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All Mountain

All Mountain

All Mountain Every experienced hunting guide knows the value of great gear: Quality optics, for example, extend your range and lead to a successful hunt. We couldn’t agree more, but good glass is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maximizing your possibilities, especially when Mother Nature is doing her best to drive you off the mountain. Our Extended Exposure Systems are comprised of gear specifically designed for lengthy stays in challenging conditions. Brilliant technology, functional design, and gritty durability meet in every component, so you can do more than just endure the elements during a long hunt; you can enjoy them.


Extreme and Extended System

Extreme and Extended System

We’ve said it before: We love solving problems, and the immense challenges of hunting in extreme cold weather present them in unlimited quantities. Hands freeze up, zippers ice over, and fabric sounds like a herd of elephants on dry leaves. We meet the challenges of hunting in frigid temperatures head-on with our Extreme & Extended Exposure Systems. We’ve designed gear that allows you to comfortably spend extended periods of time in the field when the mercury drops and your target is elusive. The more time you can take, the greater your chances for success. Extreme & Extended Gear affords you time and comfort, so you can focus on what matters most.


The Importance of Layers

Why layer? It’s simple: so you can add and subtract garments to complement the conditions you experience while hunting. By using a base layer that pulls moisture away from your skin to keep you dry, an insulation layer to regulate your core temperature, and an outer layer to provide breathable protection against the elements, you have the freedom to combine and create customized systems that keep you outside longer and optimally comfortable during any weather conditions you might face.

Since no two hunts are alike, every component of a SITKA Gear system has a unique function to accommodate a different approach to a singular end purpose. Hunting is a chess match where every move counts. If you’re distracted by discomfort, you make bad decisions. Bad decisions lead to bad results. It’s really as simple as that. Our line hasn’t grown to its current breadth and depth for no reason. Every piece is the direct result of a need we’ve either experienced personally in the field or heard about from trusted users.

In the mountains, pursuits run the gamut from moderate to high activity, peppered with periods of pure motionlessness in weather conditions that are almost constantly changing. Our Big Game line responds brilliantly to varying activity levels and the unpredictable conditions that come with glassing open bowls, tiptoeing through aspen groves, battling scree fields, and covering miles at a time. Whether you’re backpack hunting Dall sheep in the highest peaks of the Mackenzie Mountains, enduring sideways sleet on the most remote bay of Kodiak Island for Brown bears, or chasing mulies in the heat-parched Sonoran Desert, we have a system for you.






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