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SITKA Team | Photos by Brett Seng, Ben Potter, and Steven Drake | 11.4.2020

A Dish To Pass

  • Pursuit: Whitetail

It’s important to sit down and take the time to enjoy the harvest.

A full freezer is a sign of many things—success in the field, a plentiful winter ahead, and great meals to come. All of this is a result of your hard work and determination.

From researching tags in the winter, to planting food plots in the spring—from scouting all summer long, to the joy of hunting season itself, the opportunity to put food on the table is a year-round, life-long effort.

One of the most gratifying aspects of the hunting life comes after the season is through. It’s deeply valuable to cook what we’ve harvested and to sit down with loved ones to share it. This is what brings hunting full circle. Meals are the focal point that separates ethical hunting from just killing. We need to honor the animal and cherish every ounce of meat, antler, and memories gained.

Our favorite celebrations are ones where everybody brings something to the table, where there’s a diverse selection of flavors, and where we go back for plate-after-plate just to make sure we’ve given every dish the full appreciation it deserves. We cherish the opportunity to consume the harvest from various seasons—tomatoes grown in a backyard, venison backstraps, foraged morels, wild trout, and everything in between. Simple and deeply valuable food sources surround us no matter where we reside. We just have to look for them.

That full freezer is even more special when you have time-honored recipes, perhaps ones passed down through generations. We invite you to share your favorite recipes by posting to Instagram and using the hashtags #SITKAGear and SITKAFamilyRecipe. We look forward to seeing what you bring to the table.