Whitetail: Vegetated Terrain

Fanatic Pack 

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The Fanatic Pack completes the Fanatic System, providing an ultra-quiet storage solution specialized for treestand hunting. Maximum quietness is achieved with ultra-quiet YKK® Vislon® zippers, high-loft jacquard berber fleece and an innovative closure system that completely eliminates noisy loose buckles and instead utilizes Silent Secure closures on the top lid, side pockets and winged compression straps for nearly silent operation. With an unstructured form built specifically for the whitetail experience, the Fanatic Pack rounds out a deadly new whitetail system optimized for the late season.

Vegetated Terrain
Elevated Ambush
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Elevated II
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Place of Peace

Whitetail: Elevated Ambush

After 20 years on the front lines that left multiple gunshot and shrapnel wounds across his body, Ret. Master Sergeant Farmer reached a breaking point. While trying to rebuild his life, he rediscovered a gift from a friend that led him down an unexpected path to healing.

Place of Peace

Features & Benefits

Science of Sound

The new Fanatic system allows a hunter the ability to move with more confidence by cutting the audible engagement distance in half.

Silent Secure closures

Eliminates noisy loose buckles.

Weapon and jacket winged compression straps with Silent Secure hooks

Enables you to carry a bow, rifle, jacket or rattling anglers on the outside of the pack.

Ultra-quiet YKK® Vislon® Zippers

Designed so your pack doesn't blow your cover.

Dedicated saw/bow hanger side pocket

For quick access from outside the pack after climbing a tree stand.

Stow-away bow/firearm stabilization strap

Keeps weight balanced and carries load securely.

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