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With long sleeves and a form-fitting hood, the CORE Lightweight Hoody wicks away moisture and keeps you concealed when you’re closing in. Featuring a deep, center chest zipper for superior ventilation and a built in face mask for those quick set ups, this piece is perfect for stalking, tree stands or ground blinds.


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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

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Andrew D | 01. 26. 19
The Core lightweight hoody is my favorite piece from sitka. I literally wear it on every hunt. In hot weather, I use it as a base layer and it breathes very well and keeps the sun off and in cold weather I put a light t shirt on underneath and it's perfect for hiking in. Keeps you just warm enough but wicks all the moisture.
DS | 11. 27. 18
One of my favorite pieces. Lightweight enough to keep it on all day in about any weather yet heavy enough that I typically don't need a heavier mid layer when the temp dips. The hood and built in neck gaiter are clutch! During archery season I wear this piece with the Kelvin Active jacket and the Mountain Vest when it's cool in the morning or the Kelvin Lite puffy and vest later in the season. My main drawback is I'm not a big fan of the Polygiene. I sweat a lot and thus I stink, seems like the Polygiene doesn't do as well as merino at dissipating the stink. I get around it by washing it in the creek every couple days. My secondary issue is the thumb loops, they tend to stretch out and wear fairly quickly but a minor issue in my opinion as I haven't had one actually come off yet and I've worn it for well over 30 days over last two archery and rifle seasons. I wouldn't trade it out for anything else, it's a must have in my archery kit.
Carl Abrams | 10. 26. 18
The Core Lightweight Hoody was my biggest surprise in trying new gear. I find myself wearing it on nearly every outing. It's comfortable, dries instantly, and seems to magically regulate my temperature to keep me cool when needed, yet somehow warm when needed too. The facemask feature is awesome and I use the feature during bow and rifle hunts. Another benefit I don't hear much about is the hood helps block the sun's rays yet breathes so well I don't over heat. I have both the Subalpine for spot & stalk hunting and black for hunting pronghorns out of blinds. The only thing I'd improve would be to add a Tall version with slightly longer arms; however, I do have a monkey length wingspan.
Ken | 10. 24. 18
Just got this hoodie in and it fits great. I am a 47" chest and the XL is perfect. The material is thin. This will make a good blind hunting hoodie for early deer season or spring turkey season. I think it will be a bit thin for cold mornings so wear a merino base layer. I still think the new Apex hoodie is the best all around hoodie Sitka makes but this lightweight hoodie fits nicely on mild days.
John Regehr | 10. 09. 18
I like this hoody, it's very light, feels good, and crumples down to almost nothing in a pack. However, the material seems too light for a piece of gear that's going to be used for real: after wearing it only a couple of times mine has a small hole in it and the stitching in one of the cuffs has popped out in a couple of places. High-quality pieces of gear usually last me years so I don't think I'm abnormally careless.
Derek Hughes | 09. 17. 18
I wore this shirt on a short weekend trip and it performed incredibly well. It was perfect for a chilly early morning hike in with just the hood on and the face mask as a neck gaiter. After getting to our glassing point, an hour and a half later, I was dry in about 15 minutes. It was great at keeping me cool once the temperature rose as the day dragged on. My only complaint is that I didn’t think it did a great job at keeping the smell away. I know that you’re going to stink, but I felt like it didn’t take long and to supposedly prevent smell I felt that it didn’t preform optimally.
Rob A. | 08. 30. 18
I wore the Elevated 2 pattern this week for a Maine black bear hunt from a treestand. The tempartures were 70s-80 Hunting the afternoon from 3-till dark. It helped me keep from sweating and kept me dry from my sweat. Also kept the mosquitoes from eating me alive. The hoodies nice so you don't have to drag a balaclava with you. The only thing I did not like was the chest pocket doesn't fit my fat otterbox on my phone. Did have three bears walk in on me and a 252lb that came down wind of me had no idea I was there until the shot.
mark voegeli | 08. 27. 18
This is a great light weight layer. I use it for early season elk archery in Colorado. With a light weight merino wool product underneath this hoody it was very comfortable as an outer layer starting out in 39-41 degree pre dawn temperatures. As the morning warms up remove the under layer and I was comfortable all day long (temps in the low to mid 70s most of the day). The hood and the pull up face cover add to the ability of this piece to regulate temperature and also add to concealment.
Chip Lamar | 08. 19. 18
Best ever base layer for hunting. Screw merino, synthetic is the way to go. Very breathable and comfortable. Dries fast. Does not hold stink. I love the hood and face mask- which can be used as a neck gaiter in colder conditions. I even use this piece ski touring in the late winter/spring. Nice work, Sitka!
Jason George | 01. 17. 18
Hunting in Florida and South Georgia is tricky. Recently the weather was 45 degrees in the morning and 82 degrees in the afternoon. This makes Sitka Gears layers system ideal. I purchased the Core Lightweight Hoody in both Elevated II and Optifade Subalpine. What I love about the garment is its durability and built in face mask and head cover. Sometimes we hunt bucks in the swamps where you are 10 feet off a trail. I was very cool when wearing on its own and moisture control when layers. My system includes the Core Lightweight Hoody as the next to skin, Equinox, Celcius, or Stratus Jacket. This product is highly recommended and is very versatile.
THE CHUCKSTER | 01. 12. 18
Eli Thompson | 12. 20. 17
Bought the older version but essentially the same thing minus the zipper and facemask. This is a must have piece for anyone. Wear it when it's in the 80's and you don't want sunburnt, in the high 50's and 60's, and even the 40's if you're doing some serious hiking.
Jack | 12. 04. 17
Best early season piece of clothing out there! Very comfortable and lightweight. The built in face mask is an amazing feature and fits snug to your face and does not interfere with anything. Highly recommend buying this piece for your system!!
Michael Lopez | 11. 08. 17
I purchased this item to wear in the hot weather. I live in deep South Texas where average temps are 85 degrees. Hunting early to late season is not really cold, wanted something to thin, light, and breathable. This is a great item for those conditions. Only issue is that i normally wear a XXL and although it fit just right i wanted some extra breathing room, so i exchanged it for a 3xl i fits just right. i use this for bow hunting and sitting on a tripod up in the trees or in a ground blind. real comfy fit. i use the ascent pants as the matching pair.
Odin Johnson | 11. 01. 17
This was one of the best pieces of clothing I have ever purchased. This was definitely worth every penny. Very cool, and comfortable. When paired with something on the outside the hoody trapped a lot of heat, and became very warm.
Richard Fiske | 09. 14. 17
I purchased this for a 12 day antelope and mule deer hunt in the high desert of Arizona during the last week of August through the first week of September. Intense sun and highs into the low 90's were encountered daily. To say I was pleased with this top would be an understatement. The hood and facemask provided extra concealment and gave much needed protection from the sun. The polygiene treatment worked perfectly. I brought some lightweight merino short sleeved tops along also but they mostly stayed in camp as the Core Lighweight Hoody out-performed them in all respects. My only criticism is that the cut is not quite "athletic" enough for me and wished the medium was an inch longer in torso length and had a touch more room in the shoulders (5'10" 170#, the large was much too baggy).
Tom Waters | 07. 27. 17
I have used this gear for hog hunting in Hawaii and coyote hunting in the summer. It has a great fit and is very cool in warm to hot temperatures of 80 degrees plus. Looking forward to wearing it in early season bowhunting this September in Kentucky.
Ray Clark | 07. 12. 17
My go to shirt for early season hunting! Very light weight and extremely comfortable and the built in face mask makes quick setups great! Made from really tough material! Really nice for early season hunting! Love it
Dillon Rea | 07. 04. 17
I picked up this product for the specific use of summer scouting and early season hunts to be worn in conjunction with the Equinox pants. The material moves with my body and breathes very well. It has wicked away sweat in 90+ degree temperatures where thick timber doesn't even allow for air movement, allowing me to make it to and from trail cams completely dry. In addition, the thumb loops are great at keeping the sleeves in place when putting on gloves and drawing back a bow, and the hood/face mask combination works wonders for fighting off mosquitoes.... You just won't find this level of functionality in cotton, and I look forward to further use as October marks the beginning of bow season here in Oklahoma.
Jake Leonard | 06. 23. 17
This is my favorite top to wear in hot temperatures. There are many 100+ degree days during the season here on the west coast and this hoody is basically the lightweight long sleeve but with the added face mask and hood. The new face mask and hood design is a huge plus for me. The separate material for each makes it much more comfortable than a traditional face mask. The separation between the two make it easy for you to just have the face mask up with hood off if you are already wearing a hat in hot temps.
Steven | 06. 14. 17
I wore this lightweight hoody in Pa. for spring gobbler, and I couldn't have been happier. It got hot, but I was able to stay comfortable and get my bird. I will get more.
jim S. Id | 05. 28. 17
I've been wearing it working around the house for over a week now (daily). Have had several loose threads and snags starts, but that could be some incidental brushes with chicken wire and the like. Temps have been rangey (40s-90s) and I've been really happy with this shirt. The slightest breeze will cool you down when sweating and combined with a vest in the cooler temps (as long as you're moving) I was pretty comfortable. The weight of the face mask and the hoody takes some getting used to for me (it's not much, just used to the crew-neck) ... but now that the gnats have hatched, they've been a god-send. And I'm pretty amazed at how well the odor control works ... I haven't washed it on purpose just to see how long it'll last. So far so good @ ~4 hours a day for over 7 days now.
Zach Northern | 05. 11. 17
My favorite piece of gear for turkey season. Great camo pattern and colors. Lightweight and breathable plus there is a hood and face mask built into it. What more could you ask for.
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