Youth Stratus Jacket
GoreTex Infinium

Youth Stratus Jacket

Whitetail : Elevated II
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If they’re going to hang with you, your kids need the same wind-blocking protection. Just like your Stratus Jacket, we’ve sandwiched the GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER® membrane between a wet-printed Micro-Fleece shell and a micro grid fleece backer to create the quietest 100% windproof youth jacket ever.

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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

  • WINDSTOPPER Technology: WINDSTOPPER® products shelter hunters from the adverse effects of bone-chilling winds. The WINDSTOPPER™ membrane works with our base layers to prevent overheating and perspiration build-up by allowing moisture vapor to easily escape.

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GoreTex Infinium
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2 Reviews
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Reviewed On 10/29/2019

I have looked all over for *good* youth camo, and was very glad to see Sitka offering it. I have the Stratus system for myself, and now my 9yr old has it as well. Kids need warmer clothes than adults, and for some reason you can buy great adult clothes, and yet most youth clothing is cheap. This system is the exception. As a result of this stratus system -- he had a blast this year, didn't freeze, and shot his first whitetail with his bow at 9yrs old. He is officially hooked. Now if only someone (Sitka???) would make HEAVY WEIGHT youth wool base layer, I would really be impressed. We need warmer/better clothing for youth.

Richard Hines
Reviewed On 01/13/2018

My son has hunted with me since he was 3 and has always loved it as he is now 6. Temperature became a big factor as to whether or not he could join me as we could never keep him warm dispite amount of "kid camo". Last year at one point, the poor guy was shaking so bad we had to call the hunt on a 40 degree afternoon, he was shaking so bad that I said, "thats it, let's go", and set out to find something that would work for him. When I got the stratus system for myself, I was blown away at the efficiency of the windstopper. Needless to say, with layering, this year he got his first deer on a 40 degree afternoon by not freezing to death in the stand. Thank you Sitka for releasing this piece as it has made him an even bigger addict than he was before!

Tom James - 04.10.2019

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