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Matt McCormick | 1.6.2021

Thinking Outside The Trailer

For any goose hunter, pulling a trailer filled with your most prized possessions is somewhat of a right of passage. Wrap that trailer in your favorite stickers and you have yourself a bonafide goose rig, ready for anything, anytime.

But what happens if the field is wet? Or maybe the field is freshly seeded and you can’t drive in? Or even worse, what if the birds are deep in a walk-in only public section?

After a few buried pickups and a whole lot of miles packing gear ‘halfway there’, we decided to build ourselves a lower profile solution to these everyday problems. The cart.

When designing this extremely specialized piece of gear, we looked at four key factors:

  1. Utility

  2. Mobility

  3. Durability

  4. Weight


At 44 cubic feet, the cart’s final design allows us the ability to comfortably hunt 4 guys. Layouts, guns, gear and 78 full body decoys with stakes or stands - plus the option to get big fast with sleepers or silos. The hooks were a huge unlock to expanding the load capacity.


Only taking one truck is key so the 4’ x 6’ frame allows this cart to fit perfectly in the back of a 6 1/2’ truck bed. The height of the wheel braces provides plenty of bed storage under and around the cart, again ensuring we can comfortably run 4 guys.


Like most waterfowl hunters, we’re extremely hard on gear. Once deployed, this cart must handle the weight load and hold up to the abuse we’ll put it through. In addition to the welded frame, we went with no-flat wheelbarrow tires to guarantee a goat head or lava rock doesn’t leave us high and dry. In our part of the west, we don’t get much moisture so these tires have worked flawlessly. If we were hunting in a high precip area, we’d likely adjust to a taller, thinner wheel.


The entire design is based on the ability for one guy to load, unload and hunt out of it by himself. The 1” aluminum frame helps manage the weight, making it doable on a solo mission but I will say, having a buddy there is a fair amount easier, and way more fun.

Location is everything and as we all know, waterfowl hunters are all willing to do just about anything to be in the right spot. This extremely niche, lightweight, mobile goose rig has expanded our reach and strengthened our hand when odds are against us. Cheers to late-season hunting!