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Big Game: Open Terrain: Spot & Stalk

Bino Bivy 

  • Scenario: Spot & Stalk, Long Range
  • Environment: Open Terrain
$129.00 $90.30

The Bino Bivy protects your optics with durable padded protection, which comes complete with a lightweight torso harness, accessory pockets, lens cloth and leash.

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Withstand the Wind

Big Game

Understanding GORE® WINDSTOPPER® technology.

Withstand the Wind
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Joe Nothum | 12. 14. 17
Bought these for a high country archery hunt. Typically, I was using traditional bino straps. Switched to the bivy for my Nikon Monarchs and they are too small, they fit but its always a fight which creates noise whenever you pull them out. Even had it pull an eye piece off my Nikons which was aggravating. They overall design is great especially the magnets but way too small for any 10x42s.
Star Star
Kenton martin | 01. 07. 17
Way to small my 8x42 vortex fit snug. No room for anything else. Zipper is tough to open and magnets are not very strong to keep flap closed. I return to Sitka. Badlands makes a much better bingo bivy
Star Star Star Star
Andrew | 07. 09. 16
First and foremost, Sitka has been the best customer service I've ever experienced. No automated systems when I called and a very patient and helpful staff. Don't be hesitant to call for info and or when figuring out how layer for your hunt. Unfortunately my binos viper HD 10x42 do not fit and I had to return the system. With that said, overall the design of the system is great. The magnetic closure is strong and all stiching was tough and durable. The case itself has a webbing inside the holder, which holds the binos in place if you need to stalk hunt with the the lid open for the last minute grab and go. I love the open country design pattern and wish they sold a bigger system. I called Sitka and there is discussion of a larger system. Once released I will be purchasing and testing immediately. The reason for the four stars is although the product didn't fit my binos, is that as a system it's well made, durable and quiet. Before you buy, however, realize they are for small binos only.
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Russ | 05. 09. 16
So it's not just me - lots of other folks find this case too small. I had to vice it away and go back to my Badlands case. Sitka - please make a case that fits a bino like the Razor HD 10x42! The case really needs to be more like 5.5" or 6" wide and 7-8" tall.
Star Star Half Star
Bryce | 02. 28. 16
Too small. Wish Sitka made one that would fit my Leica Hd-b rangefinders.
Tanner Schaal | 02. 24. 16
The Good: Great case, like the zipper and magnet. Good harness. The Bad: Doesn't fit any of my high end binos. The case is WAY TOO SMALL. MY Swarovski EL 10x42's don't fit, the 12's obviously not, and the Vortex Razor HD's barely fit and it's too snug to get them quickly and quietly out. Please make the case bigger, sorry but I don't need to protect my cheap luepold or bushnell binos but those are the only ones that fit! Oh and I don't want to read more reviews from guys who test GORE products for a living, or get free stuff from Sitka. Why would they give it a bad review?
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Stephen | 09. 18. 15
overall i like this pretty good. I have a pair of Zeiss Terra's 10x42 and they fit pretty snuggly and was very hard to get out of the bivy. I cut the mesh divider on the inside out and am all is golden. That is the reason for the half star deduct i had a hard time cutting a brand new 130.00 product. I did add a upgrade that fits the bill perfectly as the bivy has a ring to secure your bios from falling. i looked up the rick young outdoors site and purchased the extra clip and split ring set and i have a simple and cheap 5 dollar add on that makes the bivy perfect after a modification.
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Bill, or Mohammed | 06. 29. 15
My Petzel bug pack has a magnet in the top of the map pocket slot between the bag and straps and it has never erased any magnetic media as far as I know, however, if your binoculars record to RAM and it is wet and there is a magnet nearby. On the other hand should you WANT to erase anything quickly it might be handy to have a powerful magnet you keep way away from normal use areas. [/] Choice of how you use gear is as important as original intended purpose. Is that right?
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Nate | 06. 15. 15
This is my favorite item from Sitka. I have a pair of leupold Mojave 10x42 and they fit perfectly with room for more. The lense cloth that is built into the bivy is a awesome feature and I use it regularly. It is very comfortable and functional. The magnetic flap is a great way to keep debris off your glass when you want to have quick access to your glass. Also the straps on the side are a great place to put your rangefinder or gps. I would recommend this product over and over worth every penny.
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Chad Annon | 10. 14. 14
The Bino Bivy keeps my binos protected and within a arms reach. Exactly what I was looking for when purchasing new binoculars.
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william boettcher | 09. 27. 14
if you use a compass the magnets have to be taken out.they dont work that well anyways.
Sitka Customer Service | 09. 11. 14
Hey Garin - Thanks for reaching out. Sounds like you have a bad apple in this case. This warrants a replacement. If you ever have any troubles with a product please give us a call - 877-748-5247. Our Customer Service Team is here to help if you ever feel like something just isn't right or you not happy with a product.
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Garin Cox | 09. 10. 14
I like the harnes and attachtment clasps. The bino bivy stays where you want it. The only problem I had with this is the flap kept swinging open with very little movement I had to keep holdin it closed when going through some thick stuff. The magnets that hold the flap closed are very week and do not get the job done when the zipper is not closed.
Star Star Star Half Star
Joe St. John | 09. 04. 14
I had originally heard some contradicting reviews on this bino bivy so I figured since my job is to test GORE products, I would give it a try. After only one day trip, I love it! in all fairness I did have to cut out the mesh from the inside to allow for easy removal of my binos, but that was the only issue I have run into so far! Great piece..
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Chris Bara | 06. 20. 14
We all know how important it is to keep our optics in tip top shape. The Sitka Bino Bivy is a must. It keeps your optics out of the elements and tight to your chest eliminating that annoying bounce on your chest. The harness is very comfortable to move in and adjusts easily. The pouch has a magnet allowing it to stay open and out of the way, and the side pockets work great for calls, knife, compass, ect. As a GORE Hunting tech I get the test a lot of gear and this is one piece I will never leave at home.
Star Star Star Star
Brandon Purcell | 05. 19. 14
Tired of your optics bouncing all around and getting beat up? I was but that all changed when I got the Bino Bivy, keeps your optics nice and tight to your chest and keeps dirt, pine needles and anything else off your optics. I love the wide pockets they are perfect for windicators, calls, knifes ect. As a Gore Hunting tech I get to use a lot of the Sitka line up and would say this peice is essential weather hunting in the desert or the cold snowy mountains deep in the Montana back country.
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