Women's Fanatic Core Boy Short
Hunt Solids

Women's Fanatic Core Boy Short

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The women’s Fanatic Boy Short is the perfect foundational layer and allows hunters to utilize most aftermarket relief systems such as Tinklebell® or GoGirl®.

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Territory Short in Anchor

Territory Short


A longtime favorite, this short gets an upgrade with a new design and fit adding comfort and mobility.

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Hunting Shorts

Hunting Shorts You Can Depend On

Whether worn as a base layer or outerwear, you should have high expectations for your hunting shorts. You need shorts that are durable enough to withstand your most aggressive hunt without restricting range of motion, cutting into your skin, or snagging easily. If they can perform well in daily life beyond the hunt, you've found the perfect shorts for hunting.

Top-Quality Solid & Camo Hunting Shorts

Do you really need camouflage hunting shorts, or will solid colors work just as well? The answer comes down to your personal goals and your expected hunting environment. Camo shorts are perfect for blending into your surroundings and taking your prey by surprise. Bright solids will ensure visibility when in the field with other hunters.

Solid dark colors like navy or black have their place in your hunting wardrobe as well. They can help you blend into your surroundings after dark while looking great with other items of any pattern or color. When worn as a base layer, color may not matter as much as fit and durability.

Hunting Shorts Worth Stockpiling

When you find a pair of shorts that fit all of your hunting needs, consider buying two or three pair. Sitka shorts are designed for durability, but there's no guarantee that a specific design will remain in stock for years to come. Stocking up is essential when you find the perfect shorts for your hunting needs.

We're always improving our shorts collection, so come back often to see our newest designs.