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Delta Zip Wader  


The versatile and durable Delta Zip Wader can be worn across the gamut of waterfowl hunts and features a completely waterproof YKK AQUASEAL® Zipper to allow a simple on-and-off. Constructed with a durable and breathable GORE-TEX® Pro laminate, the Delta Wader features a lightweight and warm LaCrosse® AeroForm® insulated boot that adds agility when trudging through the muck. The shins and knees are reinforced with a rugged foam pad to endure years of abuse breaking ice and busting through the brush. Made in the USA and 100% serviceable, the Delta Zip Wader is a game-changer for waterfowl hunters across all flyways, climates and conditions. Limited Availability

Dry Field, Wetlands
Hot , Warm , Mild, Cool, Cold, Extreme Cold
Waterfowl Marsh
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Barton Ramsey breeds, trains and hunts gun dogs nearly 365 days a year, but he’ll be the first to tell you, “The dogs enhance my life more often than I do anything for them.”

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Waterproof YKK AQUASEAL® Zipper

A durable and completely waterproof zipper allows for an easy on and off.

4-Layer GORE-TEX® Laminate

A breathable and resilient 4-layer GORE-TEX® laminate allows the Delta Waders to excel in warm weather, high-exertion activities, but also while responding to insulation without adding unnecessary bulk.

Lacrosse Aeroform Insulated Boots

Lightweight, warm and durable LaCrosse AeroForm® insulated boots add warmth and agility when trudging through the muck and are attached to the wader with advanced heat-activated technology for a strong and streamlined joint.

Aggressive Tread

An aggressive tread provides steady footing in mud, snow and ice.

Reinforced Knee and Shin Pads

The shins and knees are reinforced with a rugged foam pad to endure years of abuse breaking ice and busting through the brush.

Adjustable No-Buckle Suspension

A streamlined suspension system eliminates cumbersome buckles and makes custom fitting lightweight and easy to use.

High Handwarmer Pockets

High handwarmer pockets are positioned to shed water away from the pocket and provide easy access to keep hands warm and ready.

Water-Resistant Zippered Storage Pockets

Two zippered storage pockets provide easy access to store essentials.

D-Ring Loop

Easily attach decoy carabiners or dog collar remotes to the D-Ring Loop.

Delta Wader Service & Maintenance 

Delta Waders are covered under the SITKA Gear Warranty, and every component is serviceable. 

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Dustin Jones | 11. 27. 18
I have had the privilege of running these waders for the past two seasons, from warm early season to late January these waders provide the ultimate in comfort and versatility. The boots along with the zipper and the overall durability of these waders is what makes them a complete game changer.
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Jon Hardin | 07. 17. 18
I had the privilege of getting my hands on these at the SHOT Show. AWESOME! Love the clip for caribiners on the waist. Most of all though, the zip chest. This is going to come in handy to cool down after setting dekes.
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The Last Wader You'll Ever Own

SITKA Gear | 07.13.2018

The history of waterfowl waders can be found in the landfill.

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Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® fabrics are durably waterproof and windproof and very breathable — guaranteed. They provide reliable weather protection and maximized comfort in all weather conditions. Excellent management of perspiration leads to...