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Big Game : Open Country
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The Ascent 12 is a stripped-down, dialed-in daypack for moving fast, this panel loader opens into a 1,200 cubic inch main compartment, complete with hydration bladder sleeve and suspension hook. Three zippered mesh pockets inside the front panel organize your necessities, while external bungie compression doubles as additional storage. A new lightweight toggle bow suspension system quickly secures your weapon.

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1200 Cubic Inches

Ample room for a day hunt's essentials.

Durable Water Repellent Finish

The DWR finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.


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Fortino Barrios | 02. 21. 19
Used this pack a lot for a year. Love the profile, bags internal pocket sizes and ability to organize. Holds the bow securely and the stretch strings on the outside make for a great seat pad or jacket holder. I also feel like the zipper design was pretty good, I never had any hangups or anything and I enjoy the quick access. As for the improvements. The pack was considerably noisy at times. I found that removing that back support helped solved that noise but have not ran the pack without it. I tried the pack on without it and it felt just fine so I feel like it wouldn't affect its comfortability or function much, as it is not a pack designed for a lot of weight. I also felt like the bag could of had a better cinching capabilities. I run a kill kit, med kit, and toiletry in those internal mesh pocket organizers. I find that if the pack is not full I cannot cinch the pack down tight enough to keep that front panel from shifting around. The last thing I would like to also see was some side Nalgene pockets. I don't always run a bladder and I feel like a pair of side pockets would of been a lot nicer and allowed for a Nalgene or bottle of water or two. They could have also doubled as a way to secure your walking sticks or bipods when using the side tie downs. Overall the pack is really nice, the improvements I mentioned aren't deal breakers for me and I've found ways to work without or around them. Will definitely enjoy using it for the future adventures to come.
Ryan Bonnalie | 11. 10. 18
This pack is incredibly comfortable!! It made wearing a pack in the woods a good time! Keep up the good work!
Ron | 02. 07. 18
I've tried many packs, but as most reviewers stated, this is the perfect size and functionality for a day hunt. The hard backing with cushions makes it comfortable, and the belt cinch straps make securing it a breeze. It's lightweight, durable, and has an awesome compression strap system.
Dave | 12. 08. 17
The backpack squeaks between the belt and internal frame. Sitka was great about taking the backpack back for warranty repair (they had this problem before) but instead of replacing it with a new pack they are wrapping fleece around the area that squeaks. Even though this could be a quick fix won't the fleece eventually wear out. Also the shoulder strap frayed after using the pack a couple times.
Martin | 09. 19. 17
Perfect - I have gone through about a million packs looking for the perfect day pack. This thing is light, enough pockets for small stuff but not too many where you cannot find anything, big main compartment for clothes/game bags, nice bow holder and nice side belt pockets. And did I mention this is light? Love it.
Joe | 09. 17. 17
I like this pack because it is quite light, the back support is great, and there's plenty of room for a day hunt. My major complaint is that everyone that has hunted with me complains about how loud this pack is. The foam inside the upper shoulders squeaks extremely loud during every motion and step. When shooting my buck this year, i had to leave it behind when stalking in close. The first few times I tried, he heard me a mile away. I've been using it for bow season in California, but the only way I'll stalk is leaving it behind when I spot. My girlfriend even commented about it one day while I used it for a day hike.
Ron | 08. 24. 17
I have the Ascent 10 from a couple of years ago and so was excited to see the added volume in the Ascent 12. Overall I would rate the pack a full five stars but feel critical feature from the Ascent 10 were left out that could have been incorporated. Those being: 1) Internal pouch located in each of the zippered belt compartments as well as the belt compartment being slightly smaller on the 12 versus the 10. 2) For me, the slightly larger hip belt design on the 10 is preferred over the 12. 3) Integrated pack cover on the 10 but not on the 12. This is a great feature for the 10 and would have been so for the 12 as well. 4) Integrated velcro for securing excess strap length on chest strap and all locations on 10. This was a great call on the 10 and am not a fan of excess strap hanging out once you've adjusted the pack for overall fit. 5) . Shoulder girdle on the 10 is a more complete design and a nice feature for threading the H2O tube. Also the elastic material on the shoulder strap should be located closer to the chest strap to minimize excess tube sticking out. Though I remain a Sitka addict and appreciate the added volume and the ability to secure a bow, too many critical features of the 10 were overlooked and left out.
John McElfresh | 04. 30. 17
Nice pack for shorter-duration hunts when you just need some water, snacks, field-dress items and the ability to carry an additional layer. You can carry your bow on the outside, along with some trekking poles for easier uphill/downhill traverses. I also use this in the truck to carry a couple of extra layers and some gloves when out and about. If I happen to need them, they are easy to access without carrying a large pack that gets in the way or takes up a lot of space in the cab.
Robert | 12. 13. 16
I used this pack for a western antelope hunt. It was a perfect size for carrying my gear for a day's hunt and it is very durable. I added a water bladder and the pack was setup perfectly to handle one. The system to secure your bow to the pack worked great and allow me to pack all my gear for a successful spot and stalk hunt for antelope. Thanks Sitka for great gear!
Tim R. | 10. 28. 16
I own a lot of Sitka gear. You pay a premium for Sitka, but in return you get premium gear that is well thought out...usually. I bought this pack as my grab and go day pack for deer hunting here in California. I just can't figure out what the product development was thinking with the design of the zipper for the main compartment. If you look at the images you can see the zipper is not your typical up and over zipper. It is very awkward/difficult to open and close the main compartment unless you have the bag completely stuffed full. If your bag is only partially full and you have something heavy (say a flashlight) in the top lid compartment, good luck zipping it up. It is a pain. Tough enough with two hands, if one hand is occupied, no way you are opening/closing this. I also own the Flash 32 pack and love it. This one just missed the mark with the zipper design. After using it for a couple of hunts, I would love to return it if I could.
Taylor P. | 10. 05. 16
There is too much to say about this pack. I got it for those short one-day hunts, but was genuinely surprised at the size and features of the pack. I was able to pack my Traverse Hoodie, my Foxpro, spotting scope, all my calls, field dressing essentials and so forth and still had space for more. Internally, the zip pockets offer space to store calls, knives, other essential gear while the external top pocket is perfect for keeping quick access items in. The hydration pack sleeve is a decent size for a 2L bladder, which is enough for short day hunts, as long as you don't suck water down. I also enjoy the full length zipper to get to whatever you may need at the bottom of the pack without digging. The bungie retention system on the sides work great as well, I was able to stick my rifle on one side, and my spotting scope tripod on the other. Overall, this pack has far exceeded my expectations. Perfect for scouting trips, short day hikes, or one day hunts, I definitely recommend adding this to your hunting arsenal.
Rick Barr | 09. 22. 16
I like the size and features of this bag, but....I bow hunt elk in the high country, up close and personal, when loaded this pack has noise in the straps and back, like that of a new leather saddle, can't make the noise go away!
Cam | 08. 22. 16
This is an absolute amazing daypack and there are a couple spots i can fit more items onto it, with that being said i would even reccomend this pack if your stating overnight once. The desighn of the pack os great and the weight is like a feather. I will reccomend this pack!
Sara B | 02. 16. 16
This pack is great for shed hunting! The bungee strap holds horns easily and quick to get them in. Went through some pretty thick brush and they didn't get knocked out. Perfect size for a day hunt. Can fit a jacket and insulation pieces along with snacks and necessities. Love the pockets on the hip straps, perfect for those items you need often/quickly. The pack fits comfortably and gets the job done! Definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a light weight day pack.
John K | 10. 15. 15
This pack is great, I recently purchased it and have been very happy. It fits everything you need for a day in the woods. Rain gear, extra layers, snacks etc. It is a very comfortable pack and sits on the shoulders and waist perfectly. It can definitely carry some weight too. I loaded up a tree stand. 20 feet worth of climbing sticks, a 10 pound bag of mineral lick, pegs, bow hang, 6 heavy duty ratchet straps, machete, and some extra layers all in or strapped to this pack and for all that weight it was still fairly comfortable. The bow attachment is very simple and quick, it works very well and keeps the bow secure. The only thing I would change to this pack is I would add one or two zippered pockets on the outside of the pack for quick access to regularly used items. Other then that I'm very happy with my purchase and looking forward to putting it to more work this season.
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