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SITKA Gear | 5.6.2018

Withstand the Wind

  • Pursuit: Big Game, Whitetail, Waterfowl, Everyday
  • Environment: Elevated II, Subalpine, Open Country, Training

Wind is an ever-present X factor. It can quickly turn a fine day in the field into an exhausting and debilitating experience, sapping your core heat and composure if you’re unprepared.

GORE® WINDSTOPPER® technology blocks the chilling effect of wind and can be incorporated in a range of fabrics that balance breathability, water resistance, warmth, comfort and lightweight packability to give hunters exactly what they need to combat the wind based on environment and activity.

The demands of a spring training run are very different from a late fall backcountry hunt, and a waterfowl hunter’s priorities are different than those of a whitetail hunter. Our design team carefully chooses WINDSTOPPER® fabrics to balance the dynamics of the end use to create specialized solutions for the hunter.

Scot Tims, a Fabrics Application Engineer at GORE™, describes these opposing factors as “performance vectors.”

We maximize on performance vectors that work in opposite directions,” Tims explains. “Waterproofness versus breathability or comfort versus durability, for example.

Generally speaking, the more waterproof something is, the less it will breathe. Likewise, a fabric may achieve a high level of durability but end up being uncomfortable or too heavy. To achieve these balances, WINDSTOPPER® fabrics come in 2-Layer and 3-Layer options with a wide variety of additional fabric features to add insulation or durability as desired.

An unlined 2-Layer WINDSTOPPER® product like the Nimbus Jacket is designed to be ultralight and packable. On the other hand, the Jetstream Jacket uses a 3-layer WINDSTOPPER® membrane with a microcheck fleece interior and a polyester knit face that add warmth and comfort.

When choosing a WINDSTOPPER® product, Tims’ advice is simple: “Think about what you’re going to be doing and what environment you’ll be in. From there, choose a product that balances what’s most important based on those two factors.”

Every WINDSTOPPER® fabric undergoes extensive testing to ensure quality and optimal end benefits for the user. Windproofness, water resistance, flexibility, thermal resistance, breathability and abrasion resistance are all rigorously tested, and every WINDSTOPPER® product receives a final Durable Water Repellent treatment to help shed water and prevent the face fabric from saturating.

Wind can be a hunter’s best friend or worst enemy. SITKA Gear products with WINDSTOPPER® offer versatile solutions to keep the hunter warm, comfortable and focused on the task at hand in stiff breezes, violent gales and everything in between.


Explore WINDSTOPPER® Products

Withstand the Wind

Nimbus Jacket

When unforeseen squalls send cooling wind and rain your way, the Nimbus Jacket has your back. Simple, light and highly packable, the Nimbus WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell is completely windproof and water resistant. Stored easily in the smallest of packs or in the glovebox of your truck, the Nimbus is the perfect jacket to block windchill and light moisture in unpredicatable conditions. SHOP NOW.

Withstand the Wind

Mountain Vest

A wall of seam-taped WINDSTOPPER® distilled to its lightest form, the Mountain Vest stands in defiance against backbreaking gravity and torrid gales. In your pack, it’s a ghost. But once deployed, it comes to life, delivering immediate wind protection and warmth to your core. SHOP NOW.

Withstand the Wind

Mountain Jacket

Streamlined to move like the wind while standing strong against it, our Mountain Jacket defies gravity and graupel alike. Imperceptibly light and minimal in bulk, it nearly disappears in your pack. Once deployed, the effects of its seam-taped WINDSTOPPER® construction are impossible to ignore. SHOP NOW.

Withstand the Wind

Timberline Jacket

When a pulsing artery of the jet stream is ripping everything apart, the Timberline Jacket helps you keep it together. The bombproof seam-taped WINDSTOPPER® construction seals out driving wind, while reinforced shoulders and sleeves hold their own in rugged terrain, making this our most versatile jacket for the mid to late season. SHOP NOW.

Withstand the Wind

Jetstream Vest

Whether you wear the Jetstream Vest as an insulation layer or a core outer piece, you’ll be rewarded with stellar wind-stopping capacity brought to you compliments of WINDSTOPPER® laminate. SHOP NOW.

Withstand the Wind

Jetstream Jacket

The Jetstream Jacket is durable enough for miles of abuse in granite terrain. Seam lines are strategically located to shed water for hours and keep you dry, all while the WINDSTOPPER® laminate stops those heat sapping winds right in their tracks. SHOP NOW.

Withstand the Wind

Stratus Jacket

The Stratus Jacket is part of our most versatile whitetail system. We’ve sandwiched the GORE® WINDSTOPPER® membrane between a wet-printed Micro-Fleece shell and a micro grid fleece backer, creating the quietest 100% windproof jacket. On its own, the Stratus can take you into the mid-season, and since it’s fitted for insulation underlayering, you can make it your go-to shell well into November. SHOP NOW.

Withstand the Wind

Fanatic Jacket

A Berber fleece face silences the GORE® WINDSTOPPER® barrier, while body-mapped Primaloft® Silver Insulation traps body heat right where you need it. Our innovative diagonal-zip design seals out the wind, while the zippered front muff keeps your digits toasty. A magnetic closure rangefinder pocket, safety harness pass-through port, and internal gasketed cuffs finish out this deftly honed tool. SHOP NOW.