: The Equinox material is phenomenal for burrs. They rarely stick and when they do, you brush them right off.

Again, great product Sitka.

Robert Renfro
Reviewed On 10/10/2015

The most comfortable early season gear in the world. Also very strong but extremely light weight. Got caught up in a barbwire this morning and the pants did not rip at all.

Last week was siting in a blind with a buck 10 feet from me starring right at me and never spooked.

I have the fanatic set and these pockets are just as good and just as awesome.

I will say. Dont expect these to provide much warmth. Read last guys post and thought he said he could withstand 40 degrees with a heavyweight set.

I went out this morning with midweight and fantatic hoody in 38 degrees and lets just say i was cold. Not the gears fault just mine.

55 degrees plus and this is going to be my go to set.

Video of the deer is on youtube under "proof sitka is more than clothing"

Reviewed On 07/29/2015

Love how this jacket fits and its light weight and full of pockets. It has the back slit for treestand harnesses which allows the jacket to be worn over any style of safety harness. The full zipper allows for a quick on and off and a little added warmth. Camo pattern blends into any hardwood tree in the central Michigan area.

Reviewed On 06/12/2015

I won't leave the house without this piece! I got the chance to test this jacket last season during South Carolina's whitetail season and I was very pleased with it's performance and versatility. The pockets are all placed with intentionality, and the range finder pocket is especially helpful. The material is breathable and versatile (a t-shirt under it and you're still comfortable in 85 degree early season sits, a heavyweight under it and you're going into mid-season 55 degree sits!). The Equinox has grown to become a favorite!

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