Downpour Jacket

Downpour Jacket

Whitetail : Elevated II
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Combining a 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane with a deadly silent brushed polyester face, the Downpour Jacket is an iron-clad insurance policy for unpredictable skies. We added a safety harness pass-through port to help keep you safe, dry and ready in the clutch.

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Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Elevated II is designed for whitetail hunters in an elevated position.

  • Weight: 27.3 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: 3-Layer Waterproof GORE-TEX® Laminate, Brushed Polyester Knit Face, Brushed Polyester Knit Interior.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

  • Safety Harness Pass-Through Port: The safety harness pass-through port allows you to wear a harness closer to your body and add or subtract layers without removing the harness as conditions change.

  • Sculpted Hood: A form-fitted hood is cut for maximum visibility and a drawstring hood seals out moisture from above while moving with you to prevent vision obstruction.

  • Articulated Fit: Articulated patterning keeps you comfortable in the seated position with extra length in the seat to shed water off your back.

  • Fully Adjustable Hood: Fully adjustable hood allows easy and quiet fine tuning to shed precipitation while maximizing field of vision.

  • Lightly Brushed Knit Face: Quiet and hydrophobic brushed exterior keep you comfortable all day and stealthy when drawing on approaching deer.

  • Fitted Forearms & Shoulders: Fitted forearms reduce string contact while well-shaped elbows and shoulders maximize range of motion through the draw cycle.

  • GORE-TEX® Technology: Garments made with GORE-TEX® fabrics are durably waterproof, lightweight, and extremely breathable.

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5 Reviews
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Isaac Caron
Reviewed On 08/22/2019

This jacket is a great tool in your closet. The finish is nice and quiet so on those super rainy days you are dry and concealed. It also doesn’t make noice rubbing up against branches. The sealed cuffs are great for keeping the elements out and your heat/warmth in. The super adjustable hood also is helpful keeping your head dry while not blocking visibility by staying on your head with the adjustment system. All around this jacket is a great investment and a well done piece by the team at Sitka.

Reviewed On 02/22/2019

First the good. This jacket is very well built. It is very quiet for a rain jacket. Now the bad, which I informed Sitka of via email around a month ago. The brushed face absorbs and wicks water. Which is fine and expected, except this outer fabric curves around the cuff and up into the sleeve (approx. 1.5 inches). Water will naturally drain toward the sleeve via gravity if your arms are downward. In steady rain, a significant amount of water "curls" around the cuff and wicks (capillary action, I suppose) up into the inside of the jacket. When this inner cuff area touches a mid or base layer, then the water continues wicking into these fabrics. Last December I was on stand in a medium rain for a few hours,and when I was done I was wet to my arm pits in my inner layers. I had my cuffs tight and over waterproof gloves and my hands on my lap or doing normal "tree stand things" the whole time. So, I wasn't holding a loose sleeve to the sky tempting fate. This evening, I wanted to test this garment again. I put on gray long underwear (tops and bottoms) on and a pair of waterproof and this jacket on. I then stood in the shower (weird, I know but I have a STEM background and was bored) for 10 minutes. Nothing leaked and the inner cuff remained dry. While in the shower, I kept my hands down mostly and if I raised them then I was careful not to allow water into the sleeves or any other openings. Then I hung it on a plastic hanger to dry. The water draining down the sleeve under gravity wicked right up the cuff. I checked 20 minutes later and the inner cuff was now very wet and even some of the gray interior fabric farther up the sleeve was now damp. This can be solved by placing a totally impermeable layer in the cuff that stops wicking at that location into the jacket. I invite Sitka to try my experiment or to explain how this has happened multiple times with such a predictable, physical explanation backing it up.

Warren R WhiteKnight
Reviewed On 11/06/2018

Nice and quiet and obviously 100% rain and wind proof. Fits true to size - I'm 6'3" 190 lbs and a large is perfect.

Hood could use a bigger brim and would be nice if it had wire on the inside so that you could bend and shape it. A bigger brim would allow you to wear the hood but also keep it loose so you can hear better. I don't wear the hood even in the rain as it's too tight and you can't listen.

Sleeves from elbows down are incredibly tight and make it very hard to layer without things riding up. Sleeve ends have velcro but are so narrow that you have to work incredibly hard to actually get them over a glove.

Reviewed On 09/02/2018

Found a great deal on this jacket and couldn't pass it up. I tried to find reviews before the purchase but just bit the bullet and went for it. Overall a outstanding jacket, its been utilized in the rough North Dakota winds but have been lacking in the rain test. Would recommend only that you wear a long sleeve with it because the seem on the inside of the arm will annoy you when wearing it. The stitch seems to have a irritating feel and could be a problem of a buyer. I tried two different stores and multiple jackets and sizes but all resulted the same. like I said In the beginning great jacket just wish they had it In marsh.

Dale E
Reviewed On 08/02/2018

So, I just received the new version of the downpour jacket and tried it on. I must say, it is impressive. I like the quality and feel of the jacket. Like everything about it. And, the XXL fits me very well and should easily be able to fit over bulk clothes in colder temps...I am 6-2/220 lbs. Now, I do write this without trying it on in actual rain/downpour. Once I do test the jacket in wet weather, I will come back and update this review

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