Core Lightweight Hoody

Core Lightweight Hoody

Whitetail : Elevated II
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Designed to be more than just another base layer, the Core Lightweight Hoody is the foundation that all our SITKA systems are built from. High-performance polyester construction moves moisture through periods of high aerobic activity while drying quickly during low periods spent sitting, glassing or calling.

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Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

We have received all of our inventory this season. If your size is out of stock, please check with a local retailer.


  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Elevated II is designed for whitetail hunters in an elevated position.

  • Weight: 6.6 oz. // Size: L

  • Body and Hood Fabric: Quick-Dry, Lightweight Comfort Stretch Knit (100% Polyester)

  • Facemask Fabric: Quick-Dry, Lightweight Stretch Mesh (88% Polyester/12% Elastane)

  • Polygiene® Odor Control Technology safely neutralizes odor caused from sweat.

  • Stretch Thumb Loops: Shed layers with ease without compromising your foundational layer.

  • Built-In Ultra Breathable Mesh Face Mask: Conceal your face on the move and increase your success rate.

Odor Control
Moisture Wicking


Core Lightweight Hoody
Core Lightweight Hoody

Why We Made This

We found that the majority of base layers offered zero technical features, requiring hunters to carry additional pieces of gear into the field to meet the demands of the pursuit. Our solution was to create a high-performance next-to-skin layer that includes technical features to improve concealment and utility. By optimizing breathability and moisture management and adding features not found in traditional base layers, the Core Lightweight Hoody can be used as a standalone piece in hot weather or as the foundational baselayer into any SITKA system.

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24 Reviews
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Christopher Wagner
Reviewed On 11/04/2019

order this for spring turkey in TN from start to finish of the season, never had one issues with rips or tearing from being caught of trees and other objects. the hood has plenty of room to wear a hat and cover it and the built in face mask is a plus, it doesn't hold smell and keeps its form and stays tight agaisn't the face and has enough to cover all the way up to the eyes. i order the ascent pants along with it and it was a great match. lightweight and very breathable

Justin Hitchcock
Reviewed On 10/30/2019

Great product, love the hood and face mask. Came in really handy for quick concealment and kept the sun off my face!

Matt F
Reviewed On 10/26/2019

This is my go to next to skin layer. I can wear this as an outer layer during early season. The hood is great when you’re moving through the thick stuff, it keeps things from going down your neck. I love how deep the chest zipper goes, it works nicely for hike outs and dumping heat. The chest pocket is my go to call holder.

Only complaint is the price is high for what it is but it’s one of my favorite tops.

Reviewed On 10/03/2019

This is one of my favorite basic pieces from Sitka. I run this from my early season mule deer hunts into the late season cold weather hunts. The hood is nice and light, perfect for very slight breezes, chilly mornings, or even to keep bugs off my neck/head while glassing. I'm tall/skinny/goofy looking, but the fit is great with sleeves and torso plenty long. I like the longer neck zipper, as compared to the older model with no zipper (I have one of those, too). Easy to dump heat. Again, I love this piece and it's the baseline of most of my systems.

Matt M.
Reviewed On 09/30/2019

I wasn't sure how this would hold up. I took it our for a north Idaho archery elk hunt. Whoever has hunted that area knows that it's some of the thickest, steepest, nastiest terrain in the lower 48. For 6 straight days I took this piece through fire and back. It survived everything I threw at it. Thick, awful brush, steep climbs and descents out of creek bottoms, temps in the low 40's-upper 60's. It simply didn't matter. I was honestly shocked at the durability with how thin the material is. I had brought some merino base layers with me but found that they couldn't regulate my temperature nearly as well as this could. I used it for 5 of the 6 days we were out and I wish I had used for all 6. It's become the favorite piece in my arsenal. Can't recommend this thing enough.

Reviewed On 09/24/2019

Ordered this for an early season dove and teal hunt in Texas and it was seriously like wearing nothing and will also make for an awesome base layer under the new Dakota hoody for when winter hits! You get what you pay for and that’s no different with this awesome gear!

Reviewed On 09/18/2019

Love this hoody! Great to wear on them warm hunts and the facemask comes in handy!!

Steve Moore
Reviewed On 09/11/2019

I own two of these and am thinking about a third. Hands down my favorite piece of Sitka gear. Light and breathable. The hood is just enough for some extra camo or to slow done some bitey insects. The face mask didn’t grab me at first but after using it while hunting turkey and deer, I am sold.

Mike M
Reviewed On 12/06/2016

This is a dandy lightweight base layer- it utilizes a very light fabric which does a great job of moving moisture away from your body. The material also dries very quickly. I have similar base layers form Patagonia and Outdoor Research, but no one as far as I know offers a base layer in this light fabric with a hood (or camo!).
I utilized the hood almost every morning and evening of elk season. Hiking well before daylight in cool to cold conditions my upper was just the Core Lightweight and a windshirt- if moving didn't get me warm enough, the hood would go up. Repeat in the evening on the way out.
This is a great base layer for active hunters!

Clint Radford
Reviewed On 11/24/2016

I bought this Hoody to serve dual purposes for me so I could ditch the need for a beanie while in the back country. It definitely did that and so much more. The thumb loops are nice when layering which is a nice perk that my previous base layers didn't have. I was skeptical of the "Polygiene" odor control but after wearing the shirt for several days during the heat of early elk season I'm a believer! I now tend to gravitate towards this base layer over all others. My only mistake was in buying just one!

Clint Whiting
Reviewed On 11/03/2016

Definitely my favorite base-layer to wear. I like the fact that the hood isn't restricting but offers just enough coverage to keep the cool breeze off and also protects me from the sun on those long mid-day hikes. I usually paired this piece up with the Jetstream vest and was the perfect combination to get me through most of September here in Colorado

Justin B
Reviewed On 10/04/2016

Love this piece of gear, by far the most versatile piece of clothing I have. I actually used the light weight gear for an elk hunt early this September in Colorado. This light weight hoody was worn for 6 days straight and was perfect. The hood was great in the mornings to keep the chill of my neck then in the afternoons I would wear it as my only shirt. The only complaint and it is a minor one, is that the material snags fairly easily when bushwhacking. However since this is not what the piece is designed for it is hard to complain. I will defiantly purchase more at least 2 more.

Matt D
Reviewed On 08/28/2016

A PHENOMINAL addition for early season Western hunting! Wore mine four straight days on an August archery bear and deer hunt in Arizona.
Hood kept 'skeeters and gnats away and the thumb loops kept sleeves tight for no bowstring contact or bunched up cuffs.
If you hunt in warm climates, get this piece!!!
I just ordered another one!

Reviewed On 03/03/2016

Such a versatile piece from Sitka. The hood inserted face mask is an awesome feature. The prime whitetail rut dates here in the Midwest were fairly warm this year. I paired this hoodie with the lightweight base layer on warm hunts. I also wore it under my fanatic lite jacket on the colder hunts.

Reviewed On 12/13/2015

This is a premier warm weather hoodie. I would normally wear hot weather offshore fishing tops and hoodies until Sitka released this item. It will protect you from early season insects and on through midseason chill as a baselayer.

Rusty Shakleford
Reviewed On 11/21/2015

Great item. Nice and cool when needs to be and surprisingly warm when paired with 90% jacket. Was comfortable with just those two items in mid 30* with blowing wind...I couldn't believe it either! Wore it straight with no washing or even rinsing for 4 days and no stink at all. Hood was much better than I thought as it did a good job keeping my neck protected from the wind in the cold, and from the sun in the heat. To me, this would be the only hunting/backpacking shirt I would have if sitka would have made it with the 1/4 zip. No idea why they did not, I would have gladly pay the extra $5-$15 to make this a fully functional warm weather piece. As is, it is very good, with a zip, it would be about as close to perfect as I could imagine.

Reviewed On 11/18/2015

A great base layer as well as early season top layer. Here in Va the summer can linger into Nov with temps in upper 70s and low 80s on freakish days. This hoodie works great and provides additional concealment. Great product!

George W.
Reviewed On 10/17/2015

I have a thing for hoodies and light weight clothes. Biggest problem I have with light weight/warm weather clothing throughout the industry is it just doesn't hold up to my abuse! After a grueling track on a pig through crazy thick brush with the core hoodie and ascent pants on I thought for sure my clothes were going to be shredded. I'm not sure how it happen but there wasn't a strand out of place on any of my clothing. My mind was blown!! Moral of the story core hoodie and ascent pants = truth.

John K
Reviewed On 10/13/2015

I love this base layer. I have wore it on every hunt so far this year. The fabric breathes very well and light breezes pass right through to cool you off very quickly on hotter days. The fabric wicks moisture as good as anything ive ever seen and it dries out faster then anything ive ever used. The hood is super functional and doubles as a face mask when you forget yours at home. the hood will actually move away when you draw your bow to allow for uninterrupted locking point on your bow. Sitka has hit a home run with their new baselayers. the only con I have is that it is not that durable and the fabric will pill if any burrs or stickers come into contact. But I have never been more comfortable. I always tell people who haven't used Sitka before to just try out there baselayers and they will see a complete difference in what they are using. I have turned a lot of my friend over to Sitka and they couldn't be more happy.

Steve K.
Reviewed On 10/09/2015

Super comfortable and wicks extremely well. The new fabric for this year's Core garments is much superior to the old Core shirts and underwear. I love the hood, it easily stretches up and over a cap. The only downside to it is this: it is cut in a particular way so that the fabric almost forms a face mask, but with a little movement (like your head side to side looking for deer) that part will hang down enough that your face is exposed. You'll still need a face mask IMO.

Reviewed On 09/21/2015

Another win by Sitka. This hoody is perfect for a base layer. It has excellent wicking ability, dries out fast when it gets wet, and is very versatile. On a warm day, it's perfect for a next-to-skin layer paired with a jetstream vest. The Core Hoody is my favorite hunting shirt. I need 5 of them.

John M.
Reviewed On 08/12/2015

Air moves through the shirt well, nice fit in the shoulders and arms!!! The hood is the best feature, overlaps and goes up over a ball cap, almost eliminates the need for a face mask. Don't hesitate ordering up one size, but it is stretchy material too. Either way you are good to go!

Rob C.
Reviewed On 08/03/2015

I have always worn base layers, but have never truly put them to the test out in the field. I wore the Core L/S for an entire August day tearing down fence posts/barb wire, placing treestands and more in 85 degree weather. My body was bone dry, not a single damp spot on the garment and I felt comfortable/cool the entire day. Needless to say, the garment did its job beyond expectations and I could not recommend it more!

Reviewed On 08/01/2015

Great shirt. I like the idea of the hood, as even when it is not on my head, it still keeps the back of my neck covered. Something I was not aware of when I order the shirt was thumb loops, not cut out of the sleeve, but actual loops sewn it. If you do not like the loops, don't worry, they are pretty much unnoticeable. I ordered an XL, but usually wear a large. The shirt fits loose in the body as I wanted. I am thin at 6'2" and 180 lbs. Breathes very well in heat and is extremely light.

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