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Gear for Big Game Hunters

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Gifts for Hunters Who Travel Light

Gear for Ounce Counters

These gifts are for those who obsess over every ounce to keep their pack light.

A. Core Lightweight Hoody

A highly breathable synthetic base layer to wick sweat.

B. Kelvin Aerolite Jacket

Lightweight, synthetic insulation to fight the chill in wet conditions.

C. Dew Point Jacket

Durable waterproof protection without the weight.

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More Lightweight Big Game Gear

Gear for Hunters Who Have It All

What do you get someone who always seems prepared? These specialized gear picks will be welcome even in the most complete kits.

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Gear for Reps at the Range

These pieces will be go-to’s for those dedicated to staying dialed year-round.

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Gear For Any Big Game Hunter

Help Them Thrive in the Wild