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Early Season

Early Season

What whitetail fanatics don’t always share is that booners are sometimes most abundant in the early season. The leaves and underbrush are still thriving, which makes trail blazing inevitable, and temperatures can still soar. Lightweight fabrics that can take a beating while enabling maximum mobility and breathablility are a must. Our Early Season Systems respond brilliantly to all these needs.


Mid Season

Mid Season

For whitetail hunters, a new season means months of hard work, along with a healthy dose of optimism and ample excitement. When the rut hits, staying out for extended periods through all weather conditions increases your odds of cashing in on the blood, sweat, and hours you’ve given to the field. Our midseason systems will keep you comfortable in the stand for as long as it takes to land the deer that makes it all worthwhile.


Late Season

Late Season

With bucks often traveling all day during the late season, extended time in the stand is critical. Our late-season systems are designed for long periods of inactivity while you wait out that buck you’ve been patterning for weeks. Soft-face fabrics ensure silence in the cold weather while body-mapped insulation provides comfort as temperatures dip.



The Importance of Layers

Why layer? It’s simple: so you can add and subtract garments to complement the conditions you experience while hunting. By using a base layer that pulls moisture away from your skin to keep you dry, an insulation layer to regulate your core temperature, and an outer layer to provide breathable protection against the elements, you have the freedom to combine and create customized systems that keep you outside longer and optimally comfortable during any weather conditions you might face.

Since no two hunts are alike, every component of a SITKA Gear system has a unique function to accommodate a different approach to a singular end purpose. Hunting is a chess match where every move counts. If you’re distracted by discomfort, you make bad decisions. Bad decisions lead to bad results. It’s really as simple as that. Our line hasn’t grown to its current breadth and depth for no reason. Every piece is the direct result of a need we’ve either experienced personally in the field or heard about from trusted users.

The longer you’re in the treestand, the better your chances of success. Our Whitetail System honors this truth with pieces patterned to fit close to the body — making long, extended sits bearable. Anchored by our core layering system, our Whitetail outerwear pieces strike a balance of warmth and silence. We’ve increased loft without added weight, brushed face fabrics for soundless movement, and eliminated unnecessary features that create noise. Whether you hunt in the frosty haunts of the bow zone in Alberta, the humid early-season evenings of Mississippi, or the heart of Pike County, Illinois, in brisk November, we have a system for you.






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