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New for 2015, is our GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Elevated II pattern, the new and improved version of our Elevated Forest pattern. While utilizing the same technology and methods of concealment as our previous Elevated Forest pattern, the Elevated II pattern has been fine-tuned to better handle the changing seasons so it functions more as an all-season pattern while also allowing for further engagement distances. By compensating for the transformative nature of the canopy from late summer to early winter we’ve made the Elevated II pattern the ultimate concoction for extending your hunting season and your concealments effective range—putting you another step ahead of the game.


Fit & Function

The longer you are in the treestand, the better your chances of success. Minimal noise and core warmth aren’t “nice-to-haves,” but requirements. Anchored by our next-to-skin layers, our whitetail systems drive a balance toward R-values and quietness. We have increased loft without adding weight, brushed face fabrics for soundless movement, and eliminated unnecessary features that add noise.

Our Mission

A paradigm engineer gear that is an extension of the outdoor experience and not simply a barrier between the user and the environment. By utilizing only the most advanced fabrics and construction technologies, SITKA Gear will always design gear that is engineered to work together as complete systems, excelling in performance, function, and protection.


OPTIFADE™ Predator or Prey?

Tree stand hunting presents a unique combination of concealment challenges. The vertical effects of trees and closer engagement distances of this hunting style make detection of the hunter easier for the prey. The macro and micro patterns in GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Elevated II pattern meet these specific challenges.


One of the scientific principles used in the development of the GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Elevated pattern’s has been “Vertical Effect Compensation.” In layman’s terms, it’s why a wine stain shows up more readily on a striped shirt than on a paisley one. And it’s why our elevated patterns have always vanished into the canopy. Our newest pattern, the GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Elevated II, takes this to an entirely new level by optimizing the elevated pattern to extend the overall seasonal effectiveness and increasing the range of engagement. In order to do so, the new GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Elevated II pattern considers the changing and dropping of foliage and the need for further engagement throughout the fall and early winter season. By adjusting the overall color, reducing the amount of foliage, and increasing the amount of sky we are able blend into the evolving canopy and extend your hunting season and engagement range.


Whitetail Athletes
Bobby Kendall
Bobby Warner
Jeff Simpson
Jim Hole Jr.
Mike Mitten