SITKA Merino Beanie 


Used as a stand alone or as a liner, the Merino Beanie keeps you dry and naturally fights odor.

Warm , Mild
2.5 oz.
  • Size:

SITKA Design


Hunting is an exercise in humility. We might be at the top of the food chain, but when it comes to fair chase pursuits of species that evolved over thousands of years to survive relentless predators and the harshest conditions imaginable, we are simply outmatched in the wild...

SITKA Design

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Product Care 

Merino wool is a delicate fiber and requires more attention than a synthetic garment.

It is safe to machine wash Merino Wool under a gentle cycle with cold water. Wash with other Merino Wool products of like colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners and do not dry-clean.

Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. MERINO WOOL WILL SHRINK if not cared for properly.

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Dave | 01. 11. 18
I bought this new online because I wanted something in solid for a last minute trip. This Beanie fits super small. I’m 5” 7”, 145 lbs, with a tiny head and it barely covers 3/4 of my ears. I would have returned it except I pulled the tags and wore it a week. Other than that, it’s very well-made and excellent material. I just wish it fit better!
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QuackBangFetch | 04. 27. 17
I have a really small head for a dude. I wear a size 7 fitted baseball hat and this was even small on me...then I washed it...and dried it. Now my 9 year old has a $40 beanie. I enjoyed my one wear though so that moment was nice.
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