Men's Waterfowl Systems


  • Early Season
  • Mid-Season
  • Late Season

Early Season System

The Early Season Marsh system was built specifically for waterfowl hunts during warm weather up and down the flyways.

We developed a modular system to keep you equally cool and comfortable in wet or dry environments by using fabrics with superior breathability, engineered ventilation and waterproof materials in specific locations.

Our GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Waterfowl Marsh pattern isn’t simply a ground camo; it has been scientifically engineered based on how waterfowl see and is designed to trick the animal into detecting nothing from its vertical vantage point, thus providing you exceptional concealment in varied marsh and field terrain.

New Zealand Waterfowl

While better known for big game hunting, New Zealand offers some great waterfowl opportunities, including several indigenous species sure to intrigue avid bird collectors looking for a new adventure.

Endemic species hunted in New Zealand are Paradise Shelducks, Pacific Blackducks, and Australian Shovelers. Black Swans, Mallards, and Canada Geese make up the majority of bag limits. What separates New Zealand waterfowl hunting is the sedentary nature of the birds. Unlike other migratory waterfowl species, New Zealand waterfowl do not range outside the small country. This can provide unique challenges. Birds become stale more often, and hunting pressure has a much larger impact throughout the course of a season.

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