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Hanger Henley

Hanger Work Henley LS


The Hanger Henley is designed to work in tandem with the Hanger Pant and features Polygiene® odor control, an Insect Shield® treatment and a lightweight Polyester/Spandex blend.

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Permethrin Treated Clothing

Introducing Insect Shield Clothing

Time spent outdoors naturally comes with an invasion of mosquitos, ticks, ants, wasps, and many other small pests. While it's impossible to eliminate insects from the environment, it is possible to control how much access they have to your body. Bug sprays help, but mosquito, bug, and tick repellent clothing is your front-line defense.

What is Insect Shield Clothing?

Insect or bug proof clothing is designed to repel insects without the addition of bug spray and other products. Permethrin treated clothing is the most common and effective type, but you may come across clothing with other treatments as well.

Insect shield clothing won't completely remove insects from your environment. It simply helps stop those bugs from landing on you, biting you, or stinging you. That allows you to enjoy the natural world without smacking at mosquitos or chasing away flies nonstop.

Is There Mosquito Proof Clothing?

You can now buy mosquito proof clothing from Sitka and other select brands. Mosquito clothing will repel mosquitos before they have a chance to bite. You may still use other products like sprays and nets to treat your surrounding area or protect unclothed skin, but mosquito proof clothing will make your defense even more effective.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Permethrin Clothing

Where do you get the best tick proof clothing? Right here at Sitka.

We sell premium-quality clothing treated with permethrin to repel mosquitos, ticks, and many other insects. While some bugs are simply annoying, others can leave you with itchy and potentially painful bites. Some may even deliver a painful sting that leads to an allergic reaction and requires medical attention.

Clothing treated with permethrin won't eliminate all risk of bug encounters in the natural world, but it will reduce your risk of bites, stings, and infestations. Check out our current collection and come back often to see what new designs we're introducing.