Whitetail: Everyday: Vegetated Terrain

Women's SITKA Trucker  


Stand proud in this classic mesh back trucker cap. Women’s specific profile for a more streamlined fit.

Vegetated Terrain
Elevated Ambush
Hot , Warm , Mild, Cool
Elevated II
Other scenarios for the Women's SITKA Trucker
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SITKA Design


Hunting is an exercise in humility. We might be at the top of the food chain, but when it comes to fair chase pursuits of species that evolved over thousands of years to survive relentless predators and the harshest conditions imaginable, we are simply outmatched in the wild...

SITKA Design
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Ashley Hartman | 11. 30. 17
I love this hat! I always have a problem with women’s hats because they usually aren’t big enough but this hat’s size is great! It’s deep and fits really well, and it’s really comfortable. Plus I really like how light it is. Again, can’t stress enough that this women’s hat fits like a men’s and it’s the best! The only thing I don’t like is that it takes a lot to bend the bill which isn’t that big of a deal. Otherwise, I Highly recommend.
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Jessica | 10. 03. 17
I am super picky with women's hats and I wore this hat my whole hunt that now I can't part ways with it. Highly recommend!
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Sallie Doty | 05. 24. 17
This hat fits a women's head very well and is super comfortable! It has an awesome design and I wear it for more than just hunting. It also pairs really well with my Sub Alpine system for maximum concealment.
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