The SITKA Pro Program is a private contract between you and W. L. Gore & Associates, doing business as SITKA, relating to the purchase of SITKA® Gear. Please read the following rules and guidelines for participation before applying:

  1. CONFIDENTIAL Program Terms.

    • A. Your Pro Program benefits are confidential and unique to you.


    • A. Respect our relationship with SITKA Gear Dealers/Retailers.

      • i. Do not discuss your Pro Program details.

      • ii. Please refrain from asking retailers for gear advice and or trying on gear at retail locations before making your online purchase.

      • iii. If you have questions about fit, feel, or function, call our Customer Service Team at: 877-748-5247

    • B. Pro Program purchases are strictly for your personal use only. Refer your family, friends, and clients to a local dealer or to WWW.SITKAGEAR.COM

  3. NO RESALE — The reselling of SITKA® Gear purchased via the Pro Program is prohibited.

  4. NO BACKORDERS — Product is subject to availability.

    • No Pro Program benefits on backorders are allowed.

    • Pro Program discount may not apply to all products.

  5. RENEWAL — 12 Month Acceptance.

    • 12 months from approval you will be required to renew your membership into the program.

  6. PLEASE NOTE — Eligibility and Pro Program terms are subject to change without notice.

Your participation in the SITKA Gear Pro Program is at SITKA’s sole discretion. If SITKA is notified of your abuse of any Pro Program terms in any way, you will automatically be removed from the Pro Program indefinitely.