Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth
Equinox Turkey Vest in Earth

Equinox Turkey Vest

  • Turkey : Earth
(36 Reviews)

This is no traditional turkey vest. We took a pack-like approach and developed a comfortable and efficient vest based on the movement and organizational needs of run-and-gun turkey hunting. It has ample yet minimalist storage — including magnetic-closing pockets — to keep box calls, pot calls, strikers and other tools organized and dry. Adjustable straps create a secure fit; a drop-down seat deploys and cinches back up quickly and securely.

Product ID: #600050
  • 75-denier brushed-face polyester woven fabric with durable water repellent finish

  • Comfortable, ergonomic fit designed for run-and-gun style hunting

  • Adjustable pack strap system offers customizable fit in sizes XS-XXL

  • Four compression straps reduce bulk and connect to each other to secure a bird

  • Removable dual-density foam seat deploys, cinches back up and stays harnessed tight to the pack when on the run

  • Water-resistant molded clamshell pocket with magnetic closure keeps two pot calls dry in divided sleeves; stores three diaphragm calls in easy-access slots

  • Water-resistant box call storage pocket provides a snug fit to eliminate unwanted noise

  • Right- and left-side pockets store four strikers

  • Versatile side pocket stores miscellaneous essentials

  • Three internal mesh zippered pockets store tags and other small items

  • Large zippered back pocket is hydration bladder compatible

  • Removable fowl slip noose designed to carry a bird; clips onto shoulder strap

  • Zippered shallow top pocket with key clip

  • Open top outside pocket stores rain gear

  • Two blaze orange flags on back can be deployed for safety

  • Total weight: 44.5 oz.

  • Imported

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36 Reviews
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Reviewed On 03/19/2023

I’m 5’6 and usually wear a size XS in tops. I worried this wouldn’t fit me since it’s a one size fits all but it does fit with the straps tightened all the way. Lots of pockets which will be perfect during upcoming turkey season!

Jacob Brumfield
Reviewed On 03/17/2023

Almost perfect. It’s streamlined, lite weight, and all the pockets are perfect. If you’re a water bladder guy it’s great but I’m not. I wish it had one water bottle pocket, they could fit it on the left side and also an easy accessible phone pocket on the outside. The buckles that hold the vest together are ok but sometimes come undone by themselves. These are all small inconveniences it’s still the best turkey vest I’ve found.

Mike f
Reviewed On 03/13/2023

Just received my new vest. Didn’t get to hunt with it yet, but have done some day hikes. Fits and feels great, love the hydration bladder and like the seat. Can’t wait to try it in a hunting application.

Vance Smith
Reviewed On 03/04/2023

I have had this vest for about a year now and it’s gone through one season with me. I love a lot about it, mainly its run and gun capabilities. The big problem I have with it is its turkey strapping system does not work well. If you get a bird of any size it’ll hang too low and the two cynching straps won’t fit around the bird. I mainly hunt for merriams up in the mountains and hiking with a bird in tow was/is brutal.

Reviewed On 03/03/2023

Close guys, real close. I like it and hunt it, but we could work on the following. Two striker pockets are good because they are tight. The vertical box should be angled because if you slouch down without having your box out, it hurts. The two "fasteners" for the vest suck and often slip up and come undone. The turkey tote is an odd but necessary touch since there is no room elsewhere. The multipurpose pocket narrows at the top and therefore doesn't fit anything other than a pair of gloves or facemask. The seat bottom is water resistant (yay) and is slick (boo). It stays fastened to the vest more securely than most but you will slide (i hunt mountains). The seat is camo on the portion that is hidden when up and the top is gray and sticks out like a sore thumb.... ummmmm, backwards much? Nit picks, I know, but hopefully v2 will improve. Right now I'd settle for a pair of old fashioned buckles up front if I had to just pick one improvement. Otherwise, decent job fellas but lets not rest just yet. Fwiw thanks for the hydration bladder compatibility. Toss a tougher 2l hydropak force in it so you dont bust it against a tree. Your welcome.

Reviewed On 02/25/2023

It has its issues that should be mentioned. The elastic strapping on shoulders used to hold bladder hose is very weak, overly stretchy material that will become clapped out easily. The general purpose pouch is oddly shaped and unfit for anything I think of. The vertical positioning of the box call pocket causes problems when slouched, pressed between my thigh and shouldered gun. The left side of the vest is highly underutilized with just the pot call pocket one one large internal (gloves?) pocket. Why not put the box call over there, most shooters being right handed? Turkey tote is awkward. All that said, it’s nice to get some love from western big game companies, even if it’s with recycled waterfowl camo patterns. Looking forward to taking it out in the woods!

Reviewed On 02/14/2023

Talk about attention to detail, foreward thinking, and ease of use.

The shoulder strap adjustments are very easy to adjust based on your gear. Pockets hold everything you need. Open with a lot of area for breathability for those spring birds. Very quiet, no "swishing" around.

Glad to have it. An absolute upgrade co pared to anything I've seen on the market

Reviewed On 02/14/2023

Received my turkey Equinox in Sub Alpine pattern vest today, was reluctant to purchase this vest as I have been hunting turkeys for 50 plus years and I like to carry a bunch of gear and accessories. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with how much you are able to carry and the amount of adjustments / pockets on this product. The main reason I purchased was to lighten the load of the weight of most vests on the market today ( which I probably have 6 of them). It is definitely lighter but will still carry all my gear. Looks to be a great run and gun as advertised but also believe if your going to sit that it will work just fine. The seat is a little thin however and if I planned on long sits I carry in a ground chair anyway (there are plenty on the market to choose from). I am looking forward to spring turkey hunting in four different states this spring and this vest should make it very comfortable. By the way I also have the subalpine camo gear for turkey and the Sitka Elevated II whitetail gear for deer.

Reviewed On 02/13/2023

Went back and forth on this piece. Wasn’t sure I would like it because the vest I have been using for years has pockets galore. But the minute I got it and transferred my calls and stuff from old to new, I realized I had been carrying stuff I seldom used if used at all. Now I’m packing over half the weight and not clanging and constantly adjusting my vest. The ability to adjust the fit makes a great difference. Plenty of pockets for the must haves. A little thinking and tinkering and decoys can be carried on it . All in all it’s the best vest in 45 years of chasing thunder chickens I have used.

Reviewed On 12/10/2022

I have hunted with this vest for the the last spring and now fall season and, I gotta say, it is a quality product. I'm especially impressed with how well the box call pouch keeps the calls SILENT. This vest is far superior to any other vest I've found, but there are a few things Sitka could change to make it even better. First, and not that this is necessary a bad thing, but the pack is pretty darn small. I can fit a hydration bag and a fold-up decoy, along with my binos and a snack, but thats about it. Any layers I want to bring have to be tied around my waist. I can see this being a nuisance to guys who like to bring a ton of gear. I am a huge fan of the seat pad; it's the perfect size and folds away neatly, but I don't understand why, when it is folded up (for walking), the camo part is facing in, and not out. The grey part faces out. In addition to the plain grey slate call holder, I feel that making these things more camouflaged would just make the vest a little better. Lastly, a more secure closure for the miscellaneous side-pocket would increase my confidence that the calls I keep there won't fall out. Other than that, it is fantastic. I have used in the rain and heat, both of which it withstood well. I wish Sitka would come up with a spring turkey-specific pattern, incorporating the grays and browns of the waterfowl timber pattern with more bright greens seen in the spring woods. The subalpine is just a little too yellow for the woods I hunt in the spring. Either way, the vest definitely has my stamp of approval!

William H
Reviewed On 08/10/2022

Firstly, I am a gear head. I love gear and gadgets and quality products. I am also relatively new to hunting turkeys, maybe 6 or 7 years. I have had tried three turkey vests in that time and none fit great, carried the load well, or was convenient to use. I won't mention the brands, but they were all well known names. I was not fond of this vest due to its size, because I like having "stuff". For longer hunts, I will still use a Bino harness that has the basic survival gear in it (I hunt in remote areas), but this pack swallowed up my gear and when I needed it it was right there. The seat was comfortable, the pockets are quiet, and the pack is super comfortable to wear; almost like I am not wearing it. The large rear pocket is a little small for decoys, but I could get one that folds up to fit. That might be the only improvement I would make; allow that rear pocket to expand more, perhaps with some cinches. Overall best turkey vest I have used and highly recommend it. One of hunting partners just bought one as he found it in stock. Happy hunting!

Reviewed On 08/01/2022

Just received this in the mail (so I haven’t used it yet) but I’m very excited with how not bulky it is! It’s hard to find a vest that fits women but this is perfect for me. The shoulder straps are adjustable from small to XL.

Jeff Kaye
Reviewed On 07/21/2022

This vest gets all the stars. Only complaint is the vest cannot support 28 lb turkeys using the strap system. The vest is a mess if you try to haul a Turkey out with it using the leg lanyards. Other than that it’s an ace.

Reviewed On 06/12/2022

Solid vest that holds a lot of gear/equipment right where you need it. Just wish this vest could support an Alaskan Gear Bino holder. The chest straps are really cheap and are a pain in the butt to secure when you are doing it under a bino holder. As others have stated, the seat is a great idea although it does take a lot of practice getting used to dropping it and getting it secured under a full load. The seat is so frustrating at times I just decided not to use it at all. A full water bladder will take up 50% of the back storage. If you hunt out west in the snow/cold during turkey season, do not plan on stuffing too much in the back part, its big enough for water, lunch, a few items, compressed puffy jacket or compressed puffy pants (not both). Overall, I am glad I got this vest before the turkey season started and it fits very well with all the adjustments you can make.

Reviewed On 05/09/2022

As stated in other reviews, this vest is phenomenal for what it's intended to be used for. I have no fear of my homemade slate calls and strikers of being damaged due to the padded call pockets. I have a thermacell, slate call, striker, hydration bladder, few snacks, and a box of 5 shells in this thing with no issue. The only issue I have with it is the seat. The design is great for quickly deploying, but it is NOT good for long sits. If you plan on sitting longer than 30 minutes to an hour, your tailbone will thank you if you bring a chair.

Bob Glenn
Reviewed On 05/04/2022

This is a top notch turkey vest. I have owned a lot of top of the line turkey vests (Old Tom, Tenzig, ALPS) and this on is the best I've used. It is extremely, comfortable, light weight, and well laid out. It weighs less fully loaded with my gear than some of my other vests completely loaded. I have not worn a more comfortable vest. This is minimalist style vest, but I was still able to haul 3 pot calls 4 strikers, an owl hooter, crow call, and coyote howler,1 box call, 5 diaphragm calls, license, small thermos, and pair of snips. And there was still room in the back to carry an extra layer or rain gear.

Pros: Adjustable torso feature, pot call holder is water proof and operates quietly, seat set up is super comfortable and self stowable without having to take the vest off, best box call holder I've seen (super quiet). Very high build quality.

Cons: These are the things that prevented me from giving this 5 stars. A turkey vest without shell loops to secure your ammo? Seriously Sitka...you designed a vest with some of the most innovative features I've seen, but not including some type of system to hold shells is a major omission in my opinion. The other issue is the color of the pot call holder. Its light gray and really stands out. As I said above, it's well made and functions great, but why would you make a pocket on a turkey vest in such light color? You could have make it in camo, or tan or olive drab and it would have blended much better. It's not a deal breaker... the 4 turkeys that I either killed or called in for a friend this spring didn't seem to be bothered by it. But a drabber color would make the vest much more concealable.

M. Simons
Reviewed On 05/04/2022

With the exception of the seat, a very well thought out vest. Great size adjustments. All the pockets you need for a day’s hunt. Call pockets are padded and easily accessible. Seat cushion is not comfortable for a long sit but probably fine for “run and gun” hunting.

Ethan Stotts
Reviewed On 04/27/2022

Bought this for my first bow turkey hunt and absolutely no complaints! Plenty of room in the backpack and pockets, as well as being quiet!

Tim Melver
Reviewed On 04/26/2022

Really nice vest and overall best vest I've used. Pros are all the front call pockets. I was able to get to all my calls with no issues. Pack is a very appropriate size for what i bring with in the woods.Cons are the seat. I had issues with the straps twisting. I just finished a trip in the blackhills and recieved a bunch of snow while hunting. I found the seat would collect a lot of snow and would melt on my back.

Mitch Muehlenfeld
Reviewed On 04/23/2022

I usually use a competitors brand for camo but they do not make a turkey vest so I decided to give it a try.... man I am glad I did. It adjusts super well so I can make it fit tight to me. Everything is thought out super well from call placement, no rattling, seat is super quick and comfortable, plenty of storage. I’m able to carry 3 slate calls, a box cal, a crow call, owl call, two decoys, down jacket, water bladder, gloves/mask, knife, and the list continues. Will not be looking back! This thing rocks! The game warden stopped me to check my license and drove off. 5 minutes later he came back and asked what vest I had on and tried it on. He also loved it and ordered one right in front of me.

Chris Wein
Reviewed On 04/13/2022

So this vest replaced a different brand vest that I thought was perfect. Boy was I wrong. This Sitka vest improves on almost everything. I love the fact that most of the pockets are magnets. Strong enough to not pop open yet super quiet. Also the speed seat functions beautifully. Camo pattern is perfect as it matches all my clothing. Would definitely recommend. A+

Scott Porter
Reviewed On 03/19/2022

I’ve never written a review on here before, but this piece of equipment is worth reviewing! When I first saw it, I said to myself, there isn’t much to that! Where would I put everything? But after receiving it, the ability to strap decoys to the back and even a bird to the shoulder and then to the back (which I did this morning and it was the most comfortable mile and a half walk I’ve ever done) is invaluable! I bought this along with the rest of the Equinox Guard collection in timber (I hunt in MS in mostly pines mixed with some hardwoods) and I had a gobbler strutting and looking for me for nearly 30 minutes while he worked his hens who also couldn’t find me! The pattern, the functionality, the lightweight mobility of this vest…..I just can’t say enough! If you’re on the fence, buy now and thank yourself later!

Ben Holten
Reviewed On 03/17/2022

This is the standard for a turkey vest. Sitka took the normal vest we are used to and stomped it into the ground. The fit, comfort, light weight are unparalleled. This is the Tesla of turkey vests.
My one complaint is us Merriam hunters are packing in a long ways in open country. Most of us use a decoy. I would have liked to seen an option to carry a decoy and using a decoy bag is not an option. I might have something sewn on if my DSD doesn’t fit.

H. Bozeman
Reviewed On 03/12/2022

Love this vest. Very light and not nearly as bulky as other vests I have owned. The only reason it does not get 5 stars is because it does not have elastic shell loops to hold a couple extra rounds. Or, if it does, I haven't found them yet; it does have plenty pockets. Great product just like the rest of the Sitka lineup.

S. Perry
Reviewed On 03/09/2022

All my life I have complained that not one brand has truly ever perfected the turkey vest. Next to your guns and calls the turkey vest is the most important tool a hunter can own. It seems all the vests that have ever been developed have been bulky with poor design and low-quality materials. I have searched for years trying to find a vest that holds all my gear, but operates like a pack. Turkey hunters have to move and walk a lot (many times run) and we need a product that is technical and fit-for-purpose. FINALLY! Leave it to Sitka to answer this need with this turkey vest... it checks all the boxes and to me it is a perfect combination of a vest and technical pack. I could not be more happy to have received this vest today and can't wait to use it. Well worth the money and absolutely a home-run in design and quality. I switched to Sitka Gear recently for all my hunting clothing and gear and it makes the outings so much more comfortable and enjoyable. The folks at Sitka are truly aces when it comes to understanding what is needed... the old saying couldn't be more true, "you get what you pay for"! Thanks Sitka!

Scott Cronin
Reviewed On 03/08/2022

When the vest is loaded with tools, calls, and supplies on your body adjusted properly it truly shines. Absolutely the best turkey hunting vest I have utilized in my 28 years of chasing turkeys across the world. The fit and function of the vest prove once again how important a system of gear can be.

Nancy Jo Adams
Reviewed On 03/07/2022

Finally, a turkey vest that is female friendly with streamline shoulder straps and less bulk throughout. Completely adjustable for all body types.This vest is built for easy mobility in the field. No more losing storable items with the secure backpack style storage. The turkey lanyard is a bonus!! I can’t wait to take this one to the field this spring.

Tim Noe
Reviewed On 03/03/2022

Another great piece of gear from Sitka. The vest is well thought out and adaptable to a variety of hunting situations. I love that the size of the vest can be adjusted to the clothing being worn. This is extremely helpful when hunting early vs late season turkeys when weather turns from cold to warm. The seat is a huge plus too. It is easy to deploy and comfortable to sit on. When you are ready to move the seat easily retracts and is held tightly in place so it doesn’t flop around while walking. As with most Sitka gear, the pockets are well thought out and placed strategically to allow for easy access to all your calls and gear. Quite simply a great product.

Donnie Wilson
Reviewed On 02/24/2022

First let me say, the new Equinox Turkey vest is not just another turkey vest! Very well designed with everything where it should be. All of my calls were easily accessed with some “out of the box” designs. Love the seat configuration and overall comfort was better than I’ve used in the past. I’m looking forward to getting back to chasing some gobbles in my new Equinox vest!

JD Owens
Reviewed On 02/24/2022

The vest was a perfect fit for my active style of hunting turkeys. Lightweight for long hauls. Cool for our muggy Mississippi mornings. Adjustable for too many in-season trips to Waffle House OR when your son takes it and adjusts to fit him. I really love the fit; stays so close to your torso you forget you're wearing a turkey vest - until you need a call or extra ammo. Gone are the heavy, hot, horse-blanket vests of the old days -and I'm an old guy!

Matthew Cagle
Reviewed On 02/24/2022

The turkey vest is simply awesome and really fits the way I hunt. As a run-and-gun hunter, I like to keep it simple, compact and lightweight, so this vest is perfect. Like all of Sitka’s products, its thoughtfully designed and well built, and the minimal body coverage is ideal for the southern hunter like me who often hunts in 80+ degrees. Simply put, this product is a homerun!

Beau Martonik
Reviewed On 02/24/2022

The Equinox Turkey Vest is a piece that I've been waiting for way too long. Every turkey vest I've ever used has been baggy, heavy, and has more pockets than I can count. This vest has a streamlined fit that doesn't bounce while moving quickly and just enough pockets. In addition, the small backpack attached to it is perfect for a water bladder, extra clothing layers, and snacks for the day.

Wes McConnell
Reviewed On 02/24/2022

The turkey vest has custom designed pockets for every type call you would want to carry with you. Each pocket has extra cushioning for protecting your calls, which is amazing. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable to fit a small guy or someone larger. You'll need to sit down in front of a tree for back support if you plan to hunt for a while, and the back has great cushioning to allow you to wait them out...Plus the seat flips down quickly and easily.

Clay Hudnall
Reviewed On 02/24/2022

I give the Equinox Turkey Vest 5 Stars!!! This lightweight, compact turkey vest is perfect for my run & gun style of turkey hunting, while still holding all of the essential tools I need for a hunt. The sleek design allows me to be stealthy while slipping through the woods, and the tuck away cushion is the perfect combination of size and comfort if I need to wait out a bird.

Ricky Hart
Reviewed On 02/24/2022

A very lightweight and form fitting vest that adjusts better than any other vest on the market. The seat provides comfort for long sits and has great functionality for quick deployment, not bulky either. The pouches are great as they hold multiple diaphragm calls, a box call, and a slate call pouch that’s magnetic making it very quiet for quick access. The game strap makes carrying the bird out effortless and hands free.

Cory Loeffler
Reviewed On 02/24/2022

The retractable seat in the vest worked great for run and gun style hunts. It tucks up against your lower back and doesn't flop around and wack you in the back of the legs when you are on the move. The seat deploys in a just a couple seconds and adds comfort and a thermal layer when you have to wait out that long beard. I had ample storage for everything I needed, even for all day hunts. It has custom pockets for multiple strikers, pot calls, and diaphragm calls, along with a dedicated box call pouch. All of the call pockets are virtually silent.

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Gray Drummond - 03.07.2022

Turkeys of Wild Florida

The Florida woods that my family has called home for six generations are the closest thing the United States has to a jungle. They’re hot, wet, muggy, and full of everything that likes to bite—from mosquitoes, to water moccasins, rattlesnakes, gators and everything in between.