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Optifade: Open Country Concealment

Stealth In Exposed Terrain

Designed for the spot and stalk hunter putting long hours behind the glass and patiently closing the gap on wary prey, GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Open Country provides stealth when there is little cover and lightweight layering options built for packability and weather resistance across every condition imaginable.

Light, Waterproof & Breathable

Early Season System

The Early Season Subalpine system is designed to withstand the variable conditions experienced above treeline during late summer hunts.

Whether sitting under the scorching sun of an alpine basin or riding out a flash afternoon storm, this system utilizes fabrics engineered to deliver maximum breathability and moisture transfer to keep you cool and dry without sacrificing durability. Lightweight, packable layering options allow the system to adapt as the conditions change so you are always protected from the elements of desolate environments.

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Gear For Variable Conditions

The Mid-Season System

The Mid-Season Open Country System is designed for maximum performance in the rapidly changing weather conditions experienced above treeline during the cooler, more volatile months of the fall season.

Designed with durable outerwear and insulation to keep you protected from the elements, this system is built to prepare you for anything. Lightweight, packable layers won’t slow you down on your climb into the high country, and fabrics engineered to deliver maximum breathability keep your skin and gear free of moisture. Be it sun, rain, sleet or snow, the Mid-Season Open Country system allows you to adapt quickly and stay protected in exposed environments.

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New Faster Wicking Fabric

The Core To Any System

SITKA baselayers are the foundation of every one of our systems, functioning as the catalyst for how your entire system will work all season long.

When worn on their own in hot conditions, baselayers keep you concealed, cool and protected from the sun. As temps drop and you add layers, baselayers wick away sweat from your body to keep you dry and comfortable from the inside out.

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Backcountry Nutrition

When I first started backcountry hunting, I never thought much about backcountry nutrition. I had no idea how many calories I burned and no idea how many calories I packed per day. Most of the time I’d buy food on the way out of town and grab the cheapest, lightest stuff I could find. 

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Counting Ounces

I’ve refined my system for about 15 years but write this with only one caveat — don’t simply take my word for it. Yes, these are my personal choices, but the ideal setup for you may vary based on your body type, hunt conditions and preferences. 

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The Coldest Place on Earth

Sheep hunting with a bow presents a unique set of challenges. There is the vertical terrain, the keen eyes of the prey, and the proximity the weapon demands. As with most things, the magnitude of the challenge mirrors the magnitude of reward.

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