Deer Hunting Gear

Deer Hunting Gear Essentials

You aren't ready for deer hunting if you don't have your legally required hunter orange. Also referred to as blaze orange, all states require hunters to wear at least a bit of orange on the top half of their body when using a firearm. That ensures your whitetail hunting gear is visible to other hunters.

You want your whitetail camo to hide you from the deer but not from other hunters ready to shoot. In addition to whitetail clothing in hunter orange, we sell a variety of deer hunting accessories plus clothing in camo.

How to Pick Whitetail Hunting Gear

Shopping for deer hunting gear is fun, but it can get expensive if you don't know what you really need. You may toss in some items that you just want, but it's important to think about protecting yourself in the natural environment.

Consider the following factors before deciding what type of whitetail clothing you need:
  • Safety – Get that hunter orange and pick up a few deer hunting accessories like a warm hat and gloves. You need to identify yourself to other hunters while protecting your body from the cold.
  • Layering – Make sure you have base layers, mid layers, and outer layers. It's easier to add or remove layers over the course of a long hunting day than to stop the hunt and change clothing.
  • Comfort – Your whitetail clothing shouldn't restrict your movement. Look for vests, jackets, and hunting pants that are made from durable yet soft material that will wick away moisture and help break up the shape of your body for the deer.
  • Support – You need lightweight, quiet footwear that will slip through the trees silently. Athletic shoes are often a good pick, but a good pair of boots will maximize support if you intend to carry a deer out on your back.
  • Color/Pattern - Whitetail camo is the best pick for deer hunting gear, but you may also buy some items in a solid, neutral color. Just make sure you have enough camo to break up the shape of your body.

We sell all the whitetail hunting gear that you will need for the next season. Shop our selection and come back often to see new whitetail camo hitting the market.