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SITKA Logo Tee SS - 2018 

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Fly the flag. This feather light tee with drirelease® wicks away sweat and dries 4x faster than cotton.

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Logo Wear
Hot , Warm
Heather Grey
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Wild Turkey & Morels


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Wild Turkey & Morels
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Wilks | 04. 11. 18
Best shirt ever. The fabric feels amazing. It is extremely soft, yet rugged. I wear this shirt for everything and barely wash it because I wear it so much. Looks great with almost all my pants. It is the perfect t shirt.
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Ryan Lynch | 01. 12. 18
I really love the fit of this shirt. Probably the best and most comfortable t-shirt fabric I’ve come across for fit and comfort. Seems to hold up better than other vintage or heathered cotton and soft sun fabric shirts. However the fabric of last years seems to hold odor a bit. I can line dry these because for some reason the fabric gets a musty smell while drying. Luckily it appears it is preshrunk as I have started putting it in the drier and I don’t have any issue with odor.
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