Hunting Waders

Delta Zip Wader

Delta Zip Wader


The versatile Delta Zip Wader can be worn across the gamut of waterfowl hunts. An updated boot designed by Lacrosse exclusively for the Delta Zip Wader is warm, durable and easily replaced.

Wader Storage Bag in Waterfowl Marsh

Wader Storage Bag


A unique solution to transporting our Delta waders, keeping the wet and muddy waders contained in the bag while providing a stable place to put waders on while in the field.

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Hunting Waders

Heavy Duty Hunting Waders from SITKA

What's the secret to stepping into the water with complete confidence? The answer is simple: durable hunting waders from a well-respected and highly trusted brand like SITKA.

We know how important it is to stay warm and dry without restricted movement on a hunt, so we provide camo waders and breathable waders of superior quality. We have listened to feedback from our customers and focused on improving our waders with the best materials and technology, resulting in some bestsellers that hit the mark in every way.

Whether you're shopping for chest waders or duck hunting waders, count on us to deliver the waders that are everything you expect and more.
  • Puncture resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Reparable
  • Built to layer

Stay Warm & Safe with Durable Waders

You can't always count on warm water to soothe you through an intense hunt. Preparing ahead of time is key, and it starts with a pair of quality hunting waders with adequate breathability. That protective layer will do more than help trap in body heat. It adds thickness to your pants, which translates to protection when you run into unexpected objects during a hunt.

We make camo waders that suit most hunting scenarios. Check out our chest waders and duck hunting waders to see what's new in the hunting gear industry. We're always listening and watching for new ways to create waders that boost your hunting performance rather than standing in your way.

Quality Chest Waders

Sometimes you need protection beyond the knees or waist. That's why we make camo waders with coverage up to the chest. They're made with the same dedication to durability and safety as other SITKA duck hunting waders. They just extend the warmth and waterproofing for adequate coverage in deeper water.

We will continue to develop waders of superior quality, adding to our collection as new designs are released. Check back often because you never know when the next great wader will hit our store.