Mountain Optics Harness in Pyrite.
Mountain Optics Harness in Pyrite.
Mountain Optics Harness
Mountain Optics Harness
Mountain Optics Harness
Mountain Optics Harness
Mountain Optics Harness
Mountain Optics Harness
Mountain Optics Harness in Pyrite.
Mountain Optics Harness in Pyrite.
Mountain Optics Harness
Mountain Optics Harness

Mountain Optics Harness

  • Hunting Solids : Pyrite
(45 Reviews)

2021 Outside Winter Buyer's Guide Award Winner. This harness is the ultimate utility piece for big game hunters. We took a systems-based approach to the issue of carrying multiple at-hand essentials into the field. The harness features a silent secure magnetic one-handed front flap for binos. Removable, modular side pockets keep rangefinders, GPS, cell phone and other accessories at the ready for quick quiet access. Additional elastic pockets deliver storage for calls or a wind gauge and the internal lens cloth keeps your glass clean and sharp. The Mountain Optics Harness is rounded out with a brushed polyester face fabric for close in silent stalks.

Product ID: #40081
  • Magnetic front binocular flap opening.

  • Quiet brushed polyester face textile.

  • Modular side pockets along with zippered and stash pockets on the back.

  • Molle compatible chassis.

  • Internal lens cloth.

  • Quick detach binocular attachment.

  • Imported

Product is Standard Fit, designed to be layered for versatility.

Why We Made This

Get fast, easy access to your binos and essential gear with this streamlined chest pack that keeps your stuff at the ready while preventing it from bouncing around. We recognized a problem in carrying around bulky packs laden with cumbersome attachments, and we took inspiration from military chest rigs in designing this modular solution. The result is a stealthy and convenient system that lets you quickly and efficiently access your optics and other gear—whether you’re making a long hike in, moving between glassing points, or in the middle of a stalk. Plus, it’s adaptable, giving you the ability to add or subtract elements to fit any given situation, season, or hunting style.

Product Comments

45 Reviews
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Reviewed On 12/05/2021

Great product. The only issue is that when I’m rifle hunting, this must be worn on the outside of my gear which covers my hunter orange vest. This would be a perfect harness if it was made in hunter orange.

Reviewed On 12/05/2021

Super pumped about this. Been rocking my unit issued chest rig and this one is nearly identical. It works perfectly for when I've got my tree stand/climbing sticks on my back.

Tim Hinsche
Reviewed On 12/02/2021

I do really like this harness but there are a couple of issues. It does not fit either pair (two different brands) of my 10x42’s without pulling and stretching. It is a two handed operation to get it closed and latched. I hope it stretches enough over time to accommodate the binos’s. I do like the additional side pockets a lot. The narrow straps had concerned me but they work fine. It’s a great idea that needs a little improvement.

Jon Lucas
Reviewed On 11/08/2021

Well, I love the design on this product. It is an incredible balance of feature richness and simplicity. The side pouches are generous and extremely well designed, down to the stretchy pockets on the fronts of them. The dual pockets behind the main pouch (one zippered and one wide open) allow for separate tag and sidearm storage (I can comfortably fit a full sized Glock in there). I was pessimistic about the strap system at first, but it is very comfortable. This would be a 5 star review except for the size of the main pouch. It's a flat out deal killer, if you run anything over a short 10x42. My Maven B2 (7.1" with eye cups down) won't fit at all and the Maven C series 12x50 and Vortex Razor 12x50 only fit with the cups down. Ideally I'd like to be able to close the cover over a Maven B2 sized optic with a closure that keeps rain out from the side.

Reviewed On 10/23/2021

Almost perfect, really have next to no complaints.

Brian Reynolds
Reviewed On 10/13/2021

I bought this for a Wyoming mule deer hunt. My first impression was the pockets and closing system was good. I carry 12x50 binoculars and they fit good. After walking 8-10 miles my shoulders started to ache where the straps crossed my shoulders. By the time I shot my deer I was in actual pain. I think the straps need to have padding, the this straps ate terrible. I was expecting a better product for the price and Sitka name.

Reviewed On 10/11/2021

This is a great piece of a gear. The ability to remove side pockets gives a lot of versatility in how you choose to attach gear that you want readily available. I live in Kodiak and take this with me all the time whether I’m actively hunting, scouting or just hiking. I have tried to attach bear spray in place of one of the removable pockets which I find to be a little awkward. I think having an attachment point on the bottom of the harness to allow for horizontal carry of spray would be a great addition. It is a bit of a stretch to say you could attach a pistol holster to this harness; however, I carry my Glock 40 in a Gunfighters Inc. Kenai chest holster underneath this harness. When the holster is canted to the correct angle it works perfectly with this harness. I give this harness 5 stars with a little room for improvement in accommodating a pistol holster and bear spray.

Kyle W Thompson
Reviewed On 09/28/2021

Works great for hunting and scouting. I love the closure method, accessory pouches, and fit.

Jeffery Ingle
Reviewed On 09/25/2021

I love this bino harness. I was hesitant at first buying this for whitetail hunting only but the versatility and customization is phenomenal. I run the Vortex Crossfire HD 8x42 and they fit perfectly. Both side pockets are deep and big enough to fit a large number of items. I have my range finder on my right side, attached with an FHF bino tether for added security in the field. I keep my release and other various items in the left side. There are 2 pockets on the outside of the main bino pouch and I carry a knife in one and a wind checker in the other. the material is super quite and very durable. The one major draw back I have found is that it can be warm on your chest when it is hot out. The material on the back is made to protect your binos and doesn't breathe much but that is not something that would turn me away from purchasing this item. My favorite feature are the magnets on the lid. They allow you to silently open the lid and keep it in multiple positions while using your binos. This is well worth the money and I would recommend these to anyone needing a optic harness.

Matt G
Reviewed On 09/19/2021

With half star ratings, truly I’d give this product a 4.5 star review. As for all you women that rate this thing as anything below 4-star, your either lying to yourself (when you purchased this product) or lying to review when you left that. This is a well thought, customizable harness that purely just best-fit-the-bill for me. As a left handed bowhunter with a 55” chest, I can put my rangefinder on the left, my two release aids, Allens, and compass on right pocket and just barely fit 12x50 binos in main. Sure it’s a little more expensive and could be more comfortable while I'm training in June/July and some MINOR room to improve but I bought this to hunt during deer season not for spring turkey season or sweat my butt off in while I’m training! Tons of storage/adjustment & honestly this thing is the best I’ve seen on the market!

Reviewed On 09/04/2021

I purchased the harness from a local distributor and was pleased with the design and functionality. However the quality was very poor for the price. I ended up sending it back to Sitka for repair for blown stitching which took 2 months and commutation was very terrible. I ended up receiving the same harness back without the issue fixed and had to send it back to wait an additional month. The 2nd harness I received the stitching was fine but the construction was very poor. The magnets did not line up to keep the front flap up. The stitching went diagonal and was not even. Overall I am disappointed. The design is great and the functionality is there, but the quality and customer service drove me to put it in the closet and go with a different manufacturer.

Zachary Armstrong
Reviewed On 08/27/2021

I find the straps outstanding and simple to use: head in one hole, one arm in each of the other, strap around the waist. SIMPLE. The straps are a nice thickness/firmness that do not tangle or twist easily. I compared my binocular specs to the main pouch spec of this harness so therefore my Vortex Viper 12x50 and my Leopuld RX1400i rangefinder fits in the main & side pouch. I use windchecker/milkweed and fruit snacks/elk jerky in the 3rd side pouch. Theres two compartments behind the main pouch that I put my tags in the smaller zip pouch and phone in the big one, respectively. I use this harness for turkey hunting too, as the main pouch will fit my box call, side pouches for slate & striker. The halfway/partial open capability of the main pouch with the magnets and seamed hinges is a nice feature. All 3 pouches open with a stretch & clasp (SILENT) mechanism. This is my first Stika gear item and will definitely continue to browse their inventory when I need things in the future, for this harness is 100/100. Thanks Sitka, and good luck to all hunters!

Reviewed On 07/23/2021

This harness is great and even stable enough to mount a pistol. I like the strap system a lot better than the old harness. It is easy to adjust, little foot print to not cause heat spots, and stays put. If they get twisted it doesn't bother me.

The pouches are even big enough to hold your beer.

Not Happy
Reviewed On 07/09/2021

Researched many cases and this one was the best. So I thought, I ordered and when it arrived my binoculars did not fit. I have the Bushnell trophy 10x50 binoculars, I am returning them and will look to another manufacturer.

Driston Louis
Reviewed On 07/06/2021

Really enjoy this Bino Harness, love the modularity and the storage, I've been in situations where I could leave my pack and still have everything I need, fit my binos perfectly and my rangefinder as well. I actually enjoy the strap system, it's very comfortable of you know how to set it up properly, it's not hard to figure out. I do wish that Sitka would make a Bino Harness that was a little slimmer for warmer times of the year, something similar to the Leupold Bino Harness with a separate pouch for a rangefinder, other than that, totally recommend this Bino Harness!

Robert Thomas
Reviewed On 06/26/2021

I love this harness so much! It is awesome, I like that you can take the side pouches off if you'd like and they fit my binos very well (Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 10x42) I really like the lens cloth that is attached to the inside, because I'd loose or forget it if it wasn't, the little pockets on the side for my lense pen. The side pouches work really well for range finder and small gear such as eye wear and hearing protection. Only thing I don't get is why the bino harness lid opens towards you. Makes it a little annoying on the stock opening it to grab your binos everytime you need em, but isn't that big a deal. It is very comfortable, breathable, quite, and functional.

Reviewed On 06/15/2021

Great so far, you can even fit a full size 1911 in the rear slip behind the binocular pouch!

Nick P
Reviewed On 06/14/2021

Bought this bingo harness expecting great quality and I wasn't disappointed at all. it fits nicely and has tons of room for everything you need on you. I use it with my vortex 12x50 bins and they fit snuggly. I definitely recommend these to anyone looking to get it.

Southern Loon Retrievers
Reviewed On 05/05/2021

One of the best products yet!!!

Reviewed On 04/18/2021

I actually run this for spring turkey. Instead of binos, I keep my pot call in the main pouch which gives me quick and easy access so I can tuck it away quickly and easily if I get a response. Love the knife and mouth call storage area, and the smaller storage pieces are great for phones, GPS, gloves or whatever the hell you want to throw in them. Zipper pocket in the back keeps your license and tags. My only complaint is the strap system; it takes a bit of work to get it balanced and the ends come loose from the elastic a little too easily. I’m going to add velcro to mine to ensure I don’t have it hanging loose. Overall, I much preferred this to a pack as I don’t run decoys and the harness lets you keep it on while leaning against a tree.

Reviewed On 03/07/2021

Very nice product, but only for small binoculars. I have Swarovski EL Range - is impossible close cover. I believe that Sitka makes a model for other than small binoculars.

Reviewed On 02/22/2021

Very nice product, I agree with everyone else, the straps get tangled and make it not so easy to use. Would like to see them make a strap system for them like the old bino bivy system.

Greg M
Reviewed On 11/20/2020

Well made but too small for our 10x50 Binos which are taller than the case so the cover won’t close.

Reviewed On 11/01/2020

Overall, I love this harness. I agree with other reviews that the straps can get a bit tangled at times, but so far hasn't really been an issue for me. I think the only real improvement needed is some sort of velcro tab to manage the excess straps, rather than cheap elastic bands. That would be a wonderful addition in my opinion. Otherwise, it's a great and well thought out design, especially when you consider what you would pay for a GPS pouch and rangefinder pouch in addition to a different harness.

Justin Ellison
Reviewed On 10/29/2020

Great Bino harness and my favorite to date. Very quiet, fits everything I need and the material has a nice water repellent to it. Only thing I would like to see for improvement is the ranger finder pockets lid. It would be nice if once you open it there was a way to keep it open, I cut the lid off one so I can pull my range finder out quicker and don’t have to fumble with the lid or make noise opening it. Other than the pocket lids I love this harness and fits all my needs.

Nick O
Reviewed On 10/25/2020

Overall the harness is ok. What I like about the harness is the amount of items I can have in the different compartments. It fits my 10x42 leupolds nicely but I wouldn’t go much bigger. Comfort of the harness is decent and the large surface area of the front of the harness gives a very comfortable and stable feel to the hunter. The strap system is not very user friendly and can easily get tangled up/ twisted especially when layering up. The soft fleece type material on the very front of the harness that makes up the small side pouches on the main compartment and the outer pouches on the two side compartments is incredibly susceptible to snow and ice build up. It holds onto the elements and requires constant cleaning. If these things are not an issue for you then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. It will serve me well for archery seasons but I will be using another option for rifle seasons here in Montana.

Reviewed On 10/12/2020

I love this harness. I struggled finding one that was quiet, comfortable and functional that could keep all my "stuff" easy to access but secure. This does the job perfectly.

Reviewed On 10/10/2020

Really wanted to like this harness but the strap system is quite poor. Not having a central back attachment causes the straps to move around too much and create uneven stress points. For the price I really would have expected a much better design.

Reviewed On 10/03/2020

Case needs to be adjustable, doesn’t fit my 12x42 Leupolds; my Ziess Victory RFs 10x42s come next week and it sounds like those won’t fit either... my 10x42 Leupolds fit snugly... would be nice to see an expansion option for large optics... especially the Victory RFs - I would suggest that most of the people buying Sitka gear are premium gear junkies and that means RF binos and probably the ziess victory set...

Other that that this harness is perfect, dead quiet materials, snug fit, no heavy straps to make you hot....

Reviewed On 10/01/2020

Leica 10x42 rangefinder binos barely fit. Requires both hands to put back in harness and have to really stretch the clasp and use both hands to get closed. Storage on either side is too small for iPhone 8. Would not recommend or purchase again without some changes.

Reviewed On 09/20/2020

I ordered the Sitka Mountain Optics Harness in Subalpine. First off, this harness is amazing. I have held and compared many other bino harnesses, and it's clearly superior. Lighter, modular design, quiet and everything else that you'd want in a bino harness. Prior to purchasing this I read many reviews and the size of binocular that it fits was very contradicting. So, here is the down low on fitting binoculars in it. I am currently using a pair of Vortex Viper HD 12x50's and have ZERO issues with using this harness. Despite what other reviews state, the Viper 12x50 binoculars fit like a glove. The dimension of this binocular is 6.5" x 5.2". If you're on the fence about buying this harness, do it! Thanks for the quality Sitka!

Ben M
Reviewed On 09/13/2020

Pros: Quiet opening and closing if you move slowly. Great design and build quality. Cons: Bino opening should be a bit bigger, it's very tight on my 10x42s. The side modules open from the rear which is awkward to open but I could get used to it. The compartment grab tabs needs to be bigger as trying to open the lid with winter gloves on is very difficult. The back webbing design is not as good as the gen1 design because when throwing the harness on over a winter jacket the webbing gets twisted up nearly overtime, which is frustrating.

The two side modules make it the best bino harness out there. Great purchase but could use some improvement!

John M
Reviewed On 09/03/2020

well made but does not fit the Swarovski EL Range 10x42, had to return

Brad Mear
Reviewed On 08/29/2020

Best system I have ever used. Innovative and typical amazing Sitka quality. No other harness competes in versatility so far.

Reviewed On 08/15/2020

Great build quality as expected. Huge negative- Zeiss Victory 10x42s do not fit without jamming them in. Getting them out is a struggle. Forget about leaving the eye cups Extended. Hugely disappointed in Sitka for making the harness to small to fit 10x42 binos without a struggle. Returning and looking elsewhere.

Andy Bradley
Reviewed On 08/14/2020

Bought this harness hoping it would solve all of my extra issues. range finder, GPS, etc. It did that, But have to say the strap system is the worst I've ever dealt with. For once
i wish these guys who think their hunters would ask a professional for some advise. These common mistakes would never happen.

Casey S.
Reviewed On 08/12/2020

The mountain harness is without a doubt the best bino caddy system i have ever used. Incredibly comfortable, super light, and well thought out. Since i have to pick something to criticize literally the only thing i can think of would be to have the two accessory pouches open from the front rather than the rear but that’s 100% personal preference.

Reviewed On 08/04/2020

Love this product. Great versatility across seasons.

Reviewed On 07/05/2020

There are some great things and not so great things I’ve found with this harness after taking it out on some summer scouting trips.

>excellent modular design that allows you to customize the layout and what you want to carry. I hope sitka thinks about making their own side arm holster for this.

>typical Sitka build quality that shows me this will take a beating and keep going.

>intelligent mapping of brushed fabrics to keep noise down on the exterior side compartments.

>ridgid enough construction to ensure that your binos shouldn’t slip out when open.

>the first rear opening lid design on the binocular portion that I trust won’t open when I don’t want it to and stows out of the way nicely with the hood magnet.


>almost impossible to latch with a 12x50 binocular. I’m using some Swarovski EL 12x50s and you have to stretch the bungee latch to its full extent and pull the top plastic receiver clip past a normal tension. Even then, it’s seems like it’s ready to pop at any second. I even tried a buddy’s 10x42s in there and it was even very snug. This is absolutely not a one size fits all or even most harness. Sitka would be wise to post internal dimensions for perspective buyers.


> I’m not overly fond of the strap retention bands for the excess amount Of your shoulder straps. You could obviously modify this with cutting and burning the amount you don’t need, sewing down the ends, or zip tying, but it would be much better if they used some sort of a Velcro strap or pliable, notched, strap.

>the removable side compartments are not as easy in and out as I would like for a rangefinder. They are also a little louder than I would like if you need to drop something in there quickly in a hunting situation. There is definitely a pretty resonant thud. You could fix this by cutting a little piece of foam or something to put in the bottom to dampen or I would be cautious.

In conclusion:

This harness has so many good ideas going for it, but is not at all designed for larger binoculars. They could fix this by either 1) deepening the bino compartment in an “XL” version 2) increasing the length of the bungee latch or 3) adding one more plastic receiver clip up higher to accommodate taller binocular profiles. I also hope they continue to iterate on it in regards to modular accessories.

Reviewed On 06/29/2020

I love the modularity of this product. It reminds me of when I was on active duty and changing load out for mission set. Great product. I cannot get the lid to close well on my vortex 10x50s. They are tall enough to keep the flap up high enough to really strain the closing. My 8x42s fit great. I love the pockets and stash places that are built in. I will get years of use from this bino rig I am sure.

Taylor Chinnes
Reviewed On 06/27/2020

This harness is genius. It’s lightweight, well built and super functional. The bino compartment is a little snug with my vortex razor uhd 10x42’s but they do fit. All in all it’s a stellar harness. I’ll be using it for the 3D season as well and it’s got great room for a range finder and a couple different releases. Nice job.

Reviewed On 06/26/2020

Why would you not make this in a EV2 pattern?

Joel Sparks
Reviewed On 06/23/2020

I really like the layout and fit compared to the last Sitka bino harness and the extra pockets are super accessible. My only complaint is it barely fits my Zeiss Victory SF 10x42's, this would seem to be a standard bino along with Swaro ELs and Leica Noctovids to confirm fit (can't confirm if the last two fit). The lid will not close with the eyecups raised.

Carter Riecks
Reviewed On 05/07/2020

This bino harness is legit. All the right pockets in all the right spots. Absolutely love it! Do be aware that it will not fit 15x binos... I intentionally bought it for my new 15x Leupold Santiams and they will not fit... I would say 12x or smaller for this harness.

Reviewed On 05/04/2020

Hunters sweat on their back while hiking with a pack because of the contact surface area. Your design will make every persons chest sweat similar to their back by covering their entire chest with this harness, with or without the side pockets being worn. My opinion... this product needs to go back to the drawing board. You can still place molle loops in the side straps for additional module pockets if desired instead of covering the entire chest with thick fabric.

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