Women's Whitetail Systems

Elevated II

  • Early Season
  • Mid-Season
  • Late Season

Early Season System

The Women’s Early Season Whitetail system was designed and engineered by women, for women, to provide ultimate concealment and comfort in the oppressive heat of late summer/early fall in the Midwest and South.

We used lightweight fabrics, body-mapped for breathability and engineered to wick moisture, creating a flexible system that can be layered upon as the seasons change.

To maximize concealment, we pored over every detail–silent snaps, quiet fabrics, polygene odor control and the GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Elevated II pattern– specifically designed for whitetail hunters in elevated positions. The concealment’s macro and micro pattern configurations mimic the higher contrast of a bright sky against the shaded underside of foliage, making the hunter disappear into the canopy.

3 Across Stories - Women

Second Chances

Perched 20’ above the ground, Alex Templeton sits quietly in her tree stand, awaiting destiny. Beneath her, radishes, turnips, oats and wheat blanket the ground: the perfect deer salad to bring in the biggest buck she’s ever pursued.

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3 Across Stories - Women

Backcountry Nutrition

When I first started backcountry hunting, I never thought much about backcountry nutrition. I had no idea how many calories I burned and no idea how many calories I packed per day. Most of the time I’d buy food on the way out of town and grab the cheapest, lightest stuff I could find.

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3 Across Stories - Women

From Dreams to Reality

My fascination and love for deer began when I was a small child living in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. One particular encounter sparked my obsession with whitetails. When my father was building our house, I would accompany him to the build site nearly every day.

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