The Mountain Optic Harness

Keep your essentials close to the chest

Quick and silent access to your optics, electronics, and essentials

Mountain Optic Harness

Get fast, easy access to your binos and essential gear with this streamlined chest pack that keeps your stuff at the ready while preventing it from bouncing around. We recognized a problem in carrying around bulky packs laden with cumbersome attachments, and we took inspiration from military chest rigs in designing this modular solution. The result is a stealthy and convenient system that lets you quickly and efficiently access your optics and other gear—whether you’re making a long hike in, moving between glassing points, or in the middle of a stalk. Plus, it’s adaptable, giving you the ability to add or subtract elements to fit any given situation, season, or hunting style.

Deep Dive with John Barklow

Brady Miller

“The Mountain Optics Harness encompasses everything I need to keep my binoculars secure, protected and always at the ready. Combine that with the modularity of the side pockets for a rangefinder or other accessories and you get a bino harness that has everything you need and nothing you don’t."

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