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Designed for Hunting from Elevated Locations

Fit & Function

The longer you are in the treestand, the better your chances of success. Minimal noise and core warmth aren’t “nice-to-haves,” but requirements. Anchored by our next-to-skin layers, our whitetail systems drive a balance toward R-values and quietness. We have increased loft without adding weight, brushed face fabrics for soundless movement, and eliminated unnecessary features that add noise. We only choose the most advanced fabrics for final production of our products, and that’s why we employ GORE-TEX®, WINDSTOPPER® and PrimaLoft®. These high-tech materials enable hunters to stand up to all weather and connect with their environments in optimal comfort.




New in 2015, is our GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Elevated II pattern, the new and improved version of our Elevated Forest pattern. While utilizing the same technology and methods of concealment as our previous Elevated Forest pattern, the Elevated II pattern has been fine-tuned to better handle the changing seasons so it functions more as an all-season pattern while also allowing for further engagement distances. By compensating for the transformative nature of the canopy from late summer to early winter we’ve made the Elevated II pattern the ultimate concoction for extending your hunting season and your concealments effective range—putting you another step ahead of the game.

The GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Elevated II pattern is designed for whitetail hunters. Its macro and micro pattern configurations echo the higher contrast of bright sky against the shaded underside of foliage, while allowing hunters to extend their season as the leaves change. It’s designed for engagement ranges of 80 yards and under, and keeps you undetectable at 15 feet up in a tree stand.

Early Season System
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Jim Hole Jr.

Whitetail Athlete

Raised under different circumstances, Sitka Athlete Jim Hole Jr. might have been a CIA Agent, wearing black leather gloves to surgically dismantle the economies of belligerent nations. Instead, his dad introduced him to hunting in the Edmonton Bow Zone.

The Bow Zone encompasses 1,635 square miles of abundant forage, nutrient-rich soil, and heavy-horned genetics, where nearly 30 years of archery-only hunting has created a population of remarkably large, remarkably intelligent bucks. With very little human contact, the bucks are completely intolerant of infringement on their territory. One mistake and they go nocturnal, Jim says.

According to Outdoor Life Magazine, “When most people talk about The Zone, they talk about Hole. And when they talk about Hole, they are actually talking about ‘The Program,’ his rigid tactical and philosophical approach to hunting monster whitetails.”

In nearly 30 years of guiding in the Zone, Jim has masterminded the taking several record-book whitetails. But there are no results without the process, he says.




Our quietest windproof top, we built the new Fanatic Vest to warm your core when deer spook at the mere rumor of noise. Insulated with Primaloft, sealed with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Technology, and silenced with high loft, wet printed fleece. Wear it with the Celsius Series to keep your decibels down well into the late season.

Fanatic Vest

Wind Stopper PrimaLoft

Breathable enough for the afternoon heat, with just enough warmth for the sunrise snap, the new Fanatic Lite Bib specializes in all-day, early-season sits. The ultra-quiet hexagonal grid fleece construction purges excess heat, while full 2-way side zips allow additional venting and make for easy on-and-off. The Quantum adjustable suspenders maintain the correct elevation without the buckles that cause hotspots under your harness.

Fanatic Lite Bib


Lightweight and ultra-breathable, the CORE Neck Gaiter keeps the sun off your neck and pulls up for concealment when things heat up.

Core Neck Gaiter [NEW]


Minimalist in weight and bulk, the Bino Harness secures your glass to your chest while charging cross country. Non-elastic shoulder straps hold elevation, while stretch-woven cross straps let you breathe easy.

Bino Harness [NEW]






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