Bino Harness
Bino Harness
Bino Harness
Bino Harness

Bino Harness

  • Whitetail : Elevated II
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Minimalist in weight and bulk, the Bino Harness secures your glass to your chest while charging cross country. Non-elastic shoulder straps hold elevation, while stretch-woven cross straps let you breathe easy.

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3 Reviews
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Ryan Lynch
Reviewed On 01/12/2018

This harness works fine. Is it anything special? Not really but if you need a simple and comfortable harness, it will keep your bumps on your chest confortably. If you are crawling on your stomach a long or in more rugged terrain, I would go with a bivy instead.

Navajo Joe's Outfitting
Reviewed On 11/03/2016

This bino harness did the job. It's lightweight, and durable. I've used in it dry and rainy weather on multiple hunts. As smaller guy it positioned my bino's a little low even when adjusted to the shortest length. Probably wouldn't recommend for women. I'm 5'6'' 135lbs athletic build.

Jess DeLo
Reviewed On 09/07/2016

This is the first bino harness I have ever purchased and used. It's extremely lightweight and durable. It kept my zeiss binos comfortably close to my chest at all times and the stretch straps allowed me to easily raise them to my eyes quickly and easily. It held up and protected my binos on a 4 day antelope hunt where I was basically crawling around on the ground most of the time. Excellent product and very minimal.

Steven Drake - 08.11.2019

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