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Sitka Team | 12.2.2015

7 Reasons You Need to Hunt New Zealand

1. The People

New Zealand holds some of the most hospitable people you’re ever likely to encounter on your hunting travels. They’ll give you the shirt off their back, welcome you to their country and seem to approach life with the same friendly, laid-back attitude, regardless of age.

2. The Landscape

Electric-blue glaciers, impossibly jagged peaks and towering waterfalls - it’s no surprise Hollywood producers use the landscapes of New Zealand as a stand-in set for fantasy tales. Though to truly appreciate the scenery you have to see it with your own eyes. 

3. The Transportation

Because of its remoteness, helicopters are routinely used to access hunting grounds in New Zealand. You’ll never forget your first ride on a chopper, especially if it’s zooming over tahr country on the South Island. 

ABOVE: Zion Pilgim of Wilderness Quest NZ's "office."

4. The Food

Tonight's menu: red stag tenderloin as an appetizer followed by sou vide tahr backstraps. Need we say more? We also heard that New Zealand has some of the best white wines around, though we can't confirm or deny.

5. The Road Less Travelled

There’s no better place to hike where you’ve never hiked before - and perhaps will never again - than on the other side of the globe. So in the spirit of adventure, plan to make it happen. We promise, it’ll be well worth the 13 hour flight when you can stretch your legs in this terrain. 

6. The Species

The sheer quantity and diversity of species is remarkable, and you have a tag for every single one. 

ABOVE: Sitka's David Brinker and outfitter Zion Pilgrim of Wilderness Quest New Zealand with a bull tahr. 

BELOW: Sitka's Kevin Sloan with his chamois buck.  

BELOW: Sitka's Kevin Sloan and team with his free-range archery red stag.

7. The Sunsets

Whether welcoming you after a long journey or drawing your final day to a close, sunsets from the New Zealand high country provide a phenomenal backdrop for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.