Equinox Turkey Collection

Fast and light without the bites

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Turkey Tool Belt in Optifade Subalpine | SITKA Gear
Turkey Tool Belt

We built this tool belt to enhance the mobility of run-and-gun hunts with a lighter, sleeker, faster gear management system that doesn’t force a compromise in call selection or storage. Utilizing a lumbar-pack design with a highly specialized pocketing strategy, we have created the most advanced solution for the minimalist turkey hunter.  

Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth | SITKA Gear
Move Fast, Sit Tight
Equinox Turkey Vest

Now available in our Earth colorway for maximum versatility. Built specifically for run-and-gun hunting, the Equinox Turkey Vest features a minimalist design with pack-like suspension and a comfortable fit that allows for long hikes and motionless sits. An innovative pocket array keeps calls, strikers and tools dry and organized — ready to use at a moment’s notice.

It's all in the details

Equinox Guard Collection
David Halloran
It's All in the Details

When David Halloran takes a trip to the lumber yard, the employees there think he’s crazy. Wheth- er he’s looking at a domestic wood like maple or something exotic like purpleheart, David lifts, prods and examines each and every rough-cut piece, analyzing things like density and grain. He’s looking for the little things, the tiny details that other people just can’t see.

NWTF Ecosystem Grant: Restoring Michigan's Oak Savannas

Centuries ago, regularly occurring natural wildfires and cultural burning by Native Americans made oak savannas into one of the most dominant landscape types on the North American continent, and one that provided vital habitat to hundreds of wildlife species. Over the last few hundred years, though, the majority of these savanna ecosystems have been lost. A recent SITKA Ecosystem Grant with the National Wild Turkey Federation aims to help restore some of this important landscape.

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