Range Pant in Lead
Range Pant in Lead
Range Pant in Lead

Providing a seamless transition between practice and life

Range Pant

Introducing the
Range Pant

For many of us, archery isn’t just recreation—it’s part of life and a journey to improve that never ends. Designed by SITKA Ambassador John Dudley, a master archer and lifelong hunter, the Range Pant is the only pant in the world with a built-in arrow quiver, and has features specific to archery yet is versatile and comfortable enough for everyday use.

Bite-Reduction Fabric

Ultra-lightweight, breathable, tightly knit stretch fabric helps prevent bites.

Internal Leg Gaiters

Helps prevent ticks and chiggers from contacting your skin when worn under socks.

Insect Sheild®

Repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges (no-see-ums).

Behind the Design

Range Pant

Our Range Pant was designed by SITKA Ambassador John Dudley, a master archer and lifelong hunter who needed a pant to enable a seamless transition between life and practice. Through his lifelong pursuit of mastering the discipline of archery, Dudley has developed an eye for creating products that give him every little advantage. Tired of having to use a hip quiver, John went through four rounds of prototyping to land on this design. From custom bows, arrows, releases, tools and many more, the Range Pant is the next venture in his never-ending pursuit of design perfection.

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