Culinary Quality, Field Durability

When your cutting board is a tailgate and your cooktop is a bed of coals, you need a knife that can endure. The problem is that most chef’s knives are built for kitchens…and we’ve ruined our fair share pushing them past their limit. We spent years battling broken tips, rolled edges, and blades that rusted up at the first sign of water. That’s why we partnered with The James Brand to create a modern outdoor chef’s knife that combines culinary-quality with the durability required for life in the field. Tough enough to make short work of a rack of venison, but still precise enough to filet a fish, it’s the first thing you’ll reach for when dinner calls.

We Obsessed the Details

We spent two years working with The James Brand, chefs, and hunters to design a professional-grade chef’s knife that was tough enough to spend its life outside. The full-tang blade is constructed from MagnaCut steel that combines the toughness and durability of high carbon steel with the corrosion resistance of stainless, and the high-grip handle provides improved control in wet conditions. The Anzick is a chef’s knife that bridges the gap between what nature demands and cooking requires.

See it in action

We explored the saltwater reefs and lava rock cliffs of Hawaii to put the Anzick knife through its final paces on a multi-day trek that was filled with hunting, spearfishing, and cooking over the campfire.

Limited Edition of 600


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