A streamlined design for the run-and-gun-turkey hunter

Equinox Turkey Vest

Move Fast, Sit Tight
Equinox Turkey Vest

Now available in our Earth colorway for maximum versatility. Chasing gobbles requires a balance of situational awareness and quick decision making. Built specifically for fast-paced run-and-gun hunting, the Equinox Turkey Vest features a minimalist design with pack-like suspension and a comfortable fit that allows for long hikes and motionless sits. It’s bulk-free design is built for speedy, stealthy, snag-free movement through thick brush and timber. An innovative pocket array keeps calls, strikers and tools dry, organized and out of the way when not in use — ready at a moment’s notice.

Water-resistant Pockets

Clamshell pocket with magnetic closure keeps two pot calls dry in divided sleeves.

Compression Straps

Reduce bulk and connect to each other to secure a bird.

Deployable Foam Seat

Cinches back up and stays harnessed tight to the pack when on the run.

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David Halloran
Care for Your Calls

Not only are your calls vital to your success as a turkey hunter, they can also be hand-crafted works of art. But they certainly take their share of abuse season after season, especially when you’re a run-and-gun hunter putting them through their paces in a variety of environments and weather conditions. Taking the time to care for and maintain your calls can keep them bringing in gobblers and sounding great season after season. Here are some care tips for the variety of calls you keep in your vest:

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