Big Game: Whitetail: Waterfowl: Vegetated Terrain: Open Terrain: Marsh/Field: Open Water: Timber

Drifter 120L 


From home to airport, float plane to raft, and pannier to camp, the Drifter Duffel gets you into the field. Comes in four sizes. Highly water resistant.

Vegetated Terrain, Open Terrain, Marsh/Field, Open Water, Timber
Spot & Stalk, Elevated Ambush, Blind, Backwaters
Hot , Warm , Mild, Cool, Cold, Extreme Cold
50.7 oz.
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SITKA Design


Hunting is an exercise in humility. We might be at the top of the food chain, but when it comes to fair chase pursuits of species that evolved over thousands of years to survive relentless predators and the harshest conditions imaginable, we are simply outmatched in the wild...

SITKA Design

Features & Benefits

Backpack Straps

The backpack straps provide an additional carrying option.

600-Denier Coated Nylon

The highly durable textile and construction will easily withstand years of wear and tear.

Side Carrying Handles

Side carrying handles make for easy loading, unloading and transport.

Internal Compression Straps

Internal compression straps allow you to easily maximize capacity.

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Will | 09. 29. 17
Purchased this based on the simple design and ability to wear as a pack. Low weight and high durability are important for getting under the 50 lb airline bag limit; in that regard, this beats heavier padded cases or lighter duffles, both. Needs improvement: the shoulder strap area pinches your neck / shoulders when worn as a pack without being stuffed into full shape. The internal straps, for example, are basically useless because the slit-style opening and stiff fabric means the bag basically self-closes when you let go, and the internal straps fall back down and get buried. So, they're a non-feature unless you want to micromanage them with each item you put in the bag. A U-shaped zipped would allow the bag to stay open and possibly fix this.
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