Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack straight on view
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack rotated view
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack side view
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack with bow strapped down
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack side pockets
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack shoulder straps with storage
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack tightening down straps
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack open top storage
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack top carrying strap
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack essential gear storage
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack tightening down jacket
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack back view with jacket
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack compressing jacket onto pack
Tool Bucket Whitetail Pack inside storage

Tool Bucket

  • Whitetail : Elevated II
(9 Reviews)

The Tool Bucket is the ideal daypack for organizing, hauling, and hanging everything you need for a dark-to-dark sit in a unique bucket style design.

17 storage compartments and 1800 cubic inches.
Weight: 54.7 oz

Product ID: #40085
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9 Reviews
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Reviewed On 10/24/2021

This is honestly by far the best hunting pack I've ever owned. I've been deer hunting for over 25 years and I've gone through dozens of packs. It's the one thing I am never satisfied with and could never seem to find one that complimented my set up process upon entry. This pack design is incredible. If it's hot out and I'm taking minimal equipment and no outer layers i can cinch the pack down a little and it doesn't exceed my body profile and doesn't snag on anything in the thick stuff. So many straps and pockets inside and out there's no struggle at all in deciding where or how to carry things you need. On cold days when I need to pack in clothes i can fit all my regular items In the pockets plus the incinerator suit in the main compartment. The back padding is on point. When loaded up the pack definitely feels lighter than it is. So many pros with this pack and it's actually quiet in the calm woods. I finally found an all season pack for my deer seasons in the south where the temps range from 20 degrees to 95 degrees. I would buy it again right now if I needed to.

John Arneth
Reviewed On 09/15/2021

Awesome pack, absolutely perfect for whitetails. Very comfortable, great pocket locations.

Reviewed On 12/24/2020

Thought I was going to love this pack. Bought it to replace my Tool box which I thought was a good pack. Due to the pics I thought this was going to be a more rigid pack and would hold its shape better which was the one thing I didnt like about the tool box, it does not. If they would make the sides and the bottom of this pack more rigid and actually make one of the side pockets shallower this pack would of been perfect. To me there is no place to mount or hold my quiver which I could do on the side of my tool box. One thing I do like about this pack is all of the options for strapping down and carrying clothing to my stand. Storage pockets are great as well.

Reviewed On 11/29/2020

I bought this pack back in September tried it out through November and I’m very disappointed. The zippers stick on the lid. Mesh pockets are flimsy. Material snags easily. Pack just didn’t seem ridged enough. Strapping things to the pack was ok at best. I love Sitka’s whitetail clothing it’s the best to me but I think there are better options.

Kevin C Mennett
Reviewed On 11/10/2020

Absolutely amazing pack. I was hesitant at first due to the lack of a hip belt, but the bag sits comfortably and carries exceptionally well. After using the pack for the majority of archery season in both West Virginia and Pennsylvania, I am extremely pleased with both the design and the durability of the pack. It has allowed me to carry everything I need to stay on stand for extended amounts of time. Plenty of room and highly organized. If you need a pack, this id most definitely the one you need!

Madison Robitaille
Reviewed On 11/04/2020

They have thought of everything on this bag down to the smallest details! I have always just used a cheap simple hunting bag and wow am I glad I finally made the switch!

Sal Battagila
Reviewed On 10/21/2020

Outstanding pack. The design team really hit the ball out of the park with this one. I was hesitant at first to buy because of no hip belt on this model. The pack holds weight nicely without one.
Bed roll straps on the bottom and top of the pack to store outer garments for the long walk in without overheating!
The hunter orange blazer that can be put on over the outside of the pack and easily stored once up a tree is a nice touch. Most day packs lack this feature. Gun hunters will love this(especially in the southeast states).
Plenty of storage compartments inside and outside of the pack for all sorts of gadgets.
I love this pack. Thank you Sitka!

Reviewed On 10/21/2020

Great upgrade from their previous model. This is the perfect size bag for a daily hunt. There is enough compartments to keep all of my gear organized and easily accessible. Jacket and bow can be attached to the outside of the pack and allows hands free walk to the stand! I highly recommend !

Reviewed On 09/05/2020

If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would. Absolute game changer!

First off, this thing is VERY lightweight, and carries nicely on your back. It looks like it’s crammed at first glance, but it holds a lot of stuff from clothing to gear. This is a pack that would allow a hunter to carry their jacket and/or pant, and still fit their bow on the back. Absolute game changer!

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