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SITKA Gear | 1.10.2017

Tennessee Trio

  • Pursuit: Waterfowl
  • Environment: Timber


“Duck hunting... it's in my blood and I can’t get it out... don’t want to get it out.”

- Tribe Member / Jed Lamb

Tennessee Trio is a short film about three friends— Jed, Jeremy, and Blaine, that have made Arkansas their waterfowl home. Together they bought an old duck shack, and loaded it with all the essentials needed to get them through two months of chasing green in the woods. They're not celebrities or professionals, and between the three of them, have never won a single calling contest. These are southern fortified, public land waterfowlers with a deep passion for hunting green heads in the timber.

Arkansas is home to the largest reach of timber hunting, and some of the most diehard waterfowlers you’ll ever meet. Post duck season a waterfowler must find something to fill their time for the several months of "duck depression” as they call it. For Jed, he’s taken up late-model, dirt car racing. The rush and intensity of car racing relates to Jed with racing boats through early-morning timber. Between these two passions the Tennessee Trio will get you fired up to finish duck season strong.

Tennessee Trio
Tennessee Trio