Watch Adam Foss stress test the new dew point system

No Compromise

Introducing the Dew Point System

The new Dew Point system is designed for lightweight waterproof protection in volatile weather. Weighing a mere 23 ounces with no compromise in durability, this system is perfect for extended trips where every ounce and cubic inch of your pack is accounted for.

Dew Point Jacket



Navigate sharp, technical terrain with peace of mind. A streamlined design and 20-denier nylon face fabric deliver lightweight protection that resists tears and abrasion.


GORE-TEX fabric will allow sweat to escape while locking out the elements. Pit zips and side vents allow you to quickly expel heat when you're charging to the ridgeline.


Features a minimalist design with no unnecessary pockets or zippers and thinner seam taping for weight reduction. A GORE® C-KNIT™ backer allows high compressibility, taking up less pack volume when stowed.

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